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Multicultural Activities for Present Era
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Multiculturalism was a function of different variety of culture together with languages, principles, customs and other practices inside the structure of social equity, harmony and diplomacy and sustainability. In the midst of change, prejudice and narrow-mindedness which frequently build a multicultural society. Mrs. Markandaya’s The Golden Honeycomb explored the various cultural diversity that applied to the demographic framework of a specific location, normally at the extent of institutions such as school, trade, neighbourhood, city or nation. From this background, Multiculturalism…...
Arts And CultureCultureMulticulturalism
Selective Acculturation Strengths And Weaknesses Cultural Studies Essay
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The United States is going progressively diverse and it is important to understand how the immature population of the 2nd coevals will accommodate socially and economically as they make up the the hereafter of the state ( Portes and Rumbaut xviii ) . It is besides of import understand their version in order to derive cognition on how to organize a society so that it can supply equal life opportunities to all.In this paper I will discourse the socialization scheme…...
CivilizationGenderImmigrationMulticulturalismSocializationStrengths And Weaknesses
Multiculturalism in Society: the French Issue
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UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS IN BRATISLAVA Faculty of International Relations Multiculturalism in Society: The French Issue (assessed work) Table of Contents Introduction3 1 Definitions and different points of view on multiculturalism in the world4 2 Multicultural background of the French society5 2. 1 Socio-political regime in France6 2. 2French racism7 2. 3 Discrimination in French society8 3Challenges and crisis of multiculturalism in France10 Conclusion13 Bibliography14 IntroductionIn the beginning of the new millennium the world stands before a number of great challenges but…...
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Explain the benefits of diversity to society
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There are two main reasons to respect the diversity of others these are: 1.It is unjust and unfair and can be illegal to treat people of minority groups differently or in a discriminatory way. 2.It is important to realise that there are positive benefits to society when diversity is respected. Valuing diversity can open our minds to new and exciting experiences and to new ways of thinking which can make our lives more interesting. Society can also benefit by respecting…...
Multiculturalism in the Workplace
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Sometimes when opinions of co-workers are in conflict with the opinion of the other individual, arguments arises within the workplace, however, it can be easily be solved if it is properly handled. Being the leader, the researcher, see to it that all of the members’ opinions are get and they will weigh things out. Majorities’ decisions are the ones they follow. Moreover, in a workplace one should separate personal grudges and set aside selfish acts against co-workers, it is important…...
Business Success in India
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While there may be higher prospect of benefit from doing business from another country, but there is equal risk of ending up with a shattered dream, if the companies do not know how to get the most out of the new environment. Running an organization away from native land and with workers having different type of cultural and social background requires comprehensive knowledge on several factors that are associated with the entire business venture on a foreign land. (more…)...
Business SuccessCultureGlobalizationIndiaMulticulturalismReligion
Australian Immigration
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This paper argues against further immigration to Australia Australian Immigration Australia's immigration policy is disastrous, proceeding as if there is no balance of payment problem, no foreign debt and no geographical or environmental constraints to population growth. Continued immigration will finally and irreversibly alter the natural and urban environment, economic viability and attitudes and culture of our nation. The people have been consulted on, or given their consent to, the interwoven policies of immigration and multiculturalism. It is now time…...
AustraliaAustralian CultureImmigrationImmigration PolicyMulticulturalismSustainability
Multiculturalism in Project Management
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The contemporary issue in project management that will be under scrutiny is the multicultural nature of modern-day projects. The rationale behind the choice of this issue is that the 21st Century businesses have increasingly become global in nature. The rapid economic development in most parts of the world is one of the factors that have accelerated globalization. Consequently, businesses have expanded into new markets in different parts of the world. Globalization has also encouraged free movement of people around the…...
MulticulturalismProject ManagementPsychology
An Overview of the Museum of Tolerance During Our Museum Trip
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OverviewThe museum of tolerance provides unique experiences that are influenced by the cultural and historical events especially based on prejudice and discrimination that took place in the past. The museum is owned by a Jewish human right organization through its education arm. I must admit that the assignment gave me a rare opportunity to learn and experience on events that have transpired on human life in the past changing my entire perspective on the importance of the freedom we enjoy…...
CultureField Trip To MuseumMulticulturalismMuseumNazi GermanyThe Holocaust
Building Links Between Refugees and the Community
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Background The City of Greater Dandenong is a local government area in Victoria, it is located in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The city has an area of just about 129.42 square kilometres and a population of approximately 146,000 residents from over 150 nations by 2014. Map of Melbourne showing the City of Greater Dandenong Population 146,000(2014) Density 1,128/km2(2,922/sq.mi) Established 1994 Area 129.42km2(50.0sq.mi) Council seat Dandenong Suburbs and towns of the city Bangholme, Dandenong, Dandenong North, Dandenong South, Keysborough, Parts…...
Challenges in Managing Multinational Company
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Assalamualaikum, One of the common challenges faced by Malaysian multinational company is cultural diversity. Culture is the learned, shared way of doing things in a particular society. It is the way, for example in which its member eat, dress, greet and treat one another, teach their children, solve everyday problems, and so on ( Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn 2003). Cultural diversity in workplace refers to the range of differences between individuals in an organization. It affects the way in which people…...
ChinaCompanyCultural DiversityEmploymentMalaysiaMulticulturalism
Counseling and Diversity
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Abstract People of different cultures, including immigrants of today seem to differ from past generations in that they seek to retain many of their cultural values and are less interested in becoming homogenized within the U. S. culture. This distinctness can create a potentially complex situation for both the client and therapist who may differ substantially in their own cultural values. For successful therapy to take place, it is important for therapists to be culturally sensitive of clients and avoid…...
CultureDiversityMulticulturalismSocial Psychology
Cross-cultural Interactions
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Communication differs in various cultures. A multinational or a global company employs a great number of people with different cultural traits. Some may possess traits that are good for business when sent to countries away from home and some may not take up this responsibility well. People with different values respond in various ways to leadership especially from leaders from a different background or culture. Cultural diversity is very wide and this would cause to some extent difficulties for a…...
CultureLeadershipMulticulturalismOrganizationSocial scienceSociety
Culture diversity
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Individual Final Assignment- What information about diversity in the United States has helped you better understand or relate to others in ways that you may not have in the past? Have you learned something new about your own racial, ethnic, or cultural history? Trends in immigration will continue to shape the demographics of the United States. What will the U.S. population look like in the year 2050? Why do you think so? What challenges does the United States face due…...
CultureCulture DiversityHuman NatureMulticulturalismPolitics
Diversity Issues
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Share some contemporary examples of cultural diversity issues. Some contemporary examples of cultural diversity issues, for example, are law enforcements inabilities to understand completely some of the minority group’s language, traditions, beliefs, lifestyles, religions, stereotyping, and profiling of minorities. Law enforcement also encounters cultural diversity issues with the different moral beliefs of ethnic groups, therefore, can interfere with relating to other minorities when faced with a situation. Law enforcement officers should focus on education, training, and gain knowledge of their…...
BeliefCultureDiversityHuman NatureLawMulticulturalism
Emerging Issues Paper
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 In today’s society emerging issues in multiculturalism are affecting people in new ways. Professionals in the health care industry are facing new challenges and are realizing the changes they need to make to continue to help those in need. Individuals are changing as well and becoming uniquely multicultural themselves. These issues affect society and how culturally diverse groups interact but still allow them to live together and share each others experiences. Counseling Professionals face the issue of how to have…...
CultureHuman NatureMulticulturalismSociety
Multicultural Classroom
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Teacher’s self assessment about his level of consciousness and awareness of other races, religion and cultures helps him a lot in planning the class room activity effectively. Talking about the crucial role of teachers in creating a multicultural class room, Betty Wilson highlights the importance of teachers learning of new cultures. She says: I think it's very important for teachers to know their own cultures very well and study their own cultures, because then they begin to become more reflective…...
HSBC Culture
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Pages • 4
It is necessary to underline that organizational culture plays crucial role for employees’ motivation, job commitment, productivity, and overall working atmosphere. Therefore, HSBC culture promotes believes of honesty, teamwork, and integrity. HSBC culture is based on the following principles and values: highest personal standards of integrity, truth and fair dealing, quality and competence, minimum bureaucracy, quick decision-making, group interest ahead the personal ones, sustainable development and many others. For example, from the very start of the recruitment process HSBC leadership…...
CommunicationCultureHuman NatureLeadershipMulticulturalism
Immense diversity and equality
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Diversity is a great teacher- it teaches us to be tolerant and helps us explore the human race from various parts of the world. The American environment gave me a tremendous insight on people from different cultures and religions all over the world. The cultural beliefs, traditions formed the best part of my life experience. After coming to America, I learned how to live with different people from all walks of life. I realized that no matter what culture, country,…...
Starbucks Coffee Company Diversity Audit
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In this paper, we will be discussing a diversity audit that took place with the Starbucks Coffee Company. The audit consists of the company’s background, what the team’s criteria for a diverse organization should be and the findings on what the organization diversity practices truly consist of based on research provided from interviews, company statements and news articles. The remaining of the paper will focus on the organization in terms of Thomas and Ely’s paradigms, building an inclusion breakthrough and…...
Portrayal of Diversity in the Media
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Regardless of the reality that the United States is considered an 'immigrant country' with people from practically all countries of the world including worth to the economy and society as an entire, a study conducted by Kid Now has exposed that the "family hour" on television, that is, the shows that are aired in between 8 and 9pm, are "the least ethnically diverse (" Diversity in the Media and Entertainment Industries," 2004).". Only one out of eight shows aired throughout…...
DiversityEntertainmentHuman NatureMulticulturalismNewsSocial Issues
Benefits of Being Multilingual
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In today’s society, being one step ahead can account for a lot. In the modern day world, people of all cultures are constantly intercepting in one way or another, whether it be at work, in stores, or in their own neighborhoods. How could you live so close to someone and not being able to communicate with them? It’s nearly impossible. This reason, exactly, especially considering America’s diversity, is why being multilingual is pushed and praised so heavily across the world.…...
The Challenges of Counseling in a Multicultural Society
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Pages • 14
Rise of the Multicultural Society Growth of multiculturalism is not limited to any country in particular but is fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon with the rapid onslaught of globalization. As a result, cultures from various parts of the world are often found existing together in the same geographic location. Culture encompasses a wide variety of constituents and may even determine morality and law. “Culture […] is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, and any other…...
Career CounselingMulticulturalismSociety
Essay on Blaxicans and Other Reinvented Americans
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In "Blaxicans" and Other Reinvented Americans," Richard Rodriguez points out that America has become a place that is fully populated by immigrants from around the world. He asserts that there is no way to assign race names to citizens because everyone can be multiple races. According to Rodriguez, Americans create labels (e. g. Hispanic) in a ridiculous attempt to classify people in the simplest form; a plan doomed to fail. Rodriguez continues by describing his idea of "ethnicity," which is…...
Australian voice
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? The Australian voice is distinct as it expresses uniquely Australian values, such as ‘mateship’ and ‘support for the underdog’. This distinct voice also expresses multicultural and indigenous values, as part of the Australian identity. It may bevoiced publically or privately through effective language features. “The Castle” directed by Rob Sitch highlights the characters’ voices as reflective of Australian attitudes and values. It is through these numerous voices that we collectively create a distinct Australian voice that ….. (represents culturally…...
Diversity and Education According
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America’s student populations are increasingly reflective of an ethnically diverse society. However, we recognize that there are several major variables for improving the multicultural accommodation apparent in a school. Bruner and Vytgotsky lend this discussion some useful insight concerning such variables. Chief among them, the diversity of faculty, of learning content and of learning media all are directly relevant to the school’s embrace of difference. As the immigrant population continues not only to rise but to diversify in the United…...
CurriculumDiversityEducationLearningMulticulturalismNo Child Left Behind Act
Tolerance Among Malaysian
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Malaysia is well-known as a multi racial country that has variety of races such as Malays, Chinese and Indians with many types of religions and its own cultures. What makes Malaysia a unique country is the diversity of the people. 1 Malaysia concept has been introduced by our honoured Prime Minister which is basically to preserve and enhance unity in the diversity which has always been our strength and remains our best hope for the future. The motto of ‘People…...
Diversity in America
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Pages • 2
Diversity in america is a trademark of the beauty in our country. Without diversity, America wouldn’t be what it is today. A country that is an obvious reflection of the multiple cultures it contains. The rise and struggle of the African-Americans, The Spanish, Asian, and European immigrants who have all come to the U.S. and contributed to a diverse country. Chinese resturaunts, Soccer, Spanish music, There are so many diverse things that we love. With myself being a part of…...
Intellectual Diversity
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Have you ever really stopped to think about diversity? The typical individual usually thinks of different skin colors or the different backgrounds everyone has. By definition diversity is the condition of being different. The term ‘diversity’ encompasses a broad scope. There are many realms to diversity such as economic, cultural, and gender. However a type of diversity that has been growing in buzzword in recent years, especially among the conservative communities of college campuses, is intellectual diversity. Intellectual diversity, along…...
BiasDiversityIntellectual PropertyLawLiberalismMulticulturalism
Ethnic Diversity in the Uk
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Immigration, annexation, and colonialism are processes that may create subordinate groups. Other processes such as extermination and expulsion may remove the presence of a subordinate group. Significant for racial and ethnic oppression in the United States today is the distinction between assimilation and pluralism. Assimilation demands subordinate-group conformity to the dominant group, and pluralism implies mutual respect among diverse groups. The definition of ethnicity people value differently for each of the primary and secondary factors Primary whether it be Race,…...
English Should be Declared the Official Language
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In recent years, the America’s ability to resolve cultural diversity and political unity has been challenged at new level. The influx of immigrants from Asia, Africa and Latin America has brought changes in the character of many natives and accelerated demands for government services in their own languages. The aspect of linguistic diversity has in fact sparked insecurity about national unity and fostered a wave designed to make English the official language in the United States (Inhofe and Munoz ¶1).…...
American IdentityEnglishEnglish LanguageImmigrationLanguageMulticulturalism
Intercultural Communications
Words • 824
Pages • 4
* This chapter offers six reasons or imperatives for studying intercultural communications * Economics * The workplace * Businesses must be more attentive to diversity issues * As the workforce becomes more diverse, their will be more problems * Benefits * Speaking different languages * Seeing new business markets * Marketing products to different cultures * Learn about different cultures * Global economy * Globalization * Bring money to the poor areas by opening up businesses * Wal-mart, they open…...
CommunicationEthicsImmigrationIntercultural CommunicationMulticulturalismMy Big Fat Greek Wedding
Nigeria, a Multi Ethnic Nation
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Nigeria is a multi-ethnic nation with various cultural groups that are about three hundred in number. In 1947, Nigeria was not yet a nation. Nigeria now has been a multi-national society, one of the sociological problems of building Nigeria as a nation is multi-ethnicity with its concomitants such as multilingualism and completive ethnicity. There were varieties of lines which existed between the various states and people which were the predecessors of modern Nigeria. But on the other side, Ethnographers estimates…...
CultureEducationHuman NatureMulticulturalismNationPolitics
Speech on Multiculturalism
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We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams. Today, we are going to give a speech regarding Multiculturalism. Multiculturalism relates to communities containing multiple cultures. It usually refers to the simple fact of cultural diversity. Multiculturalism is sometimes taken to mean that different cultural communities should live their own ways of life in a self-contained manner. To understand multiculturalism is to appreciate that it means many different things.…...
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Migration is the movement of people across a specified boundary for the purpose of establishing a new or semi-permanent residence. External migration is where residences change between a residential unit in the Demographic Surveillance Systems (DSA) with one outside it, and internal migration is where residences change from one residential unit to another in the same DSA (Indepth 2008). Migration is a process of civilians moving from one region to another region by some push and pull factors. Certain push…...
Political Philosophy and User Responses
Words • 1424
Pages • 6
1. The belief that a person's fate can be carefully associated to his/her own efforts is KNOWN AS ________ AND IS BASICS TO THE AMERICAN DREAM. a. populism b. equality c. individualism d. republicanism e. fatalism Grade: 1 User Actions: c. individualism Feedback: 2. Which of the following characteristics is associated with capitalism, the financial system in America? a. Federal government should be associated with securing the health of the monetary market over specific residents' rights. b. Federal government should…...
CapitalismEconomic InequalityImmigrationIndividualismMulticulturalismPhilosophy
Nationality and Cultural Identity
Words • 839
Pages • 4
Since the beginning of civilization, man has always traveled across shores for better food and shelter. As time passed by, the need of food and shelter transformed into the desire of a better living and man started traveling continents for the same. Today the world is heading more and more towards globalization and many developed countries abode multi cultural society. The United States of America’s entire history lies on migration and though by citizen they are Americans but all of…...
CitizenshipCultural IdentityCultureMulticulturalismNation
Generic Organization
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A group is a well structured organization with different individuals that has different characteristics and diversity these groups can be formal or informal. In my research I have found that retail stores such as Wal-Mart and Kmart has organizational structure. Group task satisfaction describes the group-level counterpart to individual job satisfaction and represents the group’s shared attitude toward its task and work environment. Places such as Wal-Mart demonstrate these skills to make their organization. The prevalence of groups and teams…...
Embracing Diversity
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It is said that by 2050, the population of the United States will increase by 82 % if current trends continue as they are. It is also states that of that increase in the population that 50 million will be immigrants and another 67 million will be of natural immigrants that are now citizens. Jeffrey Passel and D'Vera Cohn (2008). With the current bias, and prejudice attitude toward ethnic groups. We as a society will need to become more diverse…...
CultureDiversityDiversity In The WorkplaceHuman NatureMulticulturalismPolitics
Positive impact of multiculturalism in America
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Nowadays, it is common to see people from diverse background living together in a single territory. Some societies are even lenient in allowing the existence of diversity which could be termed as multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is identified as the co-existence of different cultures in a single bounded territory where in the small group of people of diverse background have the right to practice things that are different from the dominant population and are still accepted as an important part of a…...
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