Teamwork is an individual commitment to a group effort where leadership becomes art through motivating a group to act towards achieving a common goal. Inter-local cooperation between different local government units is seeing teamwork play on a bigger and elevated scale. This reflective essay analyses the importance of team efforts to address a common need that would be beneficial to local government units through inter-local cooperation.

After reading the material, it took me a while to reflect on what inter-local cooperation is.

I decided to look for legal mandates to back up what is it and why it has become an advantageous tool as an alternative service delivery mechanism. According to the 1987 Constitution [Section 13, Article X], Local Government Units may consolidate resources, services, and efforts for common purposes. But it does not prescribe the specific form local government consolidation must-have. The structure, systems, and mechanisms for the creation of LGU alliances were placed in the hands of Congress [Section3, Article X].

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Whereas under Section 3 (f) of the Local Government Code of 1991, one of the operative principles of decentralization renders LGUs with the authority to group themselves, consolidate or coordinate their efforts, services, and resources for purposes commonly beneficial to them. Providing a legal basis for inter-local cooperation of local government units, civil society and stakeholders paving the way to effectively strategize for local economic development and integration of systematic public service delivery.

Being an employee of a national government agency working in a field office is not an easy feat. Accomplishing fieldwork is not a walk in the park.

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Accurate identification of the problem, well-coordinated course of action and proper coordination with the concerned people and office are of the essence. The practice of asking for assistance from available resources should not be taboo, and that is how I see inter-local cooperation, it is where teamwork works. The organization of local government units to form a group or alliances to effectively combat a common persisting issue that would greatly benefit the people is teamwork work on a bigger field of battle as conveyed by the reading material. Through the establishment of inter-local cooperation, local government units can pursue long-term development through supplementation and complementation of available resources. To effectively address the problem, integration of public policy and delivery of goods and services even to those far-flung areas, inter-local cooperation can be advantageous to its members and the public collectively.

The reading material has spelled the existence of many cooperation in the country presenting the availability of experiences from which to learn from. As I see inter-local cooperation in a different light, I wanted to seek facts. Do all alliances work? Were there existing alliances that failed somehow? Was there enough information that could guide other local government units on how to start cooperation? Do form inter-local cooperation sustain their strengths to fully realize their potential as catalysts of decentralization? The availability of this information may help ensure the viability and sustainability of cooperation. A Guidebook offering information gleaned from the experiences of existing alliances, their trials and triumphs, lessons and challenges in order to impart to the development and transformation of local government units in the country through inter-local cooperation because clearly “together everyone achieves more”.

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