An Analysis of Nicholas Kristof's Articles on Gun Control and Violence

In the United States, the topic of gun control and violence is very controversial. In the past, guns have caused several negative repercussions in the general public. The author, Nicholas Kristof, talks about this issue in detail in his article “Kristof: Lessons from the Virginia Shooting”. Kristof argues for further protection of guns due to the growing rates of gun violence across the United States. One case that proves this point is the case on Bryce Williams, a famous broadcaster who was found guilty for murdering two of his former co-workers.

This incident opened my eyes because it showed me that gun violence is portrayed as a rare occasion, but it continues to happen silently every day. Kristof highlights several issues relating to gun violence in his article. Just like Kristof, I believe that regulations on purchasing guns should have more restrictions and should be regarded very seriously because of the threat that it brings when placed in the wrong hands.

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To begin his argument, Kristof lists statistics that immediately frighten the audience, and cause fear for the potential gun violence happening the reader’s own neighborhood. “American children are 14 times as likely to die from guns as children in other developed countries,” the author states (Kristof).

The mere thought of children at high risk for death by a gun makes the reader think twice about the morality of certain individuals that live in this country. Kristof then proceeds to talks about broadcaster Bryce Williams, who is known for violently shooting two of his former co-workers, Alison Parker and Adam Ward, in Virginia in response to a massacre in a church in South Carolina.

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“…an example of how gun violence beget gun violence.” (Kristof). Kristof believes that Williams may have been mentally disturbed because he videotaped the killings and posted them onto a social media platform. However, that does not change the fact that policies on guns are very loose. Kristof introduces certain safety measures that should be taken in order to improve guns. He strongly feels as if the government does that address gun deaths as a serious issue. A couple suggestions the author mentions are passcodes and stern background checks for individuals purchasing guns.

Guns can be obtained relatively easily due to the lack of strict screening. Therefore, it can end up in anyone’s possession. As a result, gun violence has been a growing problem in the United States. In middle school, I remember starting to hear about gun violence on the news. I also noticed that mass shootings were occurring more frequently, especially in school settings. Kristof mentions that our firearm homicide rates are 600 times higher than South Korea. He also speaks about gun limitation and reduction. I completely agree with the author and I think that gun limitation is very important. Personally, I think that he was very logical with how he approached the topic of gun control and safety. Kristof mentions many different solutions in order to decrease the amount of gun violence in the United States. He suggests limiting gun purchases to one a month in order to reduce trafficking. I think that through limiting the purchases of guns for one individual, many lives could potentially be saved. The author also states in his article that 92 Americans have their lives claimed by guns daily (Kristof). In my opinion, gun violence is absolutely unacceptable. No individual should live in fear of being shot in their own neighborhood.

They should feel safe in their homes and schooling environments. While I attended high school in northern New Jersey, I remember hearing about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. It was an incredibly terrifying moment for me because the Sandy Hook Elementary School was only an hour drive away from where I resided. Adam Lanza, the shooter who was twenty-two, stole one gun of many in his aunt’s house. Adam had several mental disorders including Asperger syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorder. He shot twenty children and six staff members in the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Adam also shot his mother on the way to the school and shot himself in the head after the massacre at the elementary school. I was horrified; I never imagined that I would be so closely related to such a devastating incident. I recall hearing about it at school and it was plastered all over the news. There were also memorial services being held for the children and the families affected. The following day, my high school practiced lock down procedures every week in order to be prepare students for the possible event of a shooting. Elementary schools in the county were closed to protect the children from harm’s way.

Due to that traumatizing incident, I strongly believe that strengthening the process for purchasing guns is vital. Adam is an exemplar of why background checks and screenings for individuals who purchase guns are necessary. Nicholas Kristof shines light on several flaws of gun security in the United States in his article “Kristof: Lessons from the Virginia Shooting”. I completely agree with the authors opinion and I believe that gun violence could be lessened if the screening of gun purchasers was mandatory. According to the author, more than 33,000 people in America get murdered by being shot every year (Kristof). In order to decrease the high rate of lives lost by guns, I think that guns should be remodeled and improved. Serious measures should be taken in order to protect innocent lives. While smartphones and cars are being improved daily, guns have yet to undergo a drastic advantageous change. I agree with Kristof’s point of view on gun violence and control. Guns can be extremely dangerous weapons if mishandled and I believe that more laws and regulations should be made in order to save the lives of many innocent people.

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