Describe Both the Positive and Negative Impacts of Globalization to Singapore

There are lots of meanings for globalization. With the quick advancement of technical innovations and increasing economic bonding, most tend to regard” globalization” as a non-border platform, where the exchange of products, resources, and information in all elements happen intensely in today world. Apart from those materials, the motion of individuals also ends up being frequent when the connection to every corner in the globe has actually been constructed up through advanced innovation.

In basic, globalization not just breaks the barriers of communication however likewise provides more lucrative markets, which indicate a path to affluence.

Without any doubt, every country tries to develop and implement the ideal policies in order to utilize the advantages used from globalization. Singapore is no exception. However, this unstoppable phenomenon can likewise be thought about a double-edged sword. It could either enhance or weaken the basic social problems. In terms of the education in Singapore, globalization indeed equips the trainees with strong competitiveness and international view.

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Since English become the language generally utilized around the world, the government has actually begun promoting English-learning environment in order to structure the track connecting to the international phase. And it is shown later on that this strategy has actually effectively drawn out the positive effect of globalization in Singapore. The proof is that more and more famous universities from the West are drawn to establish branch schools in Singapore. For instance, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore was established in 2000 and Imperical College London-Nanyang Technological University was established in the future in 2010.

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These two premium schools provide opportunity and professional instruction in medical area. College of Medicine in NUS is no longer the only option for those who are keen to be a doctor. The students in Singapore are given diverse chances but equally well-trained. Meanwhile, the influx of foreign educational system not only pours in fresh energy but also opens a window for students to look further and widely. As for the country, the limited resources are expanded to nurture more elites, which is beneficial in a long-term. The structure of workforce is also changed as globalization sets in.

Importing foreign workers has become one of government’s policies in attempt to maintain competitive labor. The foreign labor can be described as well-paid workers. The benefits that attach to the introduction of foreign workers are showed as advanced idea, skills, and experiences constantly flow into industries. Local workers can also gain international expertise and strengthened the capability via global network. Muti-National Corporations in Singapore render local employees workshops to further technical knowledge and personal development, and even send them abroad to other international branches.

In this way, a steadfast foundation has been transplanted into Singapore’s workforce. Despite of all undeniable advantages of globalization, still, some downsides gradually slip into the society. For those at the bottom of social scale and unskilled worker, it becomes harder to survive in the society. With weak competitiveness, they are left far behind while Singapore’s economy as a whole places an impressive record in recent years. In other words, the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. It is a sign revealing a crisis of M-Form Society.

Middle class gradually disappears and remain two extremes in the society, poverty and affluence. Government also takes on the risk of investment in foreign companies. The investment takes large cost at very beginning and might not return profit in the immediate term. Subsequently, economic restructuring and uncertainty will accompany with the investment. On the other hand, as a result of global linked economy, the nation becomes more fragile. When ‘’September 11th terrorist attack’’ afflicted the economy leader, USA, it contributed to a domino effect around the world.

Singapore also suffered from economic recession due to the close business partnership with USA. Some companies were forced to close or decided to lay off a part of employees. The fast rise of unemployment rate bombarded the society at that period of time. Nowadays, the world has been inevitably encountering the impacts of globalization although they are not fully positive. Government should weigh both advantages and disadvantages in order to find the balance in between. Therefore, the max benefits could be shared in society and minimize the potential problems derived from globalization.

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Describe Both the Positive and Negative Impacts of Globalization to Singapore

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