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Injustice Anywhere is the Threat to Justice Everywhere
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Public interest litigation is not defined in any statutes; it is interpreted by the judiciary to protect the interest of public at large. Public interest litigation differs from private interest litigation where the persons whose legal right is violated will file petition. The relaxation of locus standi itself is PIL, where locus standi is the writ applied by the person whose legal right is violated and PIL is the tool in the hands of public spirituated person to provide access…...
GovernmentJusticeMedha PatkarPolicy
Western Unions Q
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Pages • 7
1 ) What are the mission and ends of the company?Western Union’s mission is to convey loved 1s closer. Whether our clients are directing or having money through cash-to-cash minutess, a bank history, online, or through a nomadic device, our services are linking friends, household members and loved 1s no affair where they are in the universe. It 's a large duty, and it 's the ground we are committed to client convenience. We work to organize collaborative relationships with…...
BankBusinessMedha PatkarMoney
The Pirbright village
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Pages • 4
In this piece of coursework I am going to be carrying out an investigation into a village, in order to find evidence to answer a series of geographical questions, which all centre around one main question which is: 'Is Pirbright a suburbanised village?' In order to answer this question I will need to follow a sequence of investigation, which consists of four main steps: The Background Information In this part of the investigation I will be looking at the background…...
Life In A VillageMedha PatkarUrbanization
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Research Methods in my coursework
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Pages • 2
s my primary research, (research that I collected my self) I will be using a questionnaire I chose this method of primary research because it gives the interviewer an easy decision. I also chose this method of research because it is easy to create all types of graphs for example bar,line column and even pie charts The advantage of using this method of research is that it is not time consuming for the interviewer and the questionnaire. Because when the…...
Medha PatkarResearchWorld Wide Web
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Today, Hampi is in the list of "Unesco World Heritage Sites in Danger". It was inscribed in the endangered list in the year 1999 following the proposal and construction of the controversial suspension bridge on river Tungabhadra. The heavy traffic on the road to this bridge led to dismantling and reconstruction of a mantapawithin the borders of the site. The government of Karnataka decided to destroy the bridge, taking a brunt of nearly one million US Dollars on its not…...
Medha Patkar
To Determine the Acceleration of Gravity in a Free Fall Experiment
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Pages • 4
METHOD The experiment is carried out using the apparatus, as set up above. The switch is used to open and close one circuit at a time. The distance for the ball to fall is measured between the ball and the trapdoor with a ruler; a set square is used to see where the ball coincides with the ruler, making it a more accurate measurement. Adjusting the height of the trapdoor can change the distance. When circuit A is closed the…...
ExperimentGravityMedha PatkarTime
Coke and Pepsi Issues
Words • 900
Pages • 4
1. Abstract The Coke and Pepsi are multinational companies. They have business in almost every country on the Earth. However, there are always problems occurred in business world as ‘business is risk’. Coke and Pepsi could not escape as well. They had faced an ethical crisis in India where it is concern about consumer’s health and the environment cleanliness. This paper will discuss about Coke and Pepsi issues with respect to issue management, crisis management, global business ethics and stakeholder…...
Medha PatkarPepsiPollutionWater
Sardar Sarovar Dam
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Pages • 6
In 1985, after finding out about the Sardar Sarovar dam, Medha Patkar and her colleagues went to the job site and noticed the job work being shelved due to an order by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. The factors for this was pointed out as "non-fulfillment of standard environmental conditions and the absence of completion of vital studies and strategies". What she saw was that the people who were going to be impacted were offered no…...
EnvironmentMedha PatkarResearch
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