Skills Essay Topics

Study skills

Studying is an act or a process, of applying one’s mind towards acquiring or increasing knowledge, skills or understanding. However there is no hard and fast rule towards successful learning. There is no single best way, as people study in different ways and have differing preferences as regards to means of learning. Some may find… View Article

Thinking skills and processes in the inquiry method of teaching

There is an array of ideas and sometimes bewildering lists of terms used to describe the ways people think. But, what does thinking mean? What are thinking skills? What are higher –order thinking skills? Form the many definitions that have been provided, most include statements which describe abstract intellectual processes and operations. For example, •… View Article

Organizational Skills

Possessing or not possessing organizational skills can make all the difference between efficient and effective work and no work at all. It is vital to understand the tasks at hand with an understanding of how everything will be organized for the accomplishment of the tasks. The arrangement and management of space, time, and information are… View Article

How Emotions Affect Our Communication Skills

Emotions are a funny thing. Whether or not you’re an ardent believer of emotions make or break a man, I think that lines stands true. Emotions can make us sail in the colors of being so pleasant at one time while another sort of emotion can wreck a man’s image as being barbaric. Just to… View Article

Self-induced Conditioning Camp: Ideal Ignition Key

It is said that life is what we make it right where we are and with what we have. While everyone dreams of an ideal life, not everyone considers the significance of the personal skills that can help to convert the dream to a reality – likewise, assertiveness and the ability to manage stress and… View Article

Inter-personal skills

Kaiser’s main problem is the lack of sufficient supervision of teams. In order to better the system, they need to address the problems involving all their cross-functional teams. With a large number of patients dying due to pneumonia and post-kidney problems, the focus needs to be on creating teams, of a suitable team size, who… View Article

Skills of Technicians

The previous section of this paper, chapter two, provided the reader with a review of the literature that is available in the field within which this research is to be conducted. The literature to be found within the field of video conferencing in the education sector was provided and analyzed. This section is going to… View Article

Critical skills assignment

Centuries ago, there lived a couple who never ran out of stories to tell to the whole village. The only time these pair of talkative shut their mouths was during their bedtime. The moment their eyes opened and saw the bright morning sunshine greeting them “a blessed morning,” the husband and his wife would start… View Article

Acquired capability and skills

Looking at my overall capability and skills acquired in my current academic class, I argue that I had improved a lot since I started taking this course. The activities the professor provided gave me the opportunity to recognize my strengths and weaknesses in composition and other elements significant in completing and creating a good paper…. View Article

Reflective Practice

1. Understand how to reflect on practice in adult social care 1.1 Reflective practice is the ability to constantly monitor one’s own performance in a given role and make adjustments where necessary. For me as carer, reflective practice is particularly important because no two cases will ever be the same and it is vitally important… View Article


BICS and CALP are unique in its particular style of learning, each one adaptable according to the availability of resources with a particular student. A view can be held that BICS are easily learnt via interaction with people in society, at home, and through media. The accuracy of learning is not accounted of unless an… View Article

Hard Skills Vs. Soft Skills

Introduction One million dollar question, which project and human resource management have asked for several years while doing recruitment, is whether do recruit individual endowed with hard skills or soft skills. This leads to asking the quest that between the two is the most important for an organization. Hard skills can be defined as technical… View Article

Samsung case study brief

Samsung should focus on to invest more in semiconductor business and leave the Chinese Collaboration. Korean’s are pioneered and they expertise in making semiconductor products. Samsung focus on differentiation strategy, low cost and high quality memory products and targeted niche market. Samsung have too much organization experience and knowledge about design and its production process…. View Article