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Male leadership has existed since time immemorial in the face of the earth. Male leadership has dominated in every sphere of the planet with limited chances of women. The cultural perception that women are born to be led by men has caused the delayed change of leadership network and denied women the mantle of leadership even with their aspiration. In the history of Italy, there is no record of female leadership in the prime minister post compared to their allies united kingdom who have been experiencing a mixture of leadership ranging from males to females. The countries have their culture and regarding leadership, resulting in having the systemic order of leadership. In Europe, women had no voting right not even seeking the position until the mid-nineteenth century when they obtained the rights of being involved in elections. After that period, radicalization became rampant with women activists pushing for ladies to be included in the leadership and governance panel. With the inclusion of women in leadership, some effects are associated with such that have to be faced by a country either socially, politically or economically (Walker &Hare, 2018).

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