Development Issues In Adolescence

Being a teenage is characterized by multifaceted societal, growth, and development pressures as it is the age that marks the epitome of curiosity, experimentation, and self-discovery. These aspects make the life of a teenage somewhat difficult and challenging especially when the same individual is supposed to combine general life and academic activities. Many have described this age as the age of foolishness, worst of times in an individual life, and most contentiously, the age of wisdom. Even though there have been hard parts, there are also great moments that have provided sufficient experiences to offer advice to others in the same age bracket.

One of the hardest things in teenage life is the constant need to behave, act and be regarded as an adult. The difficulty comes when no one takes account of your efforts. This is frustrating since adults perceive your actions as childish and they are not worthy of their attention. On the other hand, trying to fit into the younger bracket further proves isolationist due to age difference and childishness of their activities.

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Adults not recognizing your developments and not fitting into the younger demographic is among the hardest part of being a teenager. Anxieties due to self-consciousness is particularly stressful during teenage. From the personal perspective, behavioral, physical, psychological changes take place leading to confusion and adaptation to behaviors not necessarily accepted by society.

Some of the changes are not widely accepted by the society and you constantly find yourself being rebuked for unnecessary things. Other times, the society and family enforces norms and behavioral patterns such as dress codes and choice of friends, of which, is difficult for a teenager.

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Regardless, the best part of being a teenager has been a thriving social life with minimal difficulties in socialization. At this phase, I have relative ease in making new friends, acquaintances, and retaining the existing ones as compared to others who are having difficulties in doing the same. This is how I have managed to accumulate a large number of friends who are always ready to offer moral support, socialize, and engage in activities that define teenage-hood.

Though balancing all the competitive demands has been a difficult endeavor, it has provided invaluable experiences and knowledge about life. The best thing about it is that it has given new perspectives about life, new experiences, and build confidence that did not exist in previous stages of life. It has taught me that life takes flexibility in order to adapt appropriately to the changing environment that is laden with unexplored experiences. This is part of the experiences that have with time made other people begin treating me more like an adult when it comes to socialization and management of personal life affairs.

The advice to my younger sibling is that being a teenager is characterized by difficult and good times due to the presence of competing demands, as well as inexperience. These are the elements that provide valuable lessons that makes one grow and become mature as he or she approaches adulthood. Therefore, the most important thing is to take life positively and develop stress management strategies to secure oneself from stressful situations with significant impacts of personal life. Finally, every experience, event, and lesson during teenage is important and has a high potential to generate positive life benefits.

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