The Pirbright village

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In this piece of coursework I am going to be carrying out an investigation into a village, in order to find evidence to answer a series of geographical questions, which all centre around one main question which is:

‘Is Pirbright a suburbanised village?’

In order to answer this question I will need to follow a sequence of investigation, which consists of four main steps:

The Background Information

In this part of the investigation I will be looking at the background information.

I will start by looking at the theoretical background, saying what a suburbanised village is, before looking at how the location of the village affects whether it becomes suburbanised or not.

I will then move onto the geographical background, saying where exactly Pirbright is and what I would expect the village to be like judging from its location.

Collecting The Data

In order to collect the data I will need to visit Pirbright and collect sources of both primary and secondary data.

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Whilst I am in Pirbright, I will be collecting evidence to answer the main question by completing the following:

  • A land use map of the village
  • A survey of the services in the village
  • An environmental quality assessment
  • Three questionnaires aimed at the people we meet in Pirbright.
  • A survey of the method of transport that people use around the area.

There are no real limitations in the ways we are going to collect the data, except for the time limit which may not give us enough time to explore the village in as great depth as we may have liked.

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Analysing The Data

This is a key part of my coursework in which I will look at each piece of data and say whether it is evidence saying that Pirbright is suburbanised, or if it is evidence showing that it is not.

Conclusion & Evaluation

In this part of my investigation I will look at each piece of evidence showing that Pirbright is suburbanised, and compare it to all the evidence showing Pirbright is not suburbanised, in order to answer the question. Finally I will evaluate our investigation, saying how useful our investigation was to us, how useful it was(or could be)to other people, how it could have been better and listing any other investigations which could come out of the study.

What is a suburbanised village?

  • A suburbanised village is a village that has changed its function from being a rural agricultural village to being a suburb of a town.
  • Since the 1980’s people have been moving out of major cities such as London, -Reading and Guildford to get away from things such as crime, pollution and traffic congestion in cities. This is called counter urbanisation.
  • People move to rural villages that are commuting distance from their place of work, so a suburbanised village must have access to railway and motorway links.
  • We would expect to find new houses built for newcomers, as well as old farmhouses that have been modernised for rich city commuters.
  • Newcomers will shop in cities and out of town shopping centres, so we would not expect to find medium or high order shops.
  • Newcomers would travel by car so there may not be very good bus services.

How does the location of a village affect whether it becomes suburbanised or not?

A city consists of four main parts: The Central Business District(CBD), the inner city area, the outer city area and the suburban parts of a city, also known as the green belt area. An example of this is shown in the diagram below with the city in question being Guildford.

A green belt area is an area located just outside the outer city area, in which areas are designed to remain free from development. The reason for this area being there is to prevent urban sprawl encroaching into the countryside, and also to prevent the merging of neighbouring towns. The area surrounds exisiting major urban areas. It provides open land for recreation, and protects agricultural land.

These green belt areas are the reason as to why villages become suburbanised. The population of cities such as Guildford will obviously expand due to urban migration, and as more people migrate, the availibility of houses within the city will decrease. This is especially true of Guildford, as it is located within the South-East of England.

Therefore, as there is no housing available within the CBD or either the inner or outer city areas, the people searching for housing will have to go further out of the city, and as they are unable to build their property on the green belt area they will therefore have to build on the area just outside the green belt area, therefore, meaning that the population of the area on which they build upon will gradually increase as other people go through the same procedure and eventually end up having to build on this area.

Urban push factors, combined with the rural pull factors will also draw people from the city into this area and the area will eventually become suburbanised. People who move to these areas are also able to live commuting distance from their place of work and this would show that the village is becoming suburbanised. So, if the village is located just outside a green belt area, then it is most likely to become suburbanised.

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