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Apple and employee motivation

Ideally, Apple wants to have a workplace that fosters creativity from all the employees. Apple combines extrinsic and intrinsic motivation in order to empower their employees to be innovative. There are numerous methods Apple employs to motivate its employees. Once, Apple rewarded its executives by giving them a recognition bonus of 3 to 5 percent of their base salary. This motivating incentive occurred despite the fact that they recently missed their target on a project. This implies that Apple upper management empathized with the group’s efforts.

Another motivating incentive is the discount on products that all Apple employees receive.

Employees who work at corporate Apple can receive a free iPhone or iPod Shuffle. Giving products to employees rather than money can be a better an effective motivator because many Apple employees are simply motivated to see the end results of their efforts. It is also typically cheaper to give the employees products rather than a raise. Recently, Apple has given employees more vacation days due to the company’s strong performance in product sales.

These are all extrinsic examples of how Apple motivates its employees.

Employee motivation also stems from the corporate culture. Most Apple employees are heavily committed to their work and can be described enjoying monotonous encoding. Perhaps it is even insightful to look at what intrinsic forces were driving Steve Jobs. Jobs’ Stanford commencement speech indicates that he knew he had a limited time on Earth and this motivated him to follow his heart and pursue his passion. His ultimate motivation for creating innovative products was not based around profit but what would he would personally want to have.

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