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For a child to come regularly to the school and stay interested in school activities, it is necessary that the school is equipped with proper infrastructure. Moreover, research has shown that lack of toilets facilities for girls is the main reason for the high dropout rates among students. In the Government School in Veveknagar, Bangalore-India, Wipro Cares has constructed toilet blocks to cater ...

Responsibility Essay

When paying my mortgage, insurance, and utility bills, or paying taxes for my company, I am taking action and accepting responsibility to pay those bills on time. Also, managing my own business takes much commitment, dedication and self-discipline. I also need to keep myself healthy by doing regular exercise and eating healthy food. Keeping my health top notch will help me do my daily routines. To...

Critical analysis of marketing ethics- corporate social responsibility

In a nutshell, a serious company in today’s globalized market cannot assume the need for sustainable CSR policies that it should effectively carry out (Waddell, 2000, pp.323–345). The various dimensions of CSR such as environment, social, consumer, supply chains, and employee relations have been seen to pose serious impacts on the marketing mix strategies adopted by the firm such as Nike. Fina...

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Social Responsibility: The Importance for Businesses

Education Provision of infrastructure (Lecture theatres, buses, etc.), scholarship for brilliant students, sponsorship of academic prizes at higher institutions relevant to our industries, renovation of dilapidated public school buildings, sponsorship of sporting events, career talk, among others.  Philanthropy for Indigent Citizens Financial support for indigent and disadvantaged individua...

Responsibility of Government

Though, businesses should be socially responsible, but the governments do play a broader and important role in protecting our environment because it is their duty to assure justice to everyone, be it an organization or our environment and they should not wait till severe problems are faced after all is done. It is conclusive that government practices hold a major part in protecting our environment...

Age of Responsibility

The current age of responsibility, twenty-one, is a completely random number. The choice of that particular age isn’t logical or even consistent with any other milestone ages or any type of research. Twenty-one year olds aren’t trusted by society in general, they aren’t fully developed in the section of the brain where it really matters, and people don’t magically become mature at a speci...

The Importance of Keeping Appointments in Army

The Army allows us to make appointments for whatever we need. Be it for a medical appointment, house goods, CIF, Smoking Sensation or whatever we need these recourses are available to us. But when Soldiers start missing appointments these systems start to become inefficient. Soldiers do not realize is that when they miss an appointment it does not just affect them; it affects the entire chain of c...

Dead Poets Society - Responsibility

Though, he encouraged his pupils to stand up for themselves, to be independent, he also pushed them away from conforming to the school’s policy. One boundless example of Mr Keating’s inspiration, through the way he teaches the boys, was when he told them to rip out the introduction page of the poetry books. As he wanted them to gain the ability to have their own response, to build their own be...

Personal Responsibility

Explain the relationship between personal responsibility and college success. I think without personal responsibility you would not be able to take care of what you need to do to succeed, not only in school but in life itself. In school you have homework, right? Well, I think if that if a person did not have personal responsibility they wouldn't care about getting it done, therefore causing them t...

Trend of Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) in Uk.

Admin2. 2013. Walmart Accepted Clothing from Banned Bangladesh Factories | Business Ethics. [Online] Available at: http://business-ethics.com/2013/06/17/1606-walmart-accepted-clothing-from-banned-bangladesh-factories/ [Accessed: 20 Aug 2013]. BBC News. 2013. Primark helps Dhaka factory victims. [online] Available at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-22346220 [Accessed: 29 Aug 2013]. Bergman, B. ...

The Imporance in Following the First General Order

Failure to follow duty can result in various punitive actions against service members. Also failure to follow duty can result in non repairable damages, putting others in harms way, or causing disorder among the company. It is always important to remember one’s duty in this case being “I will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly relieved.” It is a...

Our Responsibility in Our Life

Responsibility of the student as a learner is learning well, do home work that has been given to them, discipline in running the school rules. This means that each student is required to carried out absolutely the responsibilities without exception. But, the fact many students who feel overwhelmed by their obligations as students. Students go to school not for learning purposes, but used as a venu...

Responsibility for forecasting recruitment


The Social Responsibility of Journalism

6. http://www.omnilogos.com/2011/06/28/theories-of-journalism/ 7. http://www.zimbio.com/Internet+Marketing+Product+Reviews/articles/SxisXtMK54F/Social+Media+Profits+UK 8. Journalistic Ethics: “Moral Responsibility in the Media” Dorian Smith, 2006, 125-134 pp. 9. Media Ethics at Work: “True Stories from Young Professionals”, Lee Anne Peck, 2010 69-74 pp. 10. Story behind a Nonfiction Novel,...

Personal Responsability

In conclusion, although someone with personal responsibility values the consequences of their acts, personal responsibility also knows how to manage your time wisely, recognizing what sacrifices will need to be made to meet deadlines, in order to achieve college success for two main reasons. First, In order to be successful as a student, you must maintain good attendance, make substantial post in ...

The Significance of responsibility

Upon the discussion of the meaning of responsibility and its importance, I’ve discussed what the word means to myself and how I plan to improve and upkeep this value in the future to retain my character and self improvement. This word means a way of quantifying one’s character. A person needs to have and retain responsibility in order to be a solid, reliable person. This includes in their own ...

A Bag of Oranges Book Review

He knows if he wants to be an adult, he must pay many things for that just like his father. That’s why he drink black coffee because he want to taste the hardships of being an adult from the black coffee and he want to feel his father’s position from the black coffee. It shows us, the boy is starting to understand adulthood. The biggest point of the story is the boy acts like an adult and take...

Manage finance within own area of responsibility in health and social care

Amason, Allen C (2011). Strategic Management. Taylor and Francis Brockmann, Erich. (1996, May). Removing the paradox of conflict from group decisions. Academy of Management Executive. v10n2, p. 61-62. Cappozzoli, Thomas K. (1995, Dec). Resolving conflict within teams. Journal for Quality and Participation. v18n7, p. 28-30 Covey, Stephen R, (1989), The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People: Resto...

Strengthening Community

These will lead to a strong, good foundation that will help them withstand the negative influences in the community. An individual can also initiate a good, pleasant working environment that will create a positive impact to the community. There are also many organizations that an individual can be involved with to support the community. Social media, if utilized by responsible and respectful peopl...

Microsoft’s Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

In closing, Microsoft is a successful company with many products. Their products make the company well-known and famous so much such as B-Ing, the famous search engine. X-Box, Gaming console that many people enjoy. Microsoft Office, the useful tool with many applications that is helpful to students and teachers in education. And Microsoft Windows, the most famous software in the world. Until today...

The Responsibility Project: Hot Seat

Most companies are ethical because the human beings who run them believe it’s the right thing to do and want to be a part of a fair and just environment. Ethical lapses can cost an organization greatly in crushed customer confidence, increased government regulation, and huge fines. In some industries, companies have joined together in voluntary efforts to promote ethical conduct among organizati...

Understanding the principles and practices of assessment

Explain legal issues, policies and procedures relevant to assessment, including those for confidentiality, health, safety and welfare. 23.Explain the contribution that technology can make to the assessment process. 24.Evaluate requirements for quality and diversity and, where appropriate, bilingualism in relation to assessment. 25.Explain the value of reflection practise and continuing professiona...

Responsibility of student

And as a student you know what your responsibilities are. We should be actively involved in the learning process and should behave appropriately for a learning environment. Attend all your classes and listen carefully. Put a sufficient time for your studies. And if you think you’re doing your best right now, then, strive harder. With all the temptations, hindrances, and problems towards educatio...

Apple Corporation: Ethical and Social Responsibility

Cantrell, Amanda. Apple's remarkable comeback story, CNN, March 29, 2006. Retrieved March 2, 2007. Fisher, Anne (March 17, 2008). "America's Most Admired Companies".Fortune 157 (5): 65–67. Stuart Elliot (September 29, 2013). "Apple Passes Coca-Cola as Most Valuable Brand". The New York Times. Retrieved October 21, 2013. Wozniak, Stephen. "Homebrew and How the Apple Came to Be", Digital Deli. Ret...

Understand diversity, equality and inclusion in own are of responsibility

The EYFS framework is designed to be fully inclusive of all children’s needs, recognising the need to respond to differences of ethnicity, culture, religion or belief, home language, family background, SEN, disability, gender or ability. There is significant flexibility to provide the seven areas of Learning and Development in a way that reflects the needs and circumstances of each child. In the...

Personal Responsibility and Accountability

If you damage or find something damaged or wrong with the aircraft such as a drive shaft or push pull tube. being responsible would mean you would tell someone right away or write it up in the aircraft maintainance book. which shows each and everything that is wrong with the aircraft. which then the maintainers would come in the next day and fix whatever needed to be fixed on that aircraft. Being ...

College Success and Personal Responsibility

These factors are not just limited to academic success but also career and personal success in multiple aspects of your life. They can be used as guidelines for various learning and promotions in self and team enrichment. Therefore, personal responsibility has both positive and negative effects to yourself and those around you. By exemplifying high moral values in personal responsibility you will ...

Apples Ethics and Social Responsibility

Apple Inc. (2013). Supplier Responsibility Standards. http://www.apple.com/supplier-responsibility/pdf/Apple_Supplier_Responsibility_Standards.pdf. China Labor Watch. (2012). Beyond Foxconn:Deplorable Working Conditions Characterize Apple’s Entire Supply. http://www.chinalaborwatch.org/news/new-415.html. Christine Moorman, Forbes. (2012). Why is Apple a Great Marketer. http://www.forbes.com/site...

TOK: The possession of knowledge carries an ethical responsibility.” Evaluate this claim

In conclusion, based off the knowledge issues that these examples bring about one can say derive that the possession of knowledge carries a significant amount of ethical responsibility. By gaining knowledge, one also obtains power and with power, one must proceed to decide what they would like to do with that power. One then holds the ethical responsibility to make a decision on whether or not it ...

Sharing Responsibility – Role of local and state bodies: Disaster Management

· make the state DMAP an effective response mechanism as well as a policy and planning tool. The state DMAP addresses the state's response to demands from the district administration and in extraordinary emergency situations at multi-district levels. It is associated with disasters like road accidents, major fires, earthquakes, floods, cyclones, epidemics and off-site industrial accidents. The pr...

The social responsibility of a business

On a concluding note, corporate social responsibility is not helping the poor and needy people alone. The company should keep morality and ethics in all its operations in order to fully execute their social responsibilities. Companies should never try to exploit the natural resources injudiciously. Moreover they should never engage in activities which are harmful to the environment. In short, corp...

Summarise the types of risks that may be involved in assessment in own area of responsibility.

Finally, there are no excuses and few opportunities for any member of the PDA team to be unfair to a learner. Good practice models are followed when undertaking inductions and organising submission dates and specific changes due to the learners requirements are always adhered to i.e. disabilities, additional needs, work/time commitments etc. When necessary team discussions are held to run through ...

Nike Sweatshop Manufacturing

United efforts of businesses, governments and the United Nations can only make a difference. Sweatshops are the only way of income in many countries. People have no choice, but, to work at sweatshops or die from starvation. Poverty reduction and life conditions improvement are the modern global challenges for the developed countries. It is unfair to make extra billions in profits at the expense of...

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

This is also extended to unethical leadership which constitutes employee insolence as it has been suggested that employees emulate the behaviours of those above them based on their perception of ethics observed (Davis 2004). In addition, the company has become loyal to its family-run business style and as a result the recruitment process that exists within this company has failed them seeing as th...

Reaction Paper - Social Responsibility

Despite the cultural differences and diversity of beliefs a company must continue to be socially responsible among its stakeholders. They must not forget their responsibility toward the people around them. Their economic, philanthropic, legal and social responsibilities must always be taken into consideration. In this way, they can have a smooth relationship with their stakeholder and thus, have a...

Adolescence Theme in The Room On The Roof

Another feature that stands out is the true, minute depictions of Indian life whether it is the European part of Dehra, the buzzing bazaar, the simple toys, the smoky chaat shop and its delicacies,the intoxicated playing of Holi, the myriad Indian railway, Dehra’s natural beauty and the characters connections with it, Rusty’s room on the roof etc. While many of them may seem cliched like the c...

FAQ about Responsibility

How does Priestley present the theme of responsibility in "An Inspector Calls"

...Priestley intentionally exaggerates this character to corroborate his own political agenda. Birling’s thoughts towards socialist ideologies about the significance of community is ‘nonsense’ and that “a man has to make his own way”. This ind ...

Whose Responsibility is the Responsibility to Protect?

...Etzioni, Amitai, Security First: For a Muscular, Moral Foreign Policy, (Yale University Press, New Haven, 2007). Evans, Gareth, The Responsibility to Protect: Ending Mass Atrocity Crimes Once and For All, (Brookings Institution Press, Washington, D.C ...

Educational institutions have a responsibility to dissuade students from pursuing fields of study in which they are unlikely to succeed

...In the final analysis, when we are helping young people plan their future career with experience and information brought by elder generations we’re all better off, only if we stick to the principle that the right to make choices about future caree ...

How significant the impact of corporate social responsibility is associated to the legitimacy theory and stakeholder theory

...7. Carroll, AB & Shabana, KM 2010, ‘The business case for corporate social responsibility: a review of concepts, research and practice’, International Journal of Management Reviews, vol. 12, no.1, pp. 85-105. 8. Maguire, M 2011, ‘The future ...

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