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Mental Health Essay Examples

Essay on Mental Health

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James Berardinelli. “Twelve Monkeys”

On the last part of their discussion with Glaucon, he tells him that they, meaning the government, can not show any gratitude for the culture which they have never received. This could be reflecting the 12 monkeys who had released the virus that almost eliminated the human race according to the film. He said that with education on how to tackle issues, one will be able to de...

Crime and Mental Illness

This essay highlighted the relationship between criminality and mental illnesses at length and it was found that there was a significant relationship but the breath of the definition of mental disorder was a key factor when evaluating this relationship. It was found that some symptoms of mental illness such as depression, confusion, irritability or even thought disorder are ...


Therefore “Cherish your life, Cherish your health, Cherish your family, and Cherish your friends. For these are the things that money can't buy and will define your true wealth”.-unknown Appreciate your family because when everything goes downhill your family will be right there with you. And some people don’t have that, some people have to deal with struggles on their own and have a hard ti...

Panic Attack Signs & Symptoms

American Psychiatric Association (2009). Practice guideline for the treatment of patients with panic disorder. Available online: http://psychiatryonline.org/guidelines.aspx. Ebell MH. Diagnosis of anxiety disorders in primary care. Am Fam Physician. 2008 Aug 15;78(4):501-2. Huppert JC, et al. (2009). Anxiety disorders: Cognitive-behavioral therapy. In BJ Sadock et al., eds., Kaplan and Sadock's Co...

Support children and young people

Although a schools behaviour policy may be morally and ethically right in a lot of ways as it reinforces how children should conduct themselves in a school setting, most children who attend Parkhill Infants behave themselves extremely well and lead by example by following the schools codes of conduct to the latter, these are the children who are sometimes ‘forgotten’ for the reason that they c...

Depression and Suicide in Late Adulthood

Intellectual changes in late adulthood , it do not always result in reduction of ability. While fluid intelligence (the ability to see and to use patterns and relationships to solve problems) does decline in later years, crystallized intelligence (the ability to use accumulated information to solve problems and make decisions) has been shown to rise slightly over the entire life span. K. Wa...

Online Therapy Paper

Online therapy is an alternative for clients and is the client's choice to decide what works best for him or her. After going through an in-depth study of the online therapy it is recommended that the client has to measure the both sides of the online therapy before deciding for himself what to implement. Individual needs vary from person to person so we cannot say what work best for whom. It is a...

Summarise and Discuss Presentations of Mental health

In Conclusion this essay has described and summarised concepts of anxiety and depression in relation with the two newspaper articles. The historical theory classified ‘medical naturalism’ established by Emil Kraepelin on the increase of anxiety and depression. The biopsychosocial perspective showed the pros and cons of the use of drugs and therapies in treating mental illness and the DSM crite...

Anxiety, stress and burnout in nursing

In conclusion, the nursing profession is under high demand as our population is growing older and the acuity of patients is increasing. To ensure sustainability of the nursing profession it is essential that graduate nurses are supported in their transition from university to a hospital environment so they continue to remain in the profession. To retain more experienced nurses there must be change...

Anxiety and Depression in Adolescence: A Social Problem

This article dives into the idea that a socio-economic status is a factor in a child or adolescence’s mental health. It has been documented many times, but this article found that childhood financial status wasn’t usually the main factor in a child’s overall mental health. I will use this article because I think that a social economic status seems like it would matter tremendously in mental ...

Im Not Scared Niccolo Amaniti

Associations with the career criminals such as Sergio Materia have left Michele’s parents morally bankrupt. They have lost their humanity. They are allowing fear to override moral convictions is most clearly evident when the carabinieri circle in helicopters. The fear compels them to respond in most desperate and extreme of fashions. It was determined that self-survival can only come through mur...

Positive Psychology

The chosen article states that the “field of positive psychology” believes that people have specific “psychology traits” that are inherited of the individual’s positive mental health (McNulty & Fincham, 2011, p. 101). Studies show that “forgiveness, optimistic, positive thoughts and kindness” can “benefit or harm” individuals (McNulty & Fincham, 2011, p. 101). The researc...

Stress in the life of young people today

To begin with, one of the main sources of stress among adolescents is school. Not only homework, tests and exams cause stress but also the pressure of being successful and comparing themselves to other people make them feel insecure. In addition, parents can put a lot of pressure on their kids so they would get better grades. As a result, children may feel that however hard they try, they are stil...

Atelophobia: fear of imperfection

As a student, it’s highly likely to experience bullying than adults; statistics proves it. It’s no different for Celebrity, Demi Lovato. At age four, she would look into mirror at herself thinking, “I was fat” (MTV). The star also explained how her feelings of low self worth lead to her shedding a huge amount of weight at the age of just twelve years old but it did not make her feel bette...

Counseling Specializations and Multidisciplinary Teams

If a school counselor were leading a team of family members, school teachers, a mental health counselor and the student herself, it would be vital to keep open and accurate communication between all parties. The school counselor would ensure all parties involved with Ashley’s mental health, academics and well-being were informed of any changes in behavior and updated weekly. The school counselor...

Compare and Contrast of a Two Grand Theories

In Merritt’s article, it is both important for the nurse to work with the patient and family as well. In both articles, I feel that the “nurse” serves as an “advocate” in different ways, one from a medical perspective, and the other from a psychological perspective, however these can be intertwined as the families who lost a loved one due to “brain death” and a transplantation will o...

Self Actualization

“Self-actualized individuals are often motivated by a strong sense of personal ethics and responsibility. They enjoy applying their problem-solving skills to real-world situations and like helping other people improve their own lives” (Kendra Cherry). The well-known achievers of self-actualization, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, possessed the rare qualities necessary to achieve this level....

Laughter the best medicine

Surround yourself with humour. Watch a funny movie, read a humorous book or a comic, or listen to your favourite stand-up comedian. When you're stressed at work, take ten minutes to read jokes on the Internet or listen to something silly on your iPod. Laugh with a friend or colleague. People tend to laugh more in social situations, so share the funnies with a friend. It will strengthen your relati...

Human Rights for Individuals with Mental Health Disabilities

rights and how the mentally disabled are treated not only in society but also the neglect seen in some health care organizations. The World Health Organization, European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), and Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) are working together to change that negative connotation. These groups wish to provide all disabled people their “four interrelated human rights...

Mental Disorder Research Paper

Children as young as this will need less information because of their limited ability to understand. As children go into elementary school they will question the specifics and their questions will be straightforward. Their concerns will be towards the safety of their friends or family if they see something unusual. Teenagers are able to understand just as much as an adult and they will ask more co...

Plague of Tics analysis essay

I try and not let a lot of people realize or know about my OCD habits because like Sedaris I do not want them to perceive me for being a strange person because I am not. Another thing is I like having assurance and control but over time it seems the tics are starting to control me instead of me controlling them. Overall, David Sedaris’ essay exemplifies the harsh reality what a person living wit...

Assessment Criteria Questions

We all need to take risks in order to have a fulfilled life. Individuals have the right to be as independent as possible and sometimes this means taking risks. For example they might want to be able to take a bath with as little support as possible and this is their right. A risk assessment will provide a plan for the safest way for them to do this. Responsibilities lay with the service provider, ...

Addictions and Phobias Through Classical and Opperant Conditioning

Just as classical and operant behaviors are able to take hold, they can also become extinct. In the case of phobia’s or addiction’s, the classical conditioning extinction process starts to take place when the body’s natural reaction, i.e. panic attacks or cravings, start to take place without the person, place or object being posed. Eventually the mind starts to disassociate the original sti...

Speech on life Experiences

Today, I try to follow all his given advices in every situation. Whenever I have to deal with anything I try to put myself into his shoes and figure out how he would have advised me to react to the given situation. His death taught me that life can take any turn drastically and we should never take our loved ones for granted. I feel that I have now become more mature, responsible and active person...

The Professional Identity of a Mental Health Counselor

AMHCA Is a Growing Community of 7,000 Clinical Mental Health Counselors. (n.d.). American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA). Retrieved July 27, 2014, from http://www.amhca.org/ APA college dictionary of psychology. (2009). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. Grafanaki, S. GUEST EDITORIAL: ‘Counsellors in training’: Journeys of professional transformation. Counselling...

Food Safety

The first strategy allows for the person to get away from the stress triggers, which allows for the person to be able to calmly think about how they can resolve or help the situation at hand. This also allows for the person to make more informed and sensible decisions and may be more effective to solving the problem The second strategy, although it may work at times, is not as effective as the fir...

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Scientists are still not sure of the amount of endorphins the human body can generate or how much it impacts a human’s mind. But at least most of the running enthusiasts I know are all very nice people. The ex-Google VP, the founder of Google China, a role model of many Chinese young students and entrepreneurs, Kaifu Lee, was recently diagnosed with cancer. He said he should have spent less tim...

Literature review - Anxiety and Depression in the Workplace

Retrieved from VISTAS 2008 Online: http://counselingoutfitters.com/vistas/vistas08/Cox.htm 11. Davison, G. C. (2008). Abnormal Psychology. Toronto: Veronica Visentin. 12. Eyers, K., & Parker, G. (2011). Tackling Depression At Work: A Practical Guide for Employees and Managers. New York: Routledge. 13. Frew, J. (2004). Motivating and leading dysfunctional employees. In J. C. Thomas, & M. He...

Nursing Career of Ida Jean Orlando

The discipline and teaching of nursing process: An evaluative study. New York: G. P Putnam. Orlando, I. J. (1990). The dynamic nurse-patient relationship: Function, process, and principles. New York: National League of Nursing. Orlando's Nursing Process Theory. (2013, September 9). Retrieved October 12, 2013, from currentnursing.com website: http://currentnursing...

Mean World Syndrome

Media doe project violence every day into our homes and lives. A world that feels more violent and threatening than it is makes us all more worried than we need to be. For me this film has opened my eyes about what I read and what I watch on the television. I think Gerbner did a great job of bringing awareness to this issue. Now with all the mass killings that have gone one, we really have to look...

Biomedical and Biopsychosocial models of care

A contemporary model is required in modern mental health services. Indeed, Barber (2012) suggests that recovery should be thought of as the ‘new medical model for psychiatry. Psychosocial rehabilitation is associated with improved objective and subjective patient outcomes, and emphasises the role of the nurse. As observed by Engel (1977), the dogmatism of biomedicine inadvertently results in the...

Personal Philosophy of Mental Health Nursing

health threat. Retrieved September 21, 2014, from www.psycnet.apa.org Seven Counties Services, 2014. Hope Happens Here: Mental Health in Older Adults. Retrieved September 21, 2014 from www.sevencounties.org Sommer, S., Johnson, J., Roberts, K., Redding, S. (2013). RN Mental Health Nursing-Foundations for Mental Health Nursing: Stress and Defense Mechanisms. P 29-32. Therapeutic Communication in Ps...

Effects of College Stress

Third, a Physical effect; a person is subject to suffer from headaches or migraines, as well as shortness of breath and hyperventilation which is the effect of panic and give the feeling of a heart attack, increased sweating, cold hands or feet are often an effect cause by mental and emotional stress, anxiety, or panic. In conclusion, long term exposure to stress can lead to serious health problem...

The relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias

In conclusion, I can determine that stress and anxiety are indeed the underlying causes of habits and phobias. These symptoms are further exacerbated if the habit is interrupted or if the object of a phobia is confronted or forced upon the individual with the fear. Phobias and habits will often culminate from pro longed periods of stress and anxiety, as a way for the sufferer to cope day to day an...

Alice Walker

The fear of being judged comes back. However a glimpse of self-acceptance can be seen when her daughter ask, “Mommy, where did you get that world in your eye” (Walker 7). It was at that moment that Walker realized that she did not “change” from the accident. Walker’s views on everything began to brighten. Her confidence came back as she learned accept herself for who she really is. In th...

Perpetual holiday is a good working definition of hell

There wouldn`t exist any more stress, worries, rush, responsibilities. People would live longer and happier. The only worry we would have would be how to make us and the others around us more fortunate. We would have time for all our hobbies; we could fulfil the gaps in our social life. Taking these points into consideration, I would say that many of us would be ready to give up their career for a...

FAQ about Mental Health

What is good health?

...•Mental health basics, 2011, CDC Home, Accessed on the 3rd of April 2013, •Mind for better mental health, 2013, United Kingdom, Accessed 15th April, •Melinda Smith, M.A., Robert Segal, M.A., and Jeanne Segal, Ph.D. Last updated: January 2013, A ...

How different aspects of development can affect one another

...•A child with social anxiety disorder may cry a lot, freeze or have tantrums. They often fear the school and classroom environment, and avoid participation in school performances. Social anxiety disorder can result in reduced communicational develo ...

Understand How to Safeguard the Well-being of Children and Young People

...Talk to them about what they are doing, ask them if they are sure if they can reach or if they say they cant do it then encourage them to keep trying and reassure them that you are there and that they are safe. When crossing a road first hold their h ...

What is the Beck Anxiety Inventory

...However, unlike the STAI, the BAIT was developed to minimize the overlap between anxiety and depression.[18] A 1999 review found that the BAI was the third most used research measure of anxiety, behind the STAI and the Fear Survey Schedule,[19] which ...

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