Marijuana and Cannabis: Effects, Uses and Legalization

Medical marijuana can be defined as the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Marijuana is a drug that comes from the cut and dried leaves of hemp plant also referred to as cannabis sativa. Its most active ingredient is delta-tetrahydrocannabinol. Throughout history, marijuana has been used in many different cultures to change mood, perception, and consciousness. Its effects range from weird and unexplainable experiences from newfound creativity you have in the brain. Marijuana is the second drug of choice and alcohol is the number one used of recreational drugs.

Around the world, it has been used for a lot of reasons. In the primitive tribes of South America, India, and Africa it is used for religious and some ceremonies.

Also, some people used it for medical purposes. The African mineworkers used it for pain. The Jamaicans used it in the evenings to ease or relieved their fatigue. In the United States lots of people uses it for pain,nausea and anxiety.

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Marijuana can ease pain. There are two sides on if marijuana should be legalized. Each side has evidence why medical marijuana should or shouldn't be legalized. Reasons as to why medical marijuana should not be legalized. There are reasons why some people in the society don’t want the legalization of medical marijuana to happen. One of the reasons is that medical marijuana is seen to be addictive in many countries. For example, in the united states of America, the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 classified marijuana as a schedule number 1 drug on basis that it contained the high potential for abuse.

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This was drove by the people who consume it usually get hooked up, therefore, becoming potheads or stoners. The drug eventually can dominate their lives. They also believe that the frequent overuse of the drug can lead to lethargic behaviors.

Addiction is brought by the fact that there is a possibility that someone treated for chronic periods of time for a constant pain will eventually become more dependent on the drug. They will also require high amounts than before. This addiction could lead to death due to respiratory failure. Another reason that people are against the legalization of medical marijuana is that they think that it has no medical use. Marijuana may yield considerable medical benefits for many patients with cancer and glaucoma but these benefits have not been accepted nationally and internationally. Another reason why many people are opposing this is that it is historically linked to cocaine and heroin. Therefore in America, the early anti-drug laws were specified so that they may regulate narcotics. It included opium that affects morphine and heroin. These anti-drug laws also regulated marijuana although it is not a narcotic.

The other reason is that some people believe that marijuana as a drug is linked with people who are classified as stoners, losers, skaters or hippies. This is because often many people have taken marijuana to be the drug for those groups. They feel that its legalization will lead to an increased number of stoners. They imposed criminal sanctions against people who are found to be in possession of marijuana. Some people who are against the legalization of medical marijuana. They feel that there is no enough evidence to show that the drug cure diseases. In some countries, Holland and Amsterdam medical marijuana are considered to be illegal. It is inferred that marijuana can not be used for medical purposes because of some harmful effect brought one while using it.

Updated: Aug 12, 2021
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