Sustainable Development Assignment

Various sustainable development programs are extremely useful to maintain the economic profitability of an enterprise, and to preserve the ecological balance of the neighboring territories. Water consumption is one of the critical elements of any industrial process. This is why, located in French Alps Alcan has directed significant resources at reducing water consumption and release (WBCSD, 2008). “Until 2005, the micrograin workshop consumed over 350,000 mi of local well-water annually” (WBSCD, 2008).

The enterprise’s management was extremely concerned over the possible negative consequences of such consumption for the plant’s economy and the community’s ecology.

As a result, Alcan “launched a project to reduce water use and improve the operations of its wastewater treatment station and other manufacturing processes” (WBSCD, 2008). With the initial goal to reduce water consumption by 20%, the company’s personnel were later urged to increase this reduction index to 45%.

During the first six months of 2007 water consumption was reduced by 52% (WBSCD, 2008). The implementation of the discussed policy has resulted in numerous benefits for the company and the community.

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First, the company has considerably improved the level of its cost-effectiveness: beyond the reduced water consumption, the Alcan’s team has “created significant value for the company, including increased productivity through less process variation” (WBSCD, 2008).

Second, the new policy has improved the efficiency of the used raw materials: this aspect is extremely valuable for the preservation of the ecological balance in the neighboring community. Third, Alcan has enhanced its social image, reputation, and has actually eliminated the need for the local authorities to direct financial resources at managing water issues (WBSCD, 2008).

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It is evident, that enterprises and communities considerably benefit from the implementation of various sustainable development initiatives.

Alcan has proved the success of sustainable development strategies.

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