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Plants Essay Examples

Essay on Plants

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Field Trip to the National Botanical Garden

...I think that our field trip to the National Tropical Botanical Garden can connect to my life because I am more knowledgeable about some of the plants there. I can use that as an opportunity to bring my siblings who have yet to visit the garden, and teach them about what I learned, so that they too can be more aware of the plant life that we have growing on Kaua’i and throughout the state. Another benefit of having visited the Botanical Research Center and the National Tropical Botanical Garden...

The Marketing of Surya Atta

...Based on the existing analysis the plant can produce at a capacity of 45 MT of wheat per day working for about 25 days a week and expected to operate at 80% of the capacity. It can produce a maximum of 765 MT of whole wheat per month along with 135 MT of bran. Based on the break-even analysis the production cost cannot be less than Rs. 8/kg excluding the bran value. At the same time the final list price must not exceed Rs. 11/kg as it will not create the value proposition in comparison with nati...

Investigatory Project

...Vegetable oil is any various oils obtained from plants and used in food products and industrially. There are many sources of oils like sesame, palm, soybean, rapeseed, sunflower seed, cottonseed, olive, coconut, palm kernel and peanut. A vegetable oil is a triglyceride extracted from a plant. It means that it contains glycerol and three fatty acids. Vegetable oils provide a number of nutrients the body needs, including essential fats and vitamins. They also offer a wide variety of ways to flavor...

The Benefits of Bamboo and Bamboo Clothing

...The propagation of running bamboo involves rhizome cuttings. In the outer perimeter of the glove, selection of plant is made. Soil is loosened all around the plant to determine which direction the rhizome is growing. When this assessment is completed, rhizome is carefully uncovered taking a lot of care not to damage the viable buds. Old material of two to three years old gives the best results. Cut the rhizome with care to leave sufficient amount intact to support the mother plant is paramount, ...

Bonsai: Japanese Tree Art

...Bonsai Gardener, 2008. Web 1 May, 2010, <http://www. bonsaigardener. org/bonsai-tree-meaning. html>. Pilgrim, Gray. Bonsai Tree History. Hub Pages, 2 March 2010. Web. 1 May 2010 <http://hubpages. com/hub/Bonsai-Tree--History--Culture--Background>. Sanunewa . Bonsai: Tree, History, Culture, Background. Hub Pages, 2010. Web. 1 May, 2010 <http://hubpages. com/hub/Bonsai-Tree--History--Culture--Background>. Site Bonsai. An introduction to Bonsai, 2010. Web. 1 May, 2010, <http://...

Cash Crops of Pakistan

...In order to increase production new varieties of tobacco need to be development. Funds should also be provided to boost the research and development programmers with a view to reducing the cost of production and improving tobacco quality. Tobacco growers cooperation should also be organized. (9) Oil Seed and Vegetable Oils: The main crops grown for oil are rape and mustard seeds sunflowers, safflower soybeans. Total requirement of edible oil was1. 9 million tones. which 32% was met through domes...


...As we know, common insecticides are harmful to the respiratory system. We aim to create an insecticide out of organic materials which will be eco-friendly and human friendly. Thus, the creation of this product will surely lead to a healthier environment. This will decrease the possible complications for respiratory diseases because according to the World Health Organization (WHO) approximately 220,000 people die each year because of pesticides. That’s why catnip turned into an insecticide will...

Aloe Vera as Paper Glue

...Treatment A contains 20 % of Aloe Vera gel, 20 % of water,20% of baking soda, 20% of vinegar and 20% of powdered milk combined to form the100% concentration of the glue.The factors which affected the efficiency of the paper glue are the evendistribution of substances and the careful use of materials and methods involved in theglue making. During the process, we gathered information and listed every essential datato have good findings and results.Aloe Vera, the main component of the product was p...

Radical pesticide from Garongin


Commercial Cooking NC 2

...11. What was used in cutting meat?filleting, deboning, slicing 12. how should you bread a product? ------apply flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs using different hands for dry and wet ingredients. 13. What procedure are used for closing? store all equipment and ingredients. 14. how do you make a roux? equal parts of butter and flour cook over low fire, to which stock is added. 15. how should you wrap soup for take out?  depends on the availability of materials 16. What are the product that shoul...

Truearth Case Analysis

...Recommendation At this time, our company would benefit the most by launching the new whole grain pizza product. By not launching the pizza kit, our investments and time can be focused on expanding the pasta line and retooling the marketing campaign to improve sales; however, in order to diversify the TruEarth brand name, innovation is needed. Although the pasta market may seem safe, we must venture into new categories in order to raise brand awareness, seek new customers, and increase our profit...

Effect of Incorporation of Carrot Powder in Wheat Flour

...The protein content of stick noodle must not be less than 8% on dry basis. The protein content of plain noodle was found to be 10. 2% and that of carrot noodle was found to be 10. 3%. There was not much difference in the protein content because the protein content in carrot is very low. Fat is an energy giving constituent. Fat content of the plain noodle was found to be 0. 6% and that of carrot noodle was found to be 0. 6%. The fiber content of the plain noodle was found to be 0. 35% and that of...

Diet Calculation

...Ans. According to my opinion I will go for both because I think both product is a good choice to eat because this is not a bad choice and it varies from person to person and also if we are not taking it on a regular basis, as we get something from them also like we consume protein, fat, carbs from it which is essential nutrients and our body need all these to function properly. Moreover these two products are the lowest calories option for many people who are fatty and yet havin...

A Long Time Ago


Vicissitudes of Pinto's life

...The vivid memories Malka Pinto obtains and shares portrays how terrible the treatments she faced were during the war. Her memories informs us of the injustices she faced, and gives a reason to not repeat them. Pinto’s teen years were spent being poorly fed and horribly worked. She shares her tragic memories in order to educate the new generation watching to not do the same harm. This tragic testimony informs the world about one of the biggest mistakes made in history. The harsh reality is blun...

Best Ideas For Keto Meals


The Rate of Photosynthesis on Plants

...During the Calvin cycle, NADPH and ATP are used as a source of energy to make sugar from CO2 without the need for light (Helminstine, 2019). The speed at which photosynthesis occurs depends on the crucial factors, the light intensity being the most influential, water, temperature, and the concentration of carbon dioxide. A faster rate of photosynthesis means that key components are also at a high capacity. Like everything in science, there are experiments that can be performed to test the effect...

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