Leadership Change as A Concept

If we look back in time, we can see leadership as a concept – and as a set of qualities – has changed almost beyond recognition. The notion of Leadership has been quite visible in the areas of military operations, politics, and management. Today leaders are no longer a source of authority issuing orders from on high. They are instead overseeing the progress towards a goal and encouraging the team to move towards that goal As per a study conducted by Deloitte University Press, ‘only 13% of companies say they take extensive steps towards developing leaders at all levels of the organization.

A Forbes study predicts that by 2025, millennials will be constituting 75% of the workforce. Still, 66% of the companies say that they are weak in developing millennials as leaders.  What are the reasons that make leadership qualities the need of the hour? Firstly, let us understand why inculcating leadership traits has become a necessity? Organizations agree that developing leaders has become quintessential now. However, individuals should take the initiative in the direction to reach new heights in the hierarchy.

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Leadership is not just about moving up the management hierarchy. It is about the size of the spectrum of lateral influence and the amount of positive impact one can create as a result.

Lateral leadership is about exerting influence without hierarchical authority.  If we can take an example of our very legendary Indian Cricketer – Sachin Tendulkar. Some of his leadership attributes include Integrity and honesty, focused, committed and inspirational. He is not the best Captain, but a great Leader You don’t need to be a Manager, to become a good Leader If you are still wondering why you should become a leader, then, let us understand why it plays a significant role nowadays.

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The first and foremost is that your performance has a direct correlation with the success of the business. You are the fundamental pillar of your organization. Secondly, organizations face daily hardships in retaining top performing employees.

Thirdly, millennials will be shaping the future of the corporate world, but they not only feel less confident but also are unsure of getting the desired leadership training. So, it is the right time that you start taking massive steps in this direction. Leadership puts us on a public stage where our worst, as well as our best service, is on display. Who we are is how we lead. How we lead expresses who we are. As we watch our leadership responses over time, we hopefully notice a change. We become better at listening before speaking, less quick to jump the chain of command, slower to react, etc.

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