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Australian voice

? The Australian voice is distinct as it expresses uniquely Australian values, such as ‘mateship’ and ‘support for the underdog’. This distinct voice also expresses multicultural and indigenous values, as part of the Australian identity. It may bevoiced publically or privately through effective language features. “The Castle” directed by Rob Sitch highlights the characters’ voices as reflective of Australian attitudes and values. It is through these numerous voices that we collectively create a distinct Australian voice that ….. (represents culturally specific qualities)…(expresses concern for one another)…

Individual Australian voices may be expressed privately, to communicate personal feelings or emotions.

Darryl, as the main character (protagonist), has a strong emotional attachment to his house which is expressed through his personal voice. “A man’s home is his castle” is conveyed as the fundamental concept through Darryl’s distinctive personal voice. From the film, the sentimental tone of the quote “memories are not as important as a big driveway” ironically reveals Darryl’s idea that “memories and families are more important than money”.

Darryl, acting individually against the group who embody authority in order to save his castle, stressesthis idea and reveals his emotional attachment to his land. The individual’s personal attitude is also highlighted through Australian slang which renders the Australian voice distinct from others. For example, the term ‘bloody’ which is frequently vocalised by Darryl in ‘The Castle’ such as ‘you bloody ripper’ and ‘the low of bloody common sense’ is a slang word for ‘very’. The verbalization of this type of Australian language conveys Darryl’s attitude and reveals his strong family values.

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Furthermore, the Australian voice is distinct because it is used to express fundamental Australian values and attitudes in addition to strong family values. This voice is expressed both through the private and public voices, and supports the Australian traditional values like ‘mateship’ and ‘support the underdogs’. Darryl Kerrigan helped his old neighbour Jack by saying “I’m gonna kick in for ya, mate”, using Australian idiomatic vernacular to emphasize his support for his less fortunate neighbor and the close relationship they share.

What Darryl did is not only a representation of their close connection but also highlights Australian sense of sympathy for the “underdog”. The typical Australian value of mateship has been communicated by a distinct public voice, from which we can learn about other values that are distinctively Australian. Through the additional dialogue of Lawrence who is a retired lawyer (Q. C) ‘I’d like to help you to take it further, no fee. ’ which expresses his support for the underdogs (Kerrigan family).

Through all above, we can see that when private voices often combine to project a public voice sharing ideals. Unique cultural voices are aspects of the distinct Australian voice, and they mayexpress Indigenous or multicultural values. Multiculturalism and the existence of Aboriginal cultures are significant parts ofAustralian society and those collective voices represent their own unique cultureyet are just as significantly part of the larger Australian voice.

Distinct Aussiehumouris used by Farouk who has a heavy accent and broken English, as he said ‘plane fly overhead, drop value… In Beirut, plane fly over head, drop bomb. I like these planes better. ’His self-deprecating humourshows his integration and acceptance into wider Australian society, whilst his cultural voice has become a part of the distinct Australian voice. This has shaped our understanding of the Australian Voice that represents the larger community as one that is multicultural.

In conclusion, the study of Australian voice is thebeginning step towards a deeper knowledge and understanding of the inclusive nature of the DAV; representing culturally unique values and attitudes. A voice is more than the method of talking;it is the expression of people’s private thoughts and attitudes. Different voices among Australian society evoke a certain emotion of a group of people and affect their way of understanding as well. Those voices accumulatively create a distinct Australian voice.

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Australian voice
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