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Martin Luther King Jr. Vs Malcolm X: The Impact
Words • 1102
Pages • 5
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And Malcolm X were both influential people within the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. King and Malcolm X both fought for the same issues, but they had different means of going about the situation at hand. One wanted to use nonviolent acts to raise awareness and fight the cause. The other decided that nonviolent acts would get us nowhere and that we need to fight harder than we were to get where we wanted to be.…...
HistoryMalcolm XMartin Luther King
Key people in American History: MLK and Malcolm X
Words • 1227
Pages • 5
After the end of the Civil War and the era of the Reconstruction of the South, the Southern states of the United States were gradually able to legally restrict the rights of black people in what is known as Jim Crow laws. This is how the policy of racial segregation appeared: the white people distanced themselves from blacks in all aspects of daily life. As a result, African Americans had their own schools, shops, cafes, railroad cars, and even places…...
HistoryMalcolm XMartin Luther King
Malcolm X Police Brutality Speech
Words • 1042
Pages • 5
In 1962 a confrontation with the LAPD outside a mosque left seven injured and one (Ronald Stokes) dead. Malcolm X would condemn the event in an impassioned speech. In Malcolm X's police brutality speech he incorporates identification, cultural knowledge, and bodily experience to address and connect with the audience. First, Malcolm X uses identification as a way of persuading the audience. Malcolm is nicely dressed wearing a suit and glasses which many people believe is a sign of intellectualism. Malcolm…...
Malcolm X
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Research Paper: Malcolm X & Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Words • 1963
Pages • 8
Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X are two of the most well-known advocates for black equality that the country has ever seen. The two fought for equality at a time when black Americans were treated with no respect or dignity and had little to no rights at all. While the two men were massive proponents for the Civil Rights Movement and the Black Power Movement, each movement differed in it ways to achieve equality. Martin Luther King Jr. preached…...
Malcolm XMartin Luther King
Malcolm X and the Civil Rights War
Words • 2805
Pages • 12
There are some who may argue that immediately after the end of the American Civil War and abolition of slavery, America entered in a new era of modern black slavery. One that did not see the blacks physically restrained in chains, but entangled in an era of segregation, physical and verbal attacks, lynching, and silver tongued political promises of equality. The African American Civil Rights movement has had a long and tumultuous history. However today only the Civil Right movements…...
Civil Rights MovementMalcolm X
Malcolm X: The Ballot or the Bullet 
Words • 764
Pages • 4
In the speech ballot or bullet, Malcolm x was addressing racial, economic, and social justice issues that were affecting the black community in 1964. Malcolm x identified other Christian ministers that were in the political struggle for economic and social justice. Despite being a Muslim who acknowledged Mohamed as his savior, Malcolm X believed religion was his personal business between himself and the God he believed, just as it was with other social justice advocates who were Christians including the…...
Malcolm X
Malcolm X:  A Visionary and Passionate Man
Words • 1275
Pages • 6
As an influential African-American leader, Malcolm X climbed to fame in the mid-1950s as an outspoken national minister of the Nation of Islam under Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm challenged the civil rights movement (Malcolm X,  He openly called for black independence and snubbed nonviolence and integration as an effective means of contesting racism. In the 1960s, however, Malcolm rejected Muhammad and the Nation of Islam and embraced conventional Islam. He authenticated his various experiences in The Autobiography of Malcolm X (1965),…...
Malcolm X
The Story of Malcolm X
Words • 2245
Pages • 9
Many civil rights leaders fought for the equality of all African-American citizens in the United States, and one man who is still today regarded as one of the most influential African-Americans in history. Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little, was a Muslim minister, a human rights activist and a prominent black nationalist leader. He was born on May 19, 1925, in Omaha, Nebraska, the fourth of the seven children born from parents Louise and Earl Little. His mother, Louis was a…...
Malcolm X
Compare and Contrast of Malcolm X
Words • 692
Pages • 3
According to Malcolm X, it is difficult to communicate in writing the same way one would communicate orally, but with practice and composure, one can be able to improve in both. Similarly, I have also practiced very hard to improve my grammar in writing. One way I am like, Malcolm X is that we both like being able to communicate effectively. Malcolm writes, “I became increasingly frustrated at not being able to express what I wanted to convey in letters…...
Malcolm X
The Life of Malcolm X
Words • 1237
Pages • 5
Do you know who Malcolm X is? You might have heard of him, but what does he stand for you might ask. Malcolm X born as Malcolm Little was born May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska to Earl and Louise Little. Malcolm was the fourth of eight children. His father was an outspoken Baptist speaker. As stated on, his father supported Pan-African activist Marcus Garvey and was a local leader of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) . Malcolm…...
Malcolm X
Biography of Malcolm X
Words • 536
Pages • 3
Malcolm X was born with the name Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925. He was born in Omaha, Nebraska to Louise and Earl Little. His father Earl was an activist for the Universal Negro Improvement Association. In 1929, Earl was found dead, and many believe the Black Legion was responsible for his death. Malcolm’s mother never got over his death and in 1937 she suffered a mental breakdown and was admitted to a mental institution. This caused Malcolm and his…...
BiographyMalcolm X
Religion’s are notorious for promoting Racial Segregation
Words • 6150
Pages • 25
Racial segregation is a system of legal racial discrimination. Racial segregation has been apparent many times in our history and is still apparent today, especially in the Arab world such as in Israel and Afghanistan. There are many factors fro racial segregation such as economic, social, historic and allegedly religion. I will asses the claim that "religion promotes racial segregation" which I believe to be false. By examining evidence from racial segregation in the 19th and 20th centuries I intend…...
ChristianityCivil Rights MovementMalcolm XRacismReligionSlavery
Malcolm X’s “Message of the grassroots” speech – lanugauge analysis
Words • 1012
Pages • 5
Message in the Grass roots is a speech which was written to persuade the black people of America to put their differences aside and unite against the American racist hypocritical culture and defend themselves , so they can stay in America by forming a black nation. Evidence of this is when he states 'forget our differences and come together' and also he calls the black people the 'same family', he then says that they need to 'defend our own people…...
Malcolm XRhetoricWriter
Can a group of people function effectively without someone being in charge?
Words • 416
Pages • 2
Leaders (aka someone in charge) are essential for a group to function effectively. Famous men like Christopher Columbus, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were not just great men, but more significantly, they were all were great leaders. Without their leadership, people they needed to lead would have otherwise not functioned effectively. Malcolm X's leadership was carping for the Nation Of Islam, and Christopher Columbus's leadership was censorious for the previously-leaderless group of explorers to find the New World and…...
Christopher ColumbusLeadershipMalcolm XPeople
My First Conk About Blind Conformity in Society
Words • 699
Pages • 3
In today's world it is often difficult to adjust to one type of lifestyle or another. The constant bombardment of outside opinions hamper our ability, as humans, to choose and be comfortable with a certain way of living. Our way of living may consist of a look, a way of thinking, a religion, or any facet of our personalities that may not conform with whatever is the norm or the accepted at a given time. When this is the case,…...
ConformityMalcolm XPsychologySociety
So many of us are taught at an early age about literacy
Words • 1364
Pages • 6
So many of us are taught at an early age about literacy and how it is so important to get that knowledge so it can better our future. Having the ability to read and right may not seem like a big deal to some but then think about not having the opportunity at all. What would you do? How would you resolve your daily ordeals? These authors Sherman Alexie, Frederick Douglass, and Malcolm X all have experienced similar discrimination which…...
AgeFrederick DouglassLiteracyMalcolm XSlavery
In Learning to Read Malcolm X
Words • 424
Pages • 2
In "Learning to Read", Malcolm X kicks off by saying , "it's because of my letters that i happened to stumble upon starting to acquire some kind of a homemade education"(240). His article covers the disparate learning support that made a difference in his life. Some of his literacy support were; prison, the Nation of Islam, and injustices of the "white man" throughout history and the incorrect views. This article also outlines how provocation can push someone to further his…...
EducationLearningLiteracyMalcolm X
Literary Analysis of the Book
Words • 1139
Pages • 5
What you learned/what is important from the book When reading the book, I learned how many books could really change a person's course of life. Malcolm never went to high school or university, yet he is known to be one of the 20th century's most learned men. "So Malcolm, what's your alma mater? Malcolm responded, "My alma mater is books!" "People don't realize how a man's whole life can be changed by one book" - Malcolm X. He was convicted…...
BooksMalcolm XRacismSocial Issues
Malcolm X And African American Politics History Essay
Words • 2733
Pages • 11
Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey, arguably two of the most influential African Americans in the struggle for betterment of African Americans. Their achievements are celebrated not only in America, but also in the Caribbean as well as Africa; Marcus Garvey was recognised as Jamaica’s first national hero and Malcolm X has had multiple streets, schools as well as a film based on him. “The King of Swaziland told Mrs Marcus Garvey that he knew the names of only two Black…...
African American CultureCapitalismMalcolm XMarcus GarveyMarxismPolitics
Explain why Martin Luther King was considered an Uncle Tom
Words • 392
Pages • 2
There are a number of reasons as to why Martin Luther King was and still is referred to as an ‘Uncle Tom’ by some. An Uncle Tom is a black man who behaves in a subservient manner to whites. Malcolm X, among many other blacks, referred to King in this manner. Firstly, many blacks at the time saw King’s non-violence practices as being overly moderate and passive. This is for a number of reasons, mainly that the Negro extremists he…...
Malcolm XMartin Luther KingMartin Luther ReformationNonviolenceRosa Parks
The aims, methods and achievements of MLK and Malcolm X
Words • 1794
Pages • 8
Compare the aims, methods and achievements of MLK and Malcolm X. Which man do you think was most successful at achieving civil rights for African Americans in the 1960s? I would suggest that Martin Luther king was the more successful man in terms of achieving civil rights for African Americans in the 1960s. While this may seem a choice influenced by public image, I would suggest that there were issues with Malcolm X's image and methodology that made it unlikely…...
AchievementAimMalcolm X
The House Negro and the Field Negro
Words • 1852
Pages • 8
There are two kinds of Negroes in the American society, according to Malcolm X. They are the subservient house Negro” and the subversive “field negro. ” After making a detailed comparison between the two in the body of his speech, he categorically describes himself a “field negro” (X, Malcolm 1). Malcolm X is what he said he is as a field negro – a defiant black nationalist, with little regard, if at all, in the social institutions founded by white…...
HouseMalcolm XRacismStormy Night
The Autobiography of Malcolm X: Book Report
Words • 849
Pages • 4
One of the most prominent names surrounding the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who used non-violent protests to fight for the equality of Afro-Americans. In the non-fiction book The Autobiography of Malcolm X: as told to Alex Hayley, which was published by Ballantine Books of The Random House Publishing Group in 1973, we are taken on a revealing, 466 page, journey through the life of “The angriest black man in America” Malcolm X. This riveting…...
Autobiography About MyselfBiographyMalcolm XMarcus Garvey
Martin Luther King and Malcolm X: Whose Philosofy Made Most Sense
Words • 582
Pages • 3
Martin Luther king, Jr and Malcolm X. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X grew up in different environments. King was raised in a middle-class family where education was important, and Malcolm X came from a family of low class He was a self-taught man who received little schooling and became who he is on his own. Martin Luther King was born into a good family. Despite segregation, Martin Luther King's parents tried everything so that he could be and…...
AngerMalcolm XMartin Luther KingMartin Luther ReformationPeace
The Myth of Self-Transformation
Words • 2479
Pages • 10
We have been educated that both society and the self are determined by structures. Our generation perceive the world through the lens of thinkers—Freud, Marx, Darwin, to name a few—who believe that we are inhibited by deterministic factors such as our psychology, our social class, or our evolutionary need for survival. This lens puts into question the viability of self-determination and the possibility that sheer force of will alone can dispel obstacles in finding our identity. In this essay, the…...
EducationMalcolm X
Malcolm X Citation
Words • 617
Pages • 3
“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” This quote by Malcolm X showed that he was ready for the future, whatever it may be. (Moncur). Malcolm X greatly affected the turn of black de-segregation in the 1950s. He had strong beliefs, suffered a gruesome assassination, and a remarkable legacy. Malcolm Little had many strong beliefs in himself and in people all over the world. Malcolm Little educated himself, so was able to find out what he believed.…...
Malcolm XMarcus GarveyReligion
Malcolm X Learning to Read
Words • 408
Pages • 2
1. Subject: This reading is about Malcolm X gaining inspiration to learn how to read and write during his time in prison and the many wonders of the world he learns of through reading. The topic is Malcolm X's passion for learning and the main ideas are what he learns about which drives him to fight for the nonwhite man. The setting takes place in Charlestown Prison and Norfolk Prison Colony where Malcolm X was imprisoned in 1946-1953. Characters included…...
EssayLearningMalcolm X
Malcolm X
Words • 338
Pages • 2
1.What details of the events has each writer selected to focus on? Each writer selected to focus on the person that Malcolm X was overall. I believe that they put so much emphasis on the events that took place up until his assassination to show how important he was. Each person meant what his purpose was in the ballroom that day. Each writer also mentioned how many people were there to show his importance also. One crucial detail was that…...
Malcolm X
Tendency: Writing and Rita Mae Brown
Words • 350
Pages • 2
"Our normal tendency to listen to only those with similar value priorities needs our active resistance. We have to fight against the tendency." (11) I completely agree with this statement. We should start into taking consideration on what others what to say. This is portrayed by many individuals such Malcolm X, Sherman Alexie, and Rita Mae Brown. Malcolm X’s ‘Learning to Read’ covered about how illiterate Malcolm X was. He became frustrated at not being able to express on what…...
LiteracyMalcolm XSherman AlexieWriting
Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X
Words • 880
Pages • 4
Before Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X became the faces of the modern day Civil rights movement. Booker T Washington and W. E. B DuBois were the first widely and socially accepted Black intellectuals/activists. These two men help create not only progressive dialogue to help propel change within America and in the African American community. They also built institutions that gave opportunity and structure to a struggling race searching for an identity within an unwelcoming society. Their classic disagreements…...
Malcolm XMartin Luther KingMartin Luther ReformationThe Souls of Black Folk
Reading Response to “Homemade Education”
Words • 416
Pages • 2
In the essay "A Homemade Education," Malcolm X begins with explaining the struggles of how he taught himself to read and write in prison by using a dictionary and wrote from every night. He discusses how his interest and resolve to be "able to read and understand"(Malcom 227). Literature has led him to a freedom which he had never felt before. As he followed the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, he found astonishing interest in black history and slavery. His tone…...
EducationEssayMalcolm XReading
African American Museum
Words • 871
Pages • 4
I firmly believe that the point of visiting a museum is to educate one on how things once were in the past through its display of artifacts, exhibits, art, cultural objects, etc. Its purpose is to let you imagine what it was like during a time you were not apart of or, in some cases, allow you to look back at a time you were apart of when you were very young. The African-American Museum of Long Island did a…...
African American CultureBlack History MonthHarlem RenaissanceHistoryMalcolm XMuseum
Martin Luther King vs. Malcolm X
Words • 518
Pages • 3
Malcolm X Vs. MLK JR Extremist, or peace maker? That is the true difference between the beliefs, and ideals of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. Both men were African-American civil rights activists during the 1950’s and 1960’s, and both wanted to be accepted for their race, but they wanted that acceptance in very different ways. The two men had very diverse beliefs, Malcolm being a devout Muslim and King being a Baptist clergyman, their religions played a big…...
Malcolm XMartin Luther KingMartin Luther ReformationPolitics
Compare the strategies and goals of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X during the Civil Rights Movements
Words • 1034
Pages • 5
In the history of the American civil rights movement, two seminal figures emerge: that of the peaceful and nonviolent Martin Luther King, Jr., and the revolutionary and radical Malcolm X. From these two contrasting images, America did not know how exactly to classify the movement. On one hand, Malcolm X preached independence and a "by any means necessary" approach to achieving equality in America. And on the other, King preached a nonviolent, disobedient philosophy similar to that of Gandhi in…...
Malcolm XMartin Luther KingMartin Luther Reformation
Black Power Movement
Words • 1439
Pages • 6
The Black Power Motion was a brand-new way of combating for Civil liberty in the 60's. Numerous African Americans were tired of ineffective, peaceful demonstrations so they turned to violence. There were numerous groups and leaders included with this motion such as Malcolm X and the Black Panther Party. The Black Power Movement was a battle for instant modification in American society that involved the FBI and the Cops. The media made it look like a danger to innocent individuals,…...
Civil Rights MovementFbiMalcolm XThe Black Power Movement
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Explain why Martin Luther King was considered an Uncle Tom
...All in all Martin Luther King was considered an Uncle Tom due to the influence of Malcolm X, whose more confrontational methods appealed to black youths who were disappointed with King’s failure to fulfil their hopes. Malcolm X’s influence result...
Martin Luther King and Malcolm X: Whose Philosofy Made Most Sense
...Even though Malcolm X belived in violence in order to get his way for the people he made a huge in america. So did Martin Luther king. He wanted people to show peace and Non-violence in order to get equality. In conclution, whose philosophy did make ...

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