The Story of How I Entered Adulthood

My final year of being a teenager is approaching and I feel as if the most significant period of my life was rushed. Mainly because I jumped into the adult life much earlier than I even expected. One of the hardest parts of being a teenager for me currently is managing both high school and college simultaneously. Prior to Running Start, I was able to handle numerous challenging classes at high school because of my familiar surrounding. This gave me an advantage because I was comfortable with my peers, therefore, I was never hesitant about asking for help.

My transition to Green River College brought in new faces and forced me to adapt to the environment more quickly. Although, I somewhat had an idea about how rapidly classes were going to proceed, experiencing it in person was absolutely an unusual feeling.

In addition, I constantly see myself having to change behaviors depending on who I’m encircled by. Having adults surround me in college causes me to act more grown and mature whereas high school allows me to still reveal my teenage self because teachers wouldn’t expect as much from me.

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Basically, it was hard for me to adjust between the two locations. Aside from the difficulties I encountered because of Running Start, there are numerous benefits I gained from it. In fact, I’m able to have a flexible schedule while doing Running Start. In addition, I have more freedom considering how I’m capable of making my own decisions.

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The best part about being a teenager was meeting various other students who were on a similar path. As I shared my experience with them, I understood that we had numerous things in common.

This was soothing for me because I’m not feeling alone while going through an exhausting process. My new peers and advisors are willing to advise me through my exposure to college. As I noticed how much supporters I have as a teenager, my feelings were incomparable, therefore I was motivated to do better in order to achieve my goals. One of the best advice I can give to my younger siblings is to continuously have a mission. It is the splendid outcome that will force you to overcome the hardship and achieve your goals. Being a teenage may be difficult but we have a long way ahead of us, so we have to make the right choice now. It is crucial for them to surround themselves with people who will not only make them happy but also encourage them to do well in school.

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