Mental disorder Essay Topics

Perception of Depression amongst North American and African Cultures

Depression or “Unipolar depression is another name for Major Depressive disorder. It is a mood disorder characterized by depressed mood, it often manifests in lack of interest in family, school and social life, changes in eating and sleeping habits, emotional and medical disregard for the self, difficulty in concentrating, and loss of interest in life”… View Article

Mental Disorders-Causes, Nature, and Treatment

James is 35 years old and is a successful salesman. He has never married and has no children. His career focus often makes him appear to be a “workaholic.” Lately, he has begun to feel extremely dissatisfied, lonely, and bored. He thinks often of quitting, selling everything he owns, and taking off. Is James crazy?… View Article

Some Theories of Abnormal Affect

Some theories of abnormal affect take a nature perspective whereas others take a nurture perspective. Use evidence to justify why either nature/nurture is more important in explaining abnormal affect. [12] The nature/nurture debate is concerned with the extent to which particular aspects of behavior are a product of either inherited (i.e. genetic) or acquired (i.e…. View Article

Mental Illness

In the past, the subject of mental illness was surrounded with mystery and fear. Today, we have made tremendous progress in our understanding and, especially in our ability to offer effective treatments. However, questions about mental illness often go unanswered and stand in the way of people receiving help. How Common Is Mental Illness and… View Article

Series of Psychological Stories

Case I. My Husband is a Mama’s Boy              Simon had been extremely dependent to his mother in everything that he does. He would always expect her mother to be the one who would remind him of his daily routine in the office. He would expect that his mother would prepare his briefs and socks…. View Article

Psychology and the Bipolar Disorder

Abstract Bipolar Disorder is a serious psychiatric condition that manifests usually in the late teens and affects about one in fifty people. Afflicted individuals experience heightened and extreme states of mania or elation to severe depression, with one in six sufferers inclined to commit suicide. Researchers have discovered biological and genetic links to this illness…. View Article

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) depicts a condition in which persons demonstrate an abnormal degree of obsession or compulsion in relation to specific daily activities (as cited in Gournay, Curran & Rogers, 2006, p. 60). Obsessions are persistent thoughts or mental images while compulsions are recurrent behaviors that are… View Article

PTSD Concerns

In Focus: PTSD Concerns for Air Force Members Returning from Iraq Understanding PTSD PTSD stands for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is a complicated condition an individual has to go through. Anybody who is exposed to any form of violence, life threatening experience and traumatic events are likely to acquire Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. People with PTSD… View Article

Pyromania Disorder

The complexity of human mind has always been a mystery to mankind and the curiosity of unraveling this intricate mind has ultimately led to many discoveries which have opened up different mental conditions to the world and have explained the suffering of patients. One of the most intriguing chapter of mental ailment, in the history… View Article

Psychology Article Summary

         A recent article showed that a group of researchers have discovered new findings in the symptoms and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. According to the article, Depression Is A Risk Factor Rather Than Early Sign of Alzheimer’s Disease, Study Suggests, which was published in the Science Daily website last April 10, the… View Article

Character Analysis of John in “The Yellow Wallpaper”

John is the typical Victorian husband. He is authoritative, strict, head of the household. He is a physician of “high standing”. He is very controlling and expects his wife to obey his orders which was quite normal for the time. He is a doctor but only understands physical illnesses. He cannot relate to any mental… View Article

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

What is cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)? CBT works by changing people’s attitudes and their behavior. It focuses on the thoughts, images, beliefs and attitudes that we hold (our cognitive processes) and how this relates to the way we behave and deal with our emotional problems. Research has shown that cognitive behavioral therapy is effective in… View Article

The Prevalence of Co-Occurring Disorders

When a counselor has a new client they are working with, the client has to be assessed. When being assessed the counselor has to determine what issues the client may have. Through being assessed, the counselor may come to realize the client has more than one issue which is called co-occurring disorders. At this point… View Article

Gattaca Oral Presentation Draft

From the day Vincent was born, he had always been concidered as highly flawed, and as an ‘invalid’. His parents were planning on carrying on the family name with their first born child by calling Vincent, Anton, after his father, Antonio. However, once finding out that Vincent was prone to illness’ such as neurological disorder,… View Article

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorders which could also be called manic-depressive disorder consist of mood swings that range from a person expressing a low of depression up to the high of mania. People who experience depression may feel sad or worthless and may even lose interest or enjoyment in most recreational activities they previously found to be enjoying…. View Article

Humor and Its Effects on Anxiety Disorders

The purpose of this study was to evaluate humor as an alternative treatment for anxiety disorders. The hypothesis was that the continuous showing of a twenty-minute, funny episode of the participant’s choice, showed once a day for one month would continuously lower both SUD measures and systolic blood pressure values when measured directly after treatment…. View Article

Campus Recreation

Sheer volume of participants and diversity of facilities make this an exciting area Def – a program that provides facilities and activities to those that go to school or work at a high school, college or university Intended to promote wellness and develop life long skills Can serve the local community through special memberships or… View Article

Examining Current Issues in Child Mental Health

In today’s society, a major concern that ought to ensure success in a country’s future is the positive development, growth and health of children. According to the World Health Organization, children are susceptible to acquiring malnutrition, along with having a higher prevalence rate of diseases compared to any other age group (WHO, 2012). Likewise, these… View Article

A Long Way Gone Research Paper

When people imagine soldiers they think of strong men. However, some soldiers today are child soldiers. At a young age child soldiers witnessing and committing horrible acts of violence, which makes them at a higher risk for mental health issues like Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Most child soldiers are between the ages of 15 and 18… View Article

Outline and Evaluate Two Models of Abnormality

The essence of a psychodynamic approach is to explain behaviour in terms of its dynamics – i. e. the forces that drive it. The best known example of this approach is Freud. Freud believed that the origins of mental disorder lie in the unresolved conflicts or childhoods which are unconscious. Medical illnesses are not the… View Article

History of Terrell State Mental Hospital

There are many governmental agencies within the healthcare system. One of most interesting and heart-wrenching agencies is a local governmental agency called Terrell State Mental Hospital. This agency is well known in the state of Texas for its carefree healthcare. They have a longstanding relationship with the families of its patients and are a major… View Article

Psychological Disorders

1. Does Katherine’s description meet the clinical criteria for a panic attack? Substantiate your answer. A panic attack is described as an unexpected period wherein the person suffers intense fear that occurs without warning or any reason.  It is characterized by shortness of breath, palpitations, chest discomfort, trembling, choking feeling, intense sweating, nausea, dizziness, feelings of… View Article

Analyzing Psychological Disorders

Schizophrenia is a mental illness that is chronic and severe. It can be a disabling illness that affects men and women with the same ratio or frequency. This term is from a Greek word that means having a “split mind”. Though this usage in medical terms is not accurate. The Western perception of this illness… View Article

Mental Health as Social Problem

Mental illness can be a social problem because there are a lot of mental illnesses that affect how you socialize with the world. For instance, anxiety / panic disorders affect your ability to communicate with the world. Social anxiety disorder equals social phobia. With social anxiety disorder, you find it hard if not impossible to… View Article

Mental and Behavioral Health Services

While the future of Mental and Behavioral Health Services continue to strive through many striving goals to develop continuous practices, treatments, evaluations, policies, and research, advancements are taking place to better the future of this program and its outreach to the people. Mental disorders are common in the United States and internationally. An estimated 26.2… View Article

Three Faces of Eve

How profound must it have been for the two psychiatrists to stmble upon the first recorded case of multiple personality disorder (MPD). This discovery opened the eyes of people all around the world and was arguably the reason for the massive rise in diagnoses for MPD. The movie is based on a true story of… View Article

Black Swan Report

Unreliable narrator is a narrator who can’t be trusted, because of a bias point of view, ignorance or self-interest. In the other hand, a reliable narrator is trustworthy, impartial, and most of the times omniscient. I loved the point of view of this movie because it all happened from the point of view of Nina,… View Article

Behaviour Research and Therapy

Abstract Cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) for Social Phobia is effective in both group and individual formats. However, the impact of group processes on treatment efficacy remains relatively unexplored. In this study we examined group cohesion ratings made by individuals at the midpoint and endpoint of CBT groups for social phobia. Symptom measures were also completed at… View Article

Qualitative Research Critique

Hi, my name is Cindy Walters. I am presenting a qualitative research critique on a study conducted in 2011 on people with bipolar disorder with comorbid substance use. The study is entitled “The lived experience of adults with bipolar disorder and comorbid substance use disorder” written by Terry Ward, MSN, PhD, RN. Bipolar disorder involves… View Article

Little Bee by Chris Cleave

In the novel Little Bee, by Chris Cleave, the author writes about a refugee girl and a couple of English citizens who face many struggles as they move on with their lives.Suicide is a big factor on how the character’s separate lives work out. The different reasons for committing or wanted commit suicide could be… View Article