The Impact of Organizational Culture on Employee Motivation and Productivity

It is necessary to underline that organizational culture plays crucial role for employees’ motivation, job commitment, productivity, and overall working atmosphere. Therefore, HSBC culture promotes believes of honesty, teamwork, and integrity. HSBC culture is based on the following principles and values: highest personal standards of integrity, truth and fair dealing, quality and competence, minimum bureaucracy, quick decision-making, group interest ahead the personal ones, sustainable development and many others.

For example, from the very start of the recruitment process HSBC leadership claims that right values are the most important criterion along with excellent leadership skills and good grades.

Moreover, HSBC is open to provide changes and innovations. HSBC tends to seek new approach to dealing with routines and problems, and constructive feedback is highly appreciated and encouraged. (Hargett 2007) Moreover, HSBC provides flexible working patterns, disability care and care for elderly, as well as in-house employee assistance.

Therefore, employees have an opportunity to solve health and divorce problems. HSBC culture is rewarding, vibrant, stimulating, and tends to prevent arrogance and coldness in banking sphere.

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HSBC culture promotes professional development and training. For example, professional trainers will provides staff with necessary interpersonal skills, problem-solving and decision-making techniques, personal grooming, time and planning management, etc. From the beginning of working process all employees have free access to on-line course and professional literature.

HSBC offers variety. In other words, there are many things to discover and many people to learn from. HSBC has diverse personnel. (Wig 2007) HSBC culture strongly emphasizes the role of collective management and teamwork stating that these principles are the core of future success.

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Nevertheless, each team member is responsible for particular tasks. The working atmosphere is friendly – people are ready to help each other. Moreover, many employees are real critical and creative thinkers – they are open to new ideas.

For example, HSBC consider critical thinking the vital component of decision-making process and business as a whole. Critical thinking gives experts and employees an opportunity to develop new fresh solutions to problems. It gives the possibility to enjoy analyzing data and information and then to develop opinions and conclusions. One more positive moment is that HSBC encourages striking the right balance meaning that people have enough time for social life. The Head of HSBC Human Resources states: “The day I stop smiling coming to and going from work is the day I know I have to stop working”.

(Where to Work 2002) HSBC culture is driven by understanding traditions, needs of individuals, job commitments, etc. Furthermore, the company tries to be committed to all individual needs. It is necessary to outline that women comprise large component of company’s market and the company is trying to make service available and affordable for every community. Company’s success and achievements are seen worldwide. HSBC tends to understand better local people and to provide employees with right information to offer necessary services and to reinforce brand.

HSBC developed unique way f tailoring services – it can “offer an enhanced level of service than other local practitioners operating in multicultural countries and this facet, therefore, offers significant competitor advantage”, as one of the HSBC leaders says. (Wig 2007) HSBC culture is also based on the principles of gender diversity and no discriminated I observed in this filed. HSBC finds it impossible to leave women out of the equation. HSBC tries to achieve gender split 50/50, and it is a good sign of pleasant culture.

According to corporate culture, women are encouraged actively to be promoted from the first managerial rung of the ladder to the next steps. HSBC developed “Women’s Development Program” to attract women to enhanced roles. Bank organization is more balanced and more adaptable to new situations. For example, HSBC proclaims cultural diversity stating that respect for every individual will promote loyalty and tolerance in employees. (Where to Work 2002) The next moment to admit is that HSBC culture is defined as confident rather than brash.

Bank organization isn’t organization which tends to shout from the rooftops. The main principles of corporate culture are modesty, honesty, openness, kindness, and knowledge. The next principle is multicultural staff. For example, in London, the board managers and managers of all layers are representatives of different races and ethnical backgrounds. HSBC positions itself as the world’s local bank. HSBC tend to find the best practices and make personnel acquainted with them. HSBC culture is described by collective management and teamwork rather than individual work.

Collective management is presented at all levels of bank organization. It is possible to say that thousands of bank offices are, actually, one office. No other organization can say that their workers in London are chatting with partners in New York discussing ways of handling procedures. (Wig 2007) Finally, HSBC culture represents a strong set of values and believes. It promotes the overall sense of responsibility, provides recommendations how to act in everyday life and how make everyday decision. HSBC tends to assist employees both at work and in personal life.

Further, HSBC supports straightforwardness and honesty in relations with customers. HSBC fulfills all responsibilities to customers, colleagues, shareholders, wider operational communities, and shareholders. Moreover, HSBC has a long-standing commitment to education that goes back well over a hundred years. It is known that organization supports educational projects and has deep commitment to the environment. (Hargett 2007)


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Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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