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Ethiopia Overview
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Ethiopia is a tropical country with rich biodiversity, and in this country, there are many species of medicinal plants, and they are often reported and investigated [1]. Many local healers in developing countries are still dependent on traditional medicines for their health [des]. Therefore, such plants need to be explored to understand their properties, safety, and effectiveness for different types of exploitation. It is rich in various plant parts secondary metabolites components, such as tannins, tepenoids, alkaloids, flavonoids, glycoides, which…...
BiodiversityMedicinal PlantsMoringa OleiferaPlants
Stachytarpheta Jamaicensis in Alternative Medicine
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For years, traditional or alternative medicine have been dubbed as unorthodox and the question of their safety still remains; though multiple countries utilize them. The Philippines is no stranger to turning to these kinds of medication especially in times of desperate need; since the majority of its population live in poverty, acquiring treatment from professionals are quite hard to come by. Kandikandilaan, scientifically known as Stachytarpheta Jamaicensis, is a plant that is commonly utilized by Filipinos to treat common ailments.…...
Alternative MedicineBiologyDiseaseHealthMedicinal PlantsMedicine
Hedyotis Corymbosa
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Pages • 4
The ancient Egyptians of 3000-6000 years ago are credited with developing an elaborate and effective pharmacological collection of numerous curing materials obtained from natural resources (Robert 2005). According to the review report the oldest written evidence of medicinal plant usage for the preparation of drugs has been found on a Sumerian clay slab and it consist of drug prepared from 250 plants (Bilana, 2012). Documented studies states that the ancient doctors of India and Egypt prescribed the plant extracts and…...
Ancient EgyptBiologyHistoryMalariaMedicinal PlantsMedicine
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Akapulko Case
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Pages • 3
Plant Description: Akapulko is a coarse, erect, branched shrub, 1.5 to 3 meters high. Leaves are pinnate and 40 to 60 centimeters long, with orange rachis on stout branches. Each leaf has 16 to 28 leaflets, 5 to 15 centimeters in length, broad and rounded at the apex, with a small point at the tip. Leaflets gradually increase in size from the base towards the tip of the leaf. Inflorescences are terminal and at the axils of the leaves, in…...
BiologyMedicinal PlantsNaturePlantsSteroids
Advantages of Anaerobic Respiration
Words • 302
Pages • 2
Microbes Anaerobic respiration happens in yeast and some germs, producing ethanol and carbon dioxide. They have been used in the making of lots of foods such as bread, yoghurt and vinegar, Lactic acid bacteria are the key component in yogurt production as they initiate the fermentation process. A lot of the types used in yogurt offer added health benefit to those who consume them routinely and are typically referred to as probiotics. Probiotics are thought to reinforce your body immune…...
Anaerobic RespirationMedicinal PlantsPhotosynthesis And Cellular Respiration
No Approved Therapeutic Claims
Words • 2594
Pages • 11
Herbal supplements have now become popular alternatives for the health needs of many people, as new safety regulations have been implemented. However, some still ask, are they good for you? Well, that would depend on the herb, your current health and your medical history. Herbal medications sometimes have active ingredients that can affect how your body functions, just as over-the-counter and prescription drugs do. These medications could be particularly risky for certain individuals, and many herbal product labels are often…...
DiseaseFoodHealthMedicinal Plants
Guava leaves
Words • 466
Pages • 2
Nowadays people are focusing in herbal plants especially those who are common in the environment. One of the example is the guava plant (Psidium guajava Linn). Based on research this plant is good for healing and treating wounds and other skin infections. So in my research I wan't to make a bathing soap out of it, cause I know that it is effective. People, researchers, scientists were focusing to medicinal plants. They want to prove that there are plants that…...
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