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Substance Abuse Essay Examples

Essay on Substance Abuse

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Is drug addiction a disease or a choice

In conclusion, drug use is a willful commitment or a choice just like choosing or dedicating oneself to complete a college education or choosing to join a certain club. Even though heavy consumption of drug is self destructive and foolish, it is a matter of choice. The addiction has no specific people who are affected, no matter whether a person is nice, weak, educated, rich...

Psychological and social processes in the development of drug addiction

Bellenir, K. (1996). Substance abuse sourcebook: basic health-related information about the abuse of legal and illegal substances such as alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, marijuana, cocaine, and heroin ; and including facts about substance abuse prevention strategies, intervention methods, treatment and recovery programs, and a section addressing the special problems related to substance abus...

Substance Abuse Clinical Assessment & Treatment Plan

1. Medication management-Reevaluate prescription medications with medical doctor 2. Individual therapy-explore, process,, & resolve depressive emotions and coping skills. 3. Family therapy-explore & help family to understand dynamics, negative patterns & problems in the family structure. Encourage family to learn & use communication and conflict resolution skills. 4. Physical thera...

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Beautiful Boy and Tweak

David Sheff tells his family’s story from the very early happy days and takes his readers all the way through Nic’s descent into his darkest moments, while Tweak begins with Nic already deep into his addiction. Nic Sheff's Tweak is the dark counterpoint to Beautiful Boy. The elder writer's grief-filled memoir glows dimly like a distant planet of despair, while the son's account of the same eve...

Adolescence and Substance Abuse or Addiction

Lakin, M. (2011, November 1). Generation oxy: Pills attract, addict teens. Knoxnews,com. Retrieved from http://www.knoxnews.com/news/2011/nov/01/generation-oxy/ Salmaan Toor. (2014, February 11). Alcohol is the gateway drug, and we don’t seem to care. [Web log post]. Retrieved from http://www.tfcknoxville.com/1/post/2014/02/alcohol-isthe-gateway-drug-and-we-dont-seem-to-care.html Roehlkepartain,...

Addiction is a Disease

Calabrese, E.J. “Addiction and Dose Response: The Phsychomoor Stimulant Theory of Addiction Reveals that Hormetic Dose Responses are Dominant.” Informa Healthcare (2008) Web. 27 Sept. 2012 “Disease.” Dictionary.com, LLC (2012) Web. 27 Sept. 2012 http://www.dictionary.com. Gorelick, David A., Jon E. Grant, Marc. N. Ptenza, and Aviv Weinstein. “Introduction to Behavioral Addictions.” Ame...

Technology Addiction: The Facts

Another attraction of technology is the anonymity of online video games and other internet resources which allows people to do things without hurting their reputation. The appeal of technology could also be traced to comedy. Many comedians have online podcasts which has brought many more people to the internet. All this could be added to why technology is so attracting. In conclusion technology ad...

Reaction Papers

The reason why some people are using drugs is because of Enjoyment, curiosity, and other people that are suffering from anxiety, but there are some people are just using drugs because of entertainers using drugs and being rationalize that they can do it too. While some people are using drugs to cover up painful memories in their past, some thinks that drugs may help them fit in. Drug addiction is...

Conceptualizing Addiction Paper

approach (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. Krivanek, J. (1988). Heroin: Myths and realities Sydney: Allen & Unwin. Schaler, J. A. (2000). Addiction is a choice. Chicago: Open court. Schuckit, M. A. (1992). Advances in understanding the vulnerability to alcoholism. In C.P. O’Brien & J. H. Jaffe (Eds.). Addiction states (pp.93-108). New York: Raven Press Wahshton, A. M. (1988). C...

Adoloscence and substance abuse

Substance abuse causes major risks to adolescence development. Due to this, it is important for adolescents to be taught good behavior and be corrected when they wrong. Parents, teachers or other adults are people who should play major roles in teenagers’ life. They are a great influence in adolescents hence should be well role models. References Cobb, N. (2006). Adolescence. New York: McGraw-Hi...

Narcotics Anonymous

Closure: After thinking about 60,000 people struggling with addiction, I can now give you a much greater and more enlightening number. According to the Faces and Voices of Recovery organization website, there is an estimated 23 million Americans that are in recovery from alcohol and other drugs. In conclusion, Narcotics Anonymous is an organization worldwide, created to help those struggling with ...

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meeting Reaction Paper

As it relates to social work, advocating for self help groups such as Narcotics Anonymous are detrimental to the treatment process of addiction. These groups provide, advocacy, support and education to their clients which are all essential in supporting addicts in their treatment recovery. Working with these individuals requires empathy, understanding and comprehension of the disease model of add...

Substance Abuse and Addiction: Is There a Solution?

What does one do when their life has become unmanageable? Recovery from addiction can be a hard road, and for many it will seem impossible. Thankfully there are many people and organizations in the community that can help. Obviously the first step is to make the decision to stop using. For many this can be the hardest step of all. After all, most addicts do not want to go through the discomfort of...

Health Promotion Proposal

Psychiatric Quarterly, 82(4), 315-328. Meyer, J. P., Springer, S. A., & Altice, F. L. (2011). Substance abuse, violence, and HIV in women: A literature review of the syndemic. Journal Of Women's Health (15409996), 20(7), 991-1006. Sheidow, A. J., McCart, M., Zajac, K., & Davis, M. (2012). Prevalence and impact of substance use among emerging adults with serious mental health conditions. Ps...

Drug Addiction in Bangladesh

e) Decaying stage: After mature stage most of the abusers stay on the verge of decaying. It means gradually their lives crumble. They can realize, how imbalanced they are. They lose taste for food. At this stage they become fully dependent on drug, gradually after a few hours they have to take it, otherwise their body system stops. In that situation the abuser loses human characteristics and behav...

The Causes of Drug Abuse Among Teenagers

None of these reasons are worth losing one’s life to drug addiction. Substance abuse destroys relationships, results in job loss, failure in school, causes legal problems, health problems, and can lead to violence and death. Unfortunately, many young people become involved in drugs before they are fully aware of the health risks and power of addiction on one’s life. They need to understand the...

Say No to Drugs

To check this alarming increase in the number of people taking drugs, the government has outlawed its abuse with hard penalties. Relentless campaign against drug addiction will yield the desired results. The campaign against drug may start with schools, advertisements, warnings by doctors, and so on. The young ones should be ensured of proper love and care. “Drugs are a waste of time. T...

Drug Use and Delinquency

A table was created mapping the frequency of drug use and self reported delinquency over one year. The table shows that the juveniles progressively committed more crimes (self reportedly) the longer they used. The article reminds us how at risk teens are more likely to fall to either drug use or delinquency, and the other will most likely follow. One characteristic of at risk teens mentioned in th...

Drug Addiction

Most importantly, one should seek a drug rehab center where one can feel safe and comfortable. An addict is going to make the most progress in a place where they feel at ease and can be themselves. Recovery is a long and hard road, and if it is done in an environment where a person can feel the most comfortable, and just be themselves, they are going to be the most successful. Getting help for an ...

Drug Abuse

In the movie Rain substance abuse was seen numerous of times. Rain’s mother, and her best friend all showed signs of substance abuse or dependency. The movie showed how Drug abuse and addiction affects the society at large. However once a person becomes addicted there are ways to help them so that they can recover and be productive in society. Before I discuss the various ways to help a substanc...

Bad Effects of Drugs

They bribe police, judges and officials, so they can continue their illegal business. The fact that they are not working means that they are not providing any benefit for their community; they only take, they do not give anything. If they cannot afford somewhere to live, they sleep on the street, or break into empty houses or businesses to sleep. Often, they create damage and mess wherever they st...

Addiction and Behavior

A tragic factor is that an adolescent’s brain continues to develop and grow into adulthood, and when the adolescent uses drugs and becomes addicted to them, then he undergoes dramatic changes in his pre-frontal cortex, that area of the brain that would enable him to assess a particular give situation, make decisions based on his judgment of that situation, and keep his desires and yearnings unde...

Help Prevent Prescription Drug Addiction

Addiction is a dependency on a chemical, drug, or substance with the inability to stop even though it may be causing harm to the individual or others. People that become addicted are not of a certain age, race or social class. One may become addicted to the first use and others, it may take several uses, each person is different. Addiction does not always start with illicit drugs, over the last de...

Brief Therapy Plan

Brief Therapy PlanNameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Brief Therapy PlanFamily therapy is a form of counseling that helps a family in improving communication which is important in resolving any conflicts in the family. This form of therapy is usually short-term due to its nature where most family members are involved in the counseling sessions (Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, 2012). Family t...

Substance Abuse and Dependency

Finally, substance abuse is involuntary which may not be reasonable for a person's addictive behavior with his/her ethical standards or character. The brain reaction to someone who is an addict, changes so that he/she keeps on living with the unfortunate habits despite of understanding its threatening implications. Aside from treatment and medications, the individual requires a strong support syst...

Substance abuse and its impact on people's Cognition, Behavior, and Emotion

The first study compares the emotional processing difficulties one has with substance abuse and posttraumatic disorder, to ones that through either substance abuse or PTSD. The study also examines whether people with substance abuse disorder or posttraumatic disorder have abnormalities with processing emotions with someone who just has PTSD (Kemmis, Wanigaratne, and Ehntholt). The implications of ...

Social Welfare Policy

Finally, substance abuse is involuntary which may not be reasonable for a person's addictive behavior with his/her ethical standards or character. The brain reaction to someone who is an addict, changes so that he/she keeps on living with the unfortunate habits despite of understanding its threatening implications. Aside from treatment and medications, the individual requires a strong support syst...

Art therapy

Well, this can be one ill health that has been all right grasp to destroy lives. we tend to all grasp somebody whose life is controlled by this ill-health. Many people suffer from addictive tendencies, principally out of habit. however, there's a vast distinction between that and severe addiction. The severe type of addiction appears to bypass the rational mind and go straight to the pleasure zone...

Decriminalization of drugs in Malaysia

On the other side, some people may oppose decriminalizing drugs use in Malaysia because it can ruin the society. Drug consumption will cause problems whereas the consumer tends to commit violence and a high risk to get a drug-related disease. The reason for the Malaysian government to decriminalize drugs is to change society's perception of drug dependants. Apart from that, all the drug users have...

Jessica Came on Her Own Seeking

Behavioral therapies for include methods such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and contingency management have been shown to be effective. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps modify the patient's drug-use expectations and behaviors and helps effectively manage triggers and stress. Contingency management provides motivational incentives, such as vouchers or small cash rewards for positive behaviors s...

causes of homelessness

The transition from prison to the community is extremely difficult, but before formerly incarcerated people can find jobs or learn new skills, they need a place to live. According to an article by The Prison Policy Initiative, previously imprisoned Americans are ten times more likely to be homeless than the general public. Discrimination and barriers to employment make it difficult for these peopl...

Forensic Toxicological Analysis of Hair

Use of cocaine drug is harmful for human beings, it causes serious cardiac and non-cardiac impediments like psychological and psychiatric, neurological, renal, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, obstetrical and otolaryngological issues (Glauser and Queen, 2007)Cocaine is causative death agent in road accidents, suicides, sudden natural deaths and in homicide cases. (Dussault et al., 2001, Mittleman and ...

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