Extracurricular Interviewing Skills Classes

My name is Taylyn Hughes and I am a 9th-grade student in Ms. Harrison’s English I class at Keller High School. I currently participate in Keller High’s basketball and lacrosse programs. I would like to submit an idea to the Keller ISD School Board Members in regards to requiring the extracurricular manners and interview skills course to be mandatory. I believe Keller ISD should have a mandatory manners and interview skills course because most students have not developed proper communication skills, confidence in themselves, or simply the proper preparation for interviews.

For instance, students in the twenty-first century often have decreased skills for interviewing and manners mainly due to the different techniques used in today’s society. Technology has had a major impact on how people communicate. Today’s technology allows for fast, informal, and impersonal communication.. Some technology even allows people to communicate without words, they can just use emoticons. This doesn’t help students with in person communication and interactions.

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The lack of in-person interactions affects a person’s performance in an interview because they haven’t had experience with this type of situation and have not learned how to interpret body language. In an interview, they can get nervous and tense up because they might not be used to talking to people in person. This can also lead to miscommunication.

They also might not know how to behave and exhibit proper manners since they lack in-person verbal communication exposure and they are used to communicating in an informal manner.

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For example, when I am called into a meeting with my teachers or coaches to discuss my next steps to become successful, I often feel uncomfortable and don’t know what to say. When I struggle with having a simple meeting with my teachers and coaches it makes me wonder what would happen in an interview. Also, kids in high school often need jobs for many reasons. They may need a job for extra money because they are financially unstable at home, or they could have to save up money to help pay for college. By having this course mandatory, students will have the opportunity to develop interviewing skills and how to exhibit appropriate manners, which will also help them improve their future and attain their goals.

From the article, The London Evening Standard found in opposing viewpoints essay it stated, “Young job seekers in London are failing to get on the career ladder due to a ‘lack of interview skills. Part of the problem is lack of confidence, which 4 in 10 say is an issue, while 1 in 7 say they lack the necessary communication skills to succeed in their job search.” Another major issue with the job interview is the lack of confidence. By having a lack of confidence, interviewers may notice and deny them the chance to get a job. The interviewee may unintentionally exhibit the wrong body language or manners due to their lack of confidence. It may also cause them to stumble when answering questions or not fully express themselves to provide an appropriate answer. Since this course is currently optional, many students would rather choose a different course. If they chose a different course, they are not prepared once they go to a job interview. They don’t know the proper words to say, phrases to use, and proper communication skills. A mandatory course will require students to get used to interacting with people in person, which will help boost their confidence.

In conclusion, by making this course be mandatory, the success rate in job interviews will increase and prepare students for their future. This course provides a chance for students to be able to learn new techniques, gain confidence, and improve their communication skills. The only downside to having this course mandatory is the cost. However, the benefits will far outweigh the cost.

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