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Are Great Leaders Made by Nature or Nurture?
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The “great man theory” developed in the 1840s, gave the sense that great leaders are born. Since then, there has been a continuous debate on the practicability of this theory in real-life situations (Geiger, 2016). It is for this reason, therefore, that this paper seeks to answer the question 'are leaders born or made analyses?” by presenting some augments with examples in support of the advocated position. The world is fast changing and people are equally changing not only physically…...
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Nature vs Nurture: Can Leadership Skills Be Taught
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I will be representing the position of nurture over nature, leaders are made, not born. Everyone has their own qualities that a leader possesses, however, not everyone experiences the exact set of circumstances in life where those qualities can be recognized. Everyone could build and develop their leadership qualities and use them positively in daily life and out of the work environment. Leadership and influence are similar and close, unfortunately, they are not equal. In general, leaders definitely have influence,…...
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Managerial Leadership
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Managerial Leadership is establishing direction and influenciing others to fallow direction, but I feel there is so much more to this difinition. The reason being is because leadership has many variations and diferent areas of emphasis. A common definition of managerial leadership is that Leaders are individuals who, by their actions, facilitate the movement of a group of people toward a common or shared goal. Leaders want and expect from followers competency in their skills and time span for accompishing…...
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