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This Is What You Need To Remember During Your Teenage Years
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Teenage years are usually characterized with highs and lows, joys and pains, disappointments and successes. Sometimes, the unknown hits extremely hard and in that bizarre moment, finding the inner stability to return to normal, tends to be an experience to learn from. Experiences can help you row your boat through the storms of adult life; typically the storms of life can come in different handy forms, some storms fiercer than the others but, like the saying goes, ships don’t sink…...
My Life As A TeenagerTeenage Life Is DifficultTeenager
Juuling and Teenagers: Why Vaping is a Dangerous Trend
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Are you a teen that thinks the juul is cuul? Well, I’m here to tell’s not. Have you ever been peacefully walking across the Home Depot parking lot, and overhear a teenage boy saying, “Hey girl, let me hit yo juul?” If you have in fact experienced this, then you too should know that juuling has become a very big problem. As a teen myself, I have come to believe that a big factor in this juuling epidemic is…...
My Life As A TeenagerTeenage Life Is DifficultTeenagerWhy Vaping Is Bad
Turning Point in My Life As A Teenager
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The KID “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”-Martin Luther King Jr. It is when a challenge comes that you determine how strong you are and the willpower which you have to succeed, everybody can be successful when challenges are easy, but it really counts when life is hard. Coming to James Weldon Johnson Middle School has been the biggest…...
My Life As A TeenagerTeenage Life Is Difficult
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The daily life of teenagers today and that of young people 100 years ago
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Abstract Developments in the world throughout the years have greatly impacted the world in various ways. These developments include technological and socio-political changes. These changes have made social activities today to become incomparable with those from a hundred years ago. In this case teenagers as a social group have fell victim to these changes as. This fact easily unveils itself when evaluating the social activities of the youth today. Their behavior and the use of their leisure time are also…...
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This Is What You Need To Remember During Your Teenage Years
...Remember that your friends sometimes will change; some will turn their backs on you and terribly hurt your feelings nevertheless choose to be responsible; don’t become angry when that happens. Don't let people walk all over you, stand your ground f...
Juuling and Teenagers: Why Vaping is a Dangerous Trend
...Although many school systems are raising awareness about vapes and juuls, I believe that most of the hard headed teens will not stop what their doing until they absolutely have to. As a teen myself, I know that most of the teens who do juul believe t...

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