The Direct Relationship Between the Economic Systems and Resources

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Economic systems encompass the way a country allocates its resources, goods and services in order to achieve a balance of trade. Therefore, we understand that there is a direct relationship between the economic systems and resources. Environmental systems include the normal surroundings around us; this includes the rivers, trees and hills. Environment systems are important in that we directly depend on them for survival.

In the modern society, the economic system has gained status and dominance over environment systems. Individuals have become money oriented to a level that they ignore the environmental system and its future.

In consideration to this reason, there have been a number of emergent problems. The main problem of economic systems being above environmental systems is that there will lack equity and sustainability. An exclusive explanation to this scenario is the fact that for an economic system to sustain its need for resources, it must depend on the environmental systems. Therefore, in the survival chain, the economic system cannot survive with the deprivation of resources in the environmental system.

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Resource shortage is one problem that may arise as a result of the economic system gaining dominance over the environmental systems. This is because the available resources like food will be inadequate to sustain the growing population. International conflicts can also result in reference to the topic in discussion. This comes into existence when a country fights for control of certain resources with another, which in the end might lead to an equivalent loss of life. These resources may exist as a result of economic interests becoming dominant over the environmental interests. Therefore, the situation of economic systems being dominant over the environmental systems results into a couple of social, economic and political related problems.

Continued exploitation of the environment system by the economic system will lead to a situation defined an economic crisis. The crisis is as a result of continued and persistent capitalism on the resources within the environment system. This will result in to a deficiency of resources, and therefore increase the competition for resources from the environment system. A deprivation of resources in the environmental system will therefore lead to a reduction in supply value in the economic system. This situation was clearly explained by an economist aficionado and psychologist, Carl Marx. It is however important to understand that economic systems are completely out of existence if the environmental system doesn’t exist.

Therefore, important measures should be put in place to ensure that the environmental system is properly taken care of to avoid such scenarios in future. In my own opinion, in order to counter this inefficiency, it will be considerably advisable to conserve the environment. A probable and practical solution to these problems is for the documentation of laws to govern the environmental systems from unplanned exploitation. This will regulate the way people also handle the resources found in the environmental systems. It will also be appropriate in the sense that it will encourage and promote conservation of the environment efforts by individuals. It is however allowed to conclude that, the situation of economic systems gaining dominance over environmental systems should be standardized and limits placed to bring balance in the distribution of resources. This will allow for sustainability and continued thriving of both the economic systems and the environmental systems.

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