Gun-Related Crimes in the United States and the Issue on Gun Control

Elementary and middle schools ban innocent children from even creating a figure of a gun with their mere fingers, yet mentally unstable adults are allowed to carry guns around as they please. In a nation where even Wal-Mart is selling guns, it is no wonder why these dangerous machines of destruction often fall into the wrong hands. It is evidently clear that the few pros of lean gun control do not substantiate its public danger. Consider today's generation. The majority also plays video games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty.

These fantasy games allow the youth to live mindlessly shoot and kill others. For some, yes, this is a medium to release stress and anger.

However, for many, these games become a reality and give them ideas. They do not understand that what happens in those games is meant to be only for the game. There are a growing number of cases where teenagers and adults alike have reenacted scenes from games such as Grand Theft Auto.

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To think of society where these types of mentally unstable people have easy access to firearms to fulfill their shooting fantasies in real life makes me fear for the lives of others, as well as my own. There is a surplus of natural and accidental causes of death; America does not need another. What will the generations to come be like? Times change. So will society and people.

However at this rate, the common man is becoming more and more impulsive and stressed under increasing societal pressure.

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For example, society has been raising the bar for expectations of students, and it shows no signs of stopping. Is it possible that even elementary students will be stressed under the ubiquitous weight of “college?” Despite what they like to believe, parents, who may be responsible with their own guns, cannot always have complete control over teenagers with raging hormones. Due to their hormones, teenagers are naturally impulsive and a gun is an "easy way out.” This is not only an issue in America, but all over the world as suicide rates of high schoolers have been steadily increasing. Even if a gun is never intended to be used, it still poses a possible danger. By having stricter gun policies, America would be not only be creating a safer environment for the public, but also show the world one solution to lessen the issue of teen suicide.

Gateway drugs have been a huge issue for some time now. However America should also consider even hunting guns and a gateway firearm. Becoming comfortable shooting anything would give a person the false impression that shooting person with a handgun is no different. In any situation, prevention is always the best policy. In order to stop the problem at its roots, the government must also look into regulations for hunting guns. Having harsh consequences for not abiding my hunting gun laws will undeniably decrease the possibilities of citizens taking their chances with handguns. The United States of America is notorious for its history of shocking gun-related crimes.

From presidents such as Lincoln to hard working students at Virginia Tech, Guns have proven to have done more harm to ALL Americans. It is imperative that the government start to not only raise the qualifications for obtaining guns, but also further enforce these laws. The government must pay more attention to keeping track of registering all guns for the safety of all citizens, from congressmen and women to the civilians who work hard to make this country a better place.

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