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FAQ about Substance Abuse

How Medical Marijuana Works, and Which Conditions It Treats?
...The awareness of medical marijuana abuse should not equate prejudice in managing patients with cannabis treatment. Rather, a reinforcement to educate and counsel them for careful clinical interviewing and screening individuals for medical marijuana a...
When Do Social Drinkers Become Alcoholic?
...If this were the case, moderate (social) drinking would be defined as equal to or less than two drinks a day for men and equal to or less than one drink a day for women. Meanwhile, an alcoholic would consume more than 14 drinks per week or 4 to 5 dri...
The Reasons Why Teenagers Tend to Display Rebellious Behaviour
...These counselling sessions can help patients understand why they feel depressed and consequently, find ways to overcome their depression. Medication is another form of treatment for depression. Doctors who prescribe anti-depressants to their patients...
How life factors and events may influence the development of the individual?
...Misusing drugs can lead and sometimes does lead to a fatal physical illness. If you are injecting drugs there is a chance of infection by sharing the hypodermic needles. Taking drugs can lead to problems psychologically mad socially. It is common for...
How Prevent Use of Drugs by Young Adults?
...Addiction to drugs is a difficult disease arising from several factors, including genetic predisposition, a history of domestic violence, and tension. Learning the root cause of drug dependence is one of the best ways to improve recovery programs and...

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