Extracurricular activities

People may say that extracurricular activities are a waste of time for everyone but that’s not the case, since extracurricular activities help with getting fit, working on focus, and management. I think it’s in everyone’s best interest to let students do extracurricular activities since it will help their students tremendously. Although sports or clubs might not be for everyone it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be there because it could be beneficial for others. One of the main struggles with not just students but people in general is fitness.

Practice is; key if you ever want to get better at sports and it’s the same with school. For students practice gets them in a stronger and fit condition. Without practice you can’t be your best and get fit. Sports also include lifting weights, since sports want students to get as fit as possible and set up lifting days. Coaches are some of the most enthusiastic people.

Coaches not only encourage training and working hard but they will also help without hesitation if you are struggling and need help.

Every student has at least a little problem with focus. Focus is gained with hard work and practice, which is easy to obtain in sports because it is used so frequently. If you don’t focus in sports you will miss the catch or a play. Sports have so many plays and techniques that without focus you will ever learn them. Focus is in sports just like it is in school.

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Students are more likely to learn focus in something fun like sports than something more boring like school. Sports also teach students to focus on the details which are important in things like tests and projects.

One of the other problems with kids these days is they can’t manage their lives. Many students can’t manage their time properly but with clubs and sports they can learn to set times to do homework, study, and etc. students also have to manage their time so they can make it to practice and club meetings. Students also have a rough time managing homework. Without the discipline of sports or some clubs, students will just slack off. Clubs also teach students school before all else, plus without good grades you will be kicked off the team. Most students have short attention spans and bad work ethics since students have an attention span of around 8 seconds. Sports teams and clubs want you to stay on the team so they are willing to help.

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Extracurricular activities
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