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Integrity, a venerable noun, invariably mentioned in the case of character development. Not only is it something that every employer seeks for in an employee, but also something that every successful leader possesses.

Integrity, commonly referred to by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values”, has a simple definition, however the true interpretation is constructed in-between the lines. The thin lines that the interpretations lay between bear authentic and life applicable meanings. These key implications are often easily demonstrated through the host of the priceless attribute integrity.

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Integrity in the Army

Arguably, one of the Army’s most fundamental values is integrity. Integrity relies on a being’s moral compass to guide their manners. This moral compass can not be influenced by peers or society. A soldier relying on integrity must not be pressured into acting upon others expectations but only of his own. In times of stress or tension a soldier must be trusted to rely solely off his integrity.

A soldier with distinct integrity will attract alliance among peers. As previously mentioned, most skillful and successful leaders act with great amounts of integrity. Simply put, moral uprightness attracts followers, thus strengthening relationships previously fostered. A person acting with a strong moral being will encourage others to trust and confide in them. With integrity, comes the responsibility to handle situations in which others could not. The trust fostered by integrity will result in a better functioning system when in times of stress.

Trust in the Army

The Trust gained by soldiers due to integrity is abundantly useful, especially in the army. Trust could be referred to as a binding force. When fear, pain, and anguish are present, trust joins each soldier, providing a common goal in the times of hardship. This element of trust is essential in the completion of an important task, potentially involving the lives of others.

In closing integrity is an essential element in relationships, battle, and trying times. Integrity esspecially in the the army integrity. integrity has been defined as moral soundness; honesty; freedom from corrupting influence or motive our personal integrity can only be formed by one person: ourselves. nobody can control out integrity. they can try to sway it and they do almost daily but they can not change it unless we allow it to be changed. integrity is absolutely vital to a community. if a community as a whole coherent machine does not have morals it will be a very bad community. the people in it will not flourish and it will be a continuous cycle of immorality. is a community has no integrity it brings down the whole area around it. sound moral and ethical beliefs and basic honesty are highly valued characteristics in an employee behaves morally with his co-workers his superiors and all other stakeholders of the organization. acting with integrity and honesty is an actual advantage in the workplace. it builds trust and people are drawn towards such honest and dependable behavior integrity at work also promotes a positive environment which encourages higher productivity. there is a famous saying which perfectly describes integrity. honesty is telling the truth to other people integrity is telling the truth to myself.

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How to Preserve Your Integrity?
...Winning with humility can also make it easier to see any faults in your climb to the top, seeing these faults only allows for further self-improvement which in turn makes you ready to face bigger challenges. Winning with humility maintains progressio...

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