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Expected outcome


Essay, Pages 2 (384 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (384 words)

Content: is the info correct? I will get the teacher to check that the information content id correct I will do this by asking her to check and carefully analyse and information analysed I expect my information to be accurate seeming that all the sources I used were official ones and I have carefully checked through all the information individually. Is spelling and grammar correct? I will ask several people to utilise and read my work and to highlight any possible spelling and grammar mistakes.

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I will not expect to see any spelling mistakes as I utilised spelling and grammar checks in word. Are the pictures clearly visible? I will ask people with different eyesight strengths to view the pictures from different ranges and record the results. I am using bright colours and clear pictures so most people will be able to see the pictures clearly. Is the information easy to read and understand I will conduct the same test as the spelling and grammar test but ask the testers to look for clarity in the piece of work.

I have personally checked and written the work so I will not expect there to be any negative feedback. What to Test Outcome Change to take place. Content: is the info correct? The teacher has checked the information involved in my project and confirms all of it is true and correct to an informative standard. No changes are to take place, as all is more than adequate. Is spelling and grammar correct? I have had various people check the grammar and spelling and yet they see no problem or inaccuracies.

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No changes are to be made seeming all is in order.

Are the pictures clearly visible? There are not many pictures on my page except for the picture archive, which according to people is extremely eye catching and enjoyful to view. All in this section is in order and more than appropriate according to their viewing. Is the information easy to read and understand I have asked a variety of different age grouped people to read my page and see how well they understand it, all the people said that it was very clear and easy to read. No changes are required seeming that the page is easy enough to understand as it already is.

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