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Onion: Satire and Journalism
Words • 829
Pages • 4
In a publication on The Onion, a resource devoted to humor and satire, an article satirizes the various tactics through which many companies market their products to the American public and take advantage of the people’s gullibility. First, the article takes a parodistic approach by imitating the syntax of actual advertisements in order to humorously expose the absurdity of their claims. Next, the article uses scientific and intelligent-sounding diction in order to satirize how the advertisement industry gets many “experts”…...
Onion, Garlic and Turmeric as an Alternative Insecticide
Words • 4127
Pages • 17
Chapter 1 PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING This chapter presented the problem and its setting. It further included the introduction, background of the study, statement of the problem, scope and limitation, and significance of the study. In this chapter, some trivia about this research, the reason for making this research, the questions that were needed to be answered, the reason why this research chose the materials and the way for making it a help for those who were irritated to the…...
What is the Good Life Midterm?
Words • 7547
Pages • 31
David Wallace, "This is Water," The really important kind of freedom Fact: The really important kind of freedom involves attention, awareness, discipline, effort, and the ability to truly care about others. Fact: This kind of freedom is the alternative to having an unconscious "default-setting" attitude about life. Analysis: Attention, awareness, and effort are key to achieving a "good life." Being involved and becoming an active participant in your own life will enable you to choose what's best for you. Sitting…...
OnionThe Good LifeThe Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks
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Comparison of Valentine and Sonnet 130 by William Shakespeare
Words • 1532
Pages • 7
Compare and contrast the way in which love is presented in the poems 'valentine' by Carol Ann Duffy and 'sonnet 130' by William Shakespeare. In this essay I am going to compare and contrast the way in which love is presented in the poems 'valentine' by Carol Ann Duffy and 'sonnet 130' by William Shakespeare. I will be drawing links of comparison and will explain the similarities and differences between them. The first poem 'valentine' was written by Carol Ann…...
ComparisonOnionPoetryShakespeareSonnet 130
Conjoined by Judith Minty is a poem about a broken relationship
Words • 535
Pages • 3
“Conjoined” by Judith Minty is a poem about a broken relationship. Judith Minty uses many similes, metaphors, and analogies to describe an unhappy union of two people and the inseparability of marriage. The sub title is “ a marriage poem” which sets the theme of the poem, but until you start reading you do not realize that it is an unhappy view towards marriage. She uses words with negative connotation such as “heavy”, “deformed” and “accident” to describe the relationship…...
Social Penetration Theory in Psychology
Words • 1286
Pages • 6
Social penetration theory, also known as the ‘Onion Theory’, was a theory formulated by professors Irwin Altman and Dalmas Taylor on 1973 on the development of interpersonal relationship. The social penetration theory states that as relationships develop, communication moves from relatively shallow, non-intimate levels to deeper, more personal ones. It mainly concentrates on the development and degree of self-disclosure, voluntary act of revealing or sharing of oneself on both a conscious and an unconscious level with another person. (Altman &…...
OnionPhilosophyPsychologySocial Psychology
Radical Pesticide from Garongin and Environment Pollution
Words • 244
Pages • 1
Abstract Spices are products of aromatic plants that grow mainly in the tropics. The word “spices” also includes product that are more precisely called herbs, aromatic seeds or seasoning blends. Spices like garlic (Allium sativum), ginger (Zingiber officinale), pepper (Piper nigrum), onion (Allium cepa) has been the most common spice in our locality. A group of young researchers were interested to put up a study on what spices could contribute to the daily lives of the people. Their purpose is…...
EnvironmentEnvironment PollutionOnionPollution
Calamansi and Onion
Words • 2547
Pages • 11
Foot smell is a disease which is scientifically known as bromhidrosis- sweaty and stinky feet. While neither uncomfortable nor contagious, foot odor causes unmitigated social suffering to those who are burdened with it. Under regular conditions each of your feet produces half a pint of sweat by methods by ways of some 20,000 gland. In the majority of people, this perspiration evaporates. In people with bromhidrosis, however, more sweat is produced, and it does not vaporize as easily, which will…...
Like Water for Chocolate
Words • 4791
Pages • 20
Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Squalevella Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub (Trd); ISBN: 0553472550 Copyright 1994 CHAPTER ONE. JANUARY. Chrutnuw Ro/ INGREDIENTS 1 can of arOin 1/2 choriw aaye oreyano 1 can of chitej rrano 10 haro ro PREPARATION: Take care to chop the onion fine. To keep from crying when you chop it (which is so annoying!), I suggest you place a little bit on your head. The trouble with crying over an onion is that once the chopping…...
Summary on Narrative Writing Examples
Words • 334
Pages • 2
Paper Type:Narrative essays
In kissing Kate’s narrative, she used to make delicious and sweet peach jam. In Stanley and Zero’s narrative, they found and ate kissing Kate's peach jam ( sploosh ) In Stanley Yelnats III’s narrative, his invention smells like peaches. God’s thumb In Sam’s narrative, Sam had his onion fields on top of God't thumb. In Stanley Yelnats I narrative, He was left stranded in the desert, found his way to God's Thumb and the spring. When Stanley Yelnats VI escaped…...
Narrative WritingOnionWriting
Red Onion Cell Lab
Words • 562
Pages • 3
The passage of water molecules through a selectively permeable membrane is a special case of diffusion known as osmosis. Osmosis results in the movement of water from an area of lower concentration of dissolved material to an area of higher concentration of dissolved material. For a demonstration of this principle, a purple onion cell is going to be bathed in different concentrations of salt (NaCl) water. Problem: How do solutions of various salt concentrations influence osmosis in relation to an…...
Monologue for an Onion Analysis
Words • 754
Pages • 4
“Monologue for an Onion” is an ingenious method for layering meaning through metaphor. The poem uses the simple task of peeling an onion as a metaphor for complicated and malicious relationships between people. The onion as a metaphor does not seem extraordinary in itself; but, upon reading one will discover that the author discusses “layers” and peeling them away to receive the truth. This is true; however, there is a larger irony at play here. Suji Kwock Kim, the author gives a sense that the onion is begging someone to stop peeling, cutting, chopping and relentlessly searching, while…...
Onion DNA Extraction
Words • 291
Pages • 2
DNA(deoxyribonucleic acid) is found in every living organism. It provides the information and instructions to build and regulate cells in organisms. The information it contains is used when organisms are being reproduced. It is made up of two polynucleotide chains known as DNA strands. Within the two chains there are four nucleotide units: adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine. Materials and Methods An onion was cut into pieces and placed in a blender with 50 mL of water and blended for…...
The Cultural Tale of Two Shuttles
Words • 1296
Pages • 6
What factors in NASA’s culture contributed to the Challenger and Columbia shuttle disasters? The main guys said everything was fine to go ahead with the launch. Their basic assumptions were skewed to what they thought was perfect. The Decision-making style is corrupted they need to get involved and listen to everyone besides their group. They did not believe they could fail and that the success of the mission took precedence over cost and deadlines. They felt their mission was more…...
BusinessCommunicationCompanyHuman NatureOnionOrganization
MagnaSoles shoe inserts
Words • 2539
Pages • 11
Stressed and sore-footed Americans everywhere are clamoring for the exciting new MagnaSoles shoe inserts, which stimulate and soothe the wearer’s feet using no fewer than five forms of pseudoscience. “What makes MagnaSoles different from other insoles is the way it harnesses the power of magnetism to properly align the biomagnetic field around your foot,” said Dr. Arthur Bluni, the pseudo scientist who developed the product for Massillon-based Integrated Products. “Its patented Magna-Grid design, which features more than 200 isometrically aligned…...
ActivityLiterary GenreLiteratureOnionSatireWriting
Laboratory Assignment: Virtual Microscopy
Words • 1402
Pages • 6
1. On the UD Virtual Compound Microscope, examine the onion root tip slide at 400X viewing magnification. Ensure that the image is centred. What is the approximate size of an onion root tip cell? Show your work and specify which dimension of the cell (length or width) you are using. (2 marks) RESPONSE: The dimension of the cell I am using is length. The number of specimen is 11. The Field of view would be 0.35 mm because we are…...
Essay, Valentine Carol Ann Duffy
Words • 785
Pages • 4
The poem Valentine is written by Carol Ann Duffy. Throughout the Poem she shows the positive and negative sides about love by comparing love to an onion. She does this by using different techniques such as language features such as metaphors, simlies, Imagery and word structure. All these techniques make it interesting because she uses an onion as a girft to represent love and relationships. In the begining of the poem Duffy starts off with a negative in opening line.…...
Carol Ann DuffyLoveOnionPoetry
Using Garlic as a Natural Pesticide
Words • 1277
Pages • 6
Today, most Filipino farmers and even commoners are suffering from several kinds of insect pests. Filipinos want to know how to get rid and prevent the spread of different insect pests, so the researchers conduct an insecticide that is made up of garlic. Why garlic? The researchers chose garlic because of its unique characteristics that could be made as an effective insecticide. We all know that garlic is only use as an ingredient for cooking but we don’t know that…...
Mitosis lab
Words • 1001
Pages • 5
Abstract –For this lab there is no experiment to be done only questions to be answered. In this experiment we will categorize and count the cells to compute the mitotic index of the total root area. Introduction – The purpose of this experiment is to answer questions associated with the onion root tip photos that are pictured in the lab. The questions for this lab will be drawn from the discussion and review section at the beginning of the mitosis…...
Cell CycleMitosis And MeiosisOnion
Onion Investigatory Project Proposal
Words • 1805
Pages • 8
Paper Type:Proposal essays
Ginger (Zingiber Officinale): An Organic Fungicide Monique T. Bustamante Sherry Mae B. Mejia Christine Joy U. Sibayan Jerica Mae T. Vetonio Researchers Ms. Violeta Rafanan Adviser Don Ramon E. Costales Memorial National High School Villasis, Pangasinan September 2012 ABSTRACT One of alarming problem that maybe encountered by our country next generations was the inadequate agricultural production, this all about the foods that is one of the primary needs of people. The increasing number of population here in the Philippines means…...
“Valentine” by Carol Ann Duffy
Words • 877
Pages • 4
Carol Ann Duffy talks of an unorthodox love in her poem “Valentine”, where she compares love to an onion. The narrator finds that gift givers portray love incorrectly when she mentions typical Valentine’s Day gifts. The poem is an extended metaphor of love being an onion, and she thinks of love as a violent emotion rather than a peaceful one. The narrator compares love to an onion in her poem "Valentine" to show that her opinion of love is unconventional,…...
Carol Ann DuffyOnionPoetry
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What is the Good Life Midterm?
...Analysis: Having these one-sided or fictional relationships can help people live the good life because they give people a sense of ease and power. Relationships with real-life people are big commitments and take lots of responsibility. In contrast, b...

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