Poet Essay Topics

Seamus Heaney: The Mind of a Brilliant Irish Poet

“Even if the hopes you started out with are dashed, hope has to be maintained. ” This quote was once said by famous Northern Irish poet Seamus Heaney at a book signing, it is also what has motivated many young poets today to continue writing even when there is “no hope”. Heaney is not only… View Article

Banjo Patterson

Andrew Barton “Banjo” Paterson was an Australian bush poet, Journalist and Author. He focused most of his poem’s on Australian life, in the particular area of rural and outback areas, mainly places like Binalong and New South Wales where he grew up as a child. He was mostly famous from poems including Waltzing Matilda, The… View Article

Mirza Ghalib’s Prose

One of the most influential luminaries of the Subcontinent literature, Mirza Asad Ullah Khan, continues to win the hearts of the posterity with his evergreen literary works. His is renowned for his poetic endeavors in Urdu and Persian language with thousands of high quality verses to his credit. He bagged a major chunk of fame… View Article

Plot Summary: Volpone, by Ben Jonson

Ben Johnson was an Elizabethan English poet, dramatist and actor. A peer of William Shakespeare, Johnson was born in 1572 and died 65 years later. He was a man of extraordinary literary talents and despite the fact that he didn’t go to university he was acknowledged as one of the most learned men of his… View Article

Edward Estlin Cummings

E. E. Cummings is a poet who is undeniable unique and the majority of his work highly stylized, modern, and controversial. The bulk of his work is usually recognized and noted for his awkward use of letters, structure, and mislaid punctuation. While Cummings is most known for variation on form, his poetry has great depth… View Article

Gillian Clarke – Neighbours

Gillian Clarke is a Welsh poet whose writing often uses natural and rural settings to explore larger themes and ideas, particularly political ideas. She draws on the Welsh landscape and her experience of sheep-farming on the small-holding where she lives in West Wales. She has been the National Poet in Wales since 2008. The Chernobyl… View Article

Fine Print: Life and Works of a Poet

The world and imagery created through words written with the pen and paper are always made not only to bring about entertainment but also to capture the hearts of those who are able to read it. But to be able to evoke such strong emotions, most writers tend to take into consideration their lives and… View Article

Edward Estlin Cummings

Edward Estlin Cummings or E. E. Cummings,as he was popularly called was an American poet, painter, essayist, author, and playwright. His body of work encompasses approximately 2,900 poems, two autobiographical novels, four plays and several essays, as well as numerous drawings and paintings. He is remembered as a preeminent voice of 20th century poetry. One… View Article

Wilfred Owen War Poet

The first Word War which took place mostly in Europe from 1914 to 1918 left millions dead and shaped the modern world. After World War I poets started to write about their experiences. Most of these poets had been soldiers who wrote the poetry to reflect the horror of their experiences in an immediate and… View Article

Poet’s emphasis

Although poem A contain a thematic unity but it is manifested that poet’s emphasis remained on creating a homogeneous lyrical whole instead of developing the theme in an elaborative way and in an elevated poetical manner. There is weak sentimentality that pervades the whole poem. The most important defect of the poem is that it… View Article

Letters to a Young Poet

Rilke’s “Letters to a Young Poet,” ostensibly a series of reflections about and advice regarding the inner-life of an accomplished poet, reveal as much about philosophical and moral attitudes as those attitudes or concepts which are commonly associated with literary theory and literary technique. In fact very little, if any, evidence of traditional literary criticism… View Article

“February” by Margaret Atwood

Poet describes the activities of February and further narrates the tussle between his cat and a tomcat. Paraphrase: Winter is a time to eat pork and watch hockey. The black cat with yellow eyes leaps over on my bed each morning and reaches to my head. In this way, he notifies me whether I am… View Article

Life of William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth is considered one of the greatest poets during the English Romantic Period. He is also considered, only next to Shakespeare, one of the greatest sonneteers. There are some historians that even believe that William Wordsworth, along with Samuel Taylor Coleridge, helped launch the Romantic Period. This statement has been debated between historians, but… View Article

James Dickey

James Dickey (1923 – 1997) is one of the outstanding modern American poets. His criticism provides a scope of ideas on what humanity has gained throughout the twentieth century. His viewpoint is likely to amaze an observer by constant critical notes on what is universally called “amenities of life.” Thus, the figure of James Dickey… View Article

William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth was one of the most influential romantic poets in the early 18th century. Born on the 7th of April 1770, Wordsworth was a man with a profound love and admiration for nature that developed through the course of his life. From the 6 poems I have studied as part of my course, each… View Article

A Background on William Blake

A child of the Romantic Period, William Blake was a poet born into the lively grounds of Soho, England. Since childhood, people observed in him a keen sense of imagination. This recognition then encouraged his parents to support his career path as an artist (Merriman n. p. ). Blake was largely considered as eccentric or… View Article

“9” by E.E. Cummings Analysis

Edward Estlin Cummings was a unique poet with an equally unique writing style. E. E. Cummings was born on October 14th, 1894 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1916, Cummings graduated with a master’s degree from Harvard University. During his studies, he was subject to many great writers such as Gertrude Stein and Ezra Pound. After working… View Article

My Life with the Wave

Octavio Paz is Mexico’s greatest living poet. But let’s face it: that’s like saying William Carlos Williams was Paterson’s best writer. For Americans, a better way of indicating Paz’s importance will have to be found. Perhaps it would be more suggestive to say that in the universe of Latin American writing, Neruda’s poetry is solar:… View Article

Donne and Thomas: In the Face of Death

John Donne and Dylan Thomas belong not only to two different ages but also to two different schools of poetry. The school of John Donne, more popularly known as the metaphysical poets, had their unique aesthetics and stressed on thought, rational, unconventional and even shocking arguments, reflection provoking imagery to grab the attention of the… View Article