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Leadership and Management – Relationship & Differences
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Leadership is challenging in itself. It's the unique way of leading others and towards the same objective. Leadership is the art to lead, Management is the process that requires strategic planning and setting purposes or goals. Leadership instills the trust of others to get the best out of them to accomplish the goal. Leadership can be obtained in a willingly and enthusiastic manner which can serve as extra motivation. A leader is someone that has a large number of people…...
Female LeadershipLeadershipLeadership And ManagementManagement
Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
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Pages • 8
Abstract This paper explores the concept of emotional intelligence and the effects on leadership. The articles discussed in the paper analyzed the different array of qualities in emotional intelligence towards leadership. Emotional intelligence is a way of behaving and acting towards situations and people. Leadership styles must adapt to the situations and exhibit empathy at times to support the perception of caring. Through empathy leadership will exhibit thoughtfulness and caring in the eyes of the employee. Empathy is an emotion…...
EmotionEmotional IntelligenceEmpathyFemale LeadershipIntelligenceLeadership
Leadership Profile
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I am currently the Director of the Patient Care Management Department at one of the local for-profit hospitals. We have gone through some tremendous changes since I have been there. When I started at the hospital, we did not have a director we only had a team leader and the hospital was up for sale. April 2012, the team leader decided to resign. I was then nominated by my co-workers to step up to the team leader position. Immediately the…...
Female LeadershipLeadershipTeam
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Female and Gender Leadership
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1. Abstract The theme/topic of thesis is: Female and Gender Leadership. The main issue or mater of thesis work is to make research of male and female leadership and management style. Investigate in order to be clear about male and female leadership starting from definition of it, and continue with data collection in order to prove it. It is obvious that leadership is a male dominated one, and female have some advantages and disadvantages, also prejudice and differ style of…...
FemaleFemale LeadershipGenderLeadershipMotivationOrganization
Leading Change in an Organization
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Pages • 9
Abstract The reality of change is that it is likely to occur in personal life and business. In order for an organization to confront the realities of change, effective leadership is essential. Leadership is critical to the success of any change initiative. There are many forms of leadership that each come with a variety of personality traits, this paper will discuss leadership characteristics believed to be necessary to successfully manage change in organizations for the next decade and how to…...
ChangeFemale LeadershipLeadershipOrganizationPsychology
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