The Negative Impacts of Fatherless Homes on Children and Their Future Behavior

Seeing through the eyes for a drug user, living with the heart of a murderer, and speaking with the lips of an alcoholic. It is incredibly heartbreaking to think that the person next to you could be a drug addict, a drunk, or even a murderer. The real question is how did this one person encounter this evil soul? No, I cannot save the world, I am no super hero but I have a thought. If I could just get to the root cause of the problem maybe it will be a step closer to saving a person life.

That drunk, murderer, or addictions was not born this way but only left without a father. It's been said, " Dad is a son's hero and a daughter's first love.

Many will argue the absent of one parent does not affect the lives of a kid. However, fatherless children are at a dramatically greater risk of drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness and criminality.

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A child was born to a mother and a father, but the father decide one day he does not want to take the responsibility of being a dad: " In the United States alone, 21.2 million children are growing up in a household with only one parent" (WithoutaFather). The lack for a father daily presence in the home is often the root of many problems in a child. Often mother try to be both the mother and the father to their children, but it difficult especially when it comes to raise boys.

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Boys intend to need a men in there life to teach them how to be the best man they can be in life and in a relationship. The absence of the Father in the home affect significantly on the behavior of the child resulting in a greater chance uses of drug and alcohol. By think drug and alcohol can fad away the hate they feel with not having a father figure in their life. Which can cause them to be an addict to alcohol. Many kids and adults run to alcohol to relieve stress or to forget about everything that going on in their life. For some, alcohol know long help fad away the hurt they feel inside. Which then leads them to in discovering the different types of drug they come across. Such as heroin and pain relievers.

Kids in, “Single mother household are at a 30% higher risk than those in two-parent household" (Linda). Someone being on drug especially a loved can take a toll on everyone's life. A larger amount of alcohol and drug can lead a person in to having mental illness problems. Those with mental disorder may also be less inhibited and more likely to show risk- taking behavior. Boys more like to steer clear of trouble with the law when they grow up with their father in the home. Study have show, "85% of all youths sitting in prisons grew up in a fatherless home" (Fulton). A kids behavior will start off little such as do petty crimes. Petty crimes can lead of one thing leads to another.

When these kids turn in adult and can no longer control his/her anger and pain. Now he or she becomes a murderer, the drugs can no longer take the place of love and the alcohol can no longer hide the real person inside. Having no emotions or sense of belonging the man or women now seeks revenge. The individual is search for anyone who expresses love and kills them. Never having that sense of love or emotions he or she begun to murder anything and everything they come in encounters with. These person was releasing his inner demon. A study show, "42.9% of adults were convicted for homicide" (Fulton). The drunk, murderer and alcoholic all express emotions of hurt and anger.

Never having the love and support they needed growing up caused them to do this thing. The cause of it all were the absent of a father, if a father were exactly being a parent in their kids life they would not linger towards drugs, alcohol or killing. Father, please stop having kids you cannot take care of. Adult stop being a statistic to single-parent households. Be an example to the boys and girls of this generation. Parents are the further of the kids. What is allow and accept for them will predict there further. Parents show all the love and support that can be expressed to the child. It is never to late, no matter how hard things might seem, fight for the child's further. Father help make a different in these child's life, kids need both of there parents no matter how hard they try to act. Father are always needed and wanted please do not hold back. Fathers are one less cause to the life's of our children.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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