My Planting Tree Experience

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I planted a tree. I should not be praised for this nor should I be proud of myself. This made me realize if people really wanted to make a difference in the environment, this would become habitual. In a way, planting the tree made me feel guilty for all the times I have not. Upon getting this assignment, I knew I wanted to do more than sit outside; I wanted to actually make an impact.

Planting a tree seemed appropriate because I believe that one of the biggest environmental issues is all the forests that get cut down.

We should work together on fixing this by planting trees throughout the year. I feel that even though my one tree may not do very much, I feel like I have started an internal desire to better the world. I plan to plant a tree every year on Earth Day now, because if I could make some sort of life time impact I would feel like I have accomplished something greater in life.

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I, along with many other people should make time to beautify the planet instead of pollute it. If Earth Day meant what it was supposed to, I feel like we would go out, pick up garbage, not take our cars, and plant anything we could. Many people take pictures of the sunset to post on social media or take cute selfies on their walks, but they do not take the time to fully enjoy the world we live in. We use many paper products but cannot take the time to replace all the trees that have had to be cut down, and I do not believe that is not fair.

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If we are not taking care of our planet now, what type of world will our grandchildren live in? People need to take responsibility and realize that actions have consequences; our planet deserves to be treated better than it is. It is known that if our planet was closer to the sun or further that humans would not be able to prosper. We were placed in perfect orbit for a reason and that reason was not to destroy our planet.

If everyone planted one tree a year, I believe our planet would be cleaner and much prettier. Man’s relationship with nature needs a lot of help, and I never really realized it until putting some deep thought into this paper. I thought I appreciated nature before, but now I truly realize what I must do to truly love the world around me. I feel remorseful in some ways for not making a change in my life sooner. Going on walks and rolling your windows down may get one closer to nature but that does not mean they are as in touch as they should be. Planting one tree was just the beginning for me; I know now that I need to treat the world better and that is a goal I am determined to work towards.

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My Planting Tree Experience

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