Malcolm X Essay Topics

The African diaspora and education

“Education is the passport to our future,” Malcolm X reverberated to the world that statement. Throughout centuries and throughout civilisations we have seen education being implemented in its different manifestations respective of those civilisations’ cultural and social needs. As a by-product, the children who came out of those systems drove their cultural and social heritage… View Article

The Autobiography of Malcolm X: Book Report

One of the most prominent names surrounding the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who used non-violent protests to fight for the equality of Afro-Americans. In the non-fiction book The Autobiography of Malcolm X: as told to Alex Hayley, which was published by Ballantine Books of The Random House Publishing Group… View Article

Cointelpro and the Assassination of Malcolm X

During the early 1950’s, Malcolm X was the top spokesman for the Black Nationalist Muslim group called the Nation of Islam (NOI). As the national representative of the NOI, Malcolm X attracted the media spotlight by speaking out against the injustices that were being inflicted upon black Americans in the United States (Haley 225). Malcolm… View Article