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Fighting Procrastination Research
Words • 2583
Pages • 11
RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Tupou Tertiary Institute. Management & Research Question. Too much to do; not enough time to do it. Most people have too much to do and not enough time in which to do it. The main reason why they have too much to do, is that they are doing too many things. They are doing too many things that do not relate to the achievement of the goal and they are doing too many things that are distractions from…...
Benefits of Automated Text Summarization
Words • 495
Pages • 2
Automated text summarization provides benefits to do with the following: Sampling: An automated summary can be a sample of a document or article ahead of the article’s actual release. This allows the reader to decide whether to read the full article or not. Searching: Summaries can assist in searches. They can be shown in search results for users to select. Indexing: Summaries can be used in search indexes, acting as a compressed representation of the original document. This also helps…...
Challenging Task of Summarizing Text
Words • 2239
Pages • 9
Abstract Summarizing text is a very challenging task, especially when it involves paraphrasing the text to get a concise and meaningful summary from it, also known as abstractive text summarization. In this project, the encoder-decoder network architecture is used to perform the abstractive text summarization by generating headlines of the give articles. The concept of attention is used in the system to capture the important concepts introduced in the input text. The input is fed in the form of GloVe…...
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Digital Technology and Privacy Erosion
Words • 2872
Pages • 12
Introduction Defining Privacy and Information Privacy Privacy was once defined by Warren and Brandies (1890, pp.193) as ‘the right to be let alone’, which means a physical person. Yet, this does not quite fit the information age people live in today. People still value their privacy and they like to protect their personal lives from others they choose not to share it with. However, with digital technology advancement, people’s information privacy has become threatened. Furthermore, control over their personal information…...
Cyber SecurityDataInternetInternet Privacy
What Is Online Privacy and Why Does It Matter?
Words • 550
Pages • 3
Is your life really private? Is anyone tracking your activities? Or what about your smartphones or other smart devices that you use daily? It all narrows down to one main question, is the Internet really safe in terms of privacy? No, it isn’t. We share our personal data without even knowing it. For example, take everyone’s favourite search engine, Google. Your data and activities are tracked and stored. Even Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram are not safe at all. These three…...
Cyber SecurityDataInternet Privacy
Benefits and Challenges of Big Data in Healthcare
Words • 554
Pages • 3
Big data has come a long way to reach its present-day status. It was first mentioned back in 1997 at an IEEE conference to explain data visualization and the challenges it posed for computers.32 During the 1990s, technological improvements and IT advances made possible the use of large amount of data but in parallel little knowledge could be gained by its creation. The beginning of 2000s until 2008, saw the breakthrough period for big data advances. Big data was defined…...
Big DataHealth CareIntegrity
How Data Science Can Transform India?
Words • 893
Pages • 4
For the past few years, several industries have leveraged the power of data science in marketing, risk management, fraud detection, business operations, supply chain, business model innovations, and many other such areas. By using statistics, predictive modeling, and machine learning, data science helps enterprises resolve various challenges within the industrial sectors and for the economy at large. When implemented correctly, data science is a powerful tool and brings positive results. We already witnessed massive changes in how the western countries…...
Big DataDataIndian Science Achievements And Challenges
New Trends in Big Data
Words • 1982
Pages • 8
Abstract Modern businesses, organizations and enterprises outlay millions of dollars for the betterment of its computing and information systems annually. They are seeking for modern and advanced solutions to have lucrative advantages in the industry in the future. The rise is strengthened by “big data” and as well as analytical tools. The advancement of the technology has pushed the essence of business towards data driven decision making. Analyzing big data has become a major process in Business Intelligence. Many business…...
Big DataCloud ComputingInformation Systems
The Structure of Scientific Writing
Words • 751
Pages • 4
The structure of a research paper or scientific writing includes several steps. These steps are described below. Abstract It must briefly introduce to reader our aim of study, methodology, results and findings. The abstract is a summary of our research. It is nearly as important as the title because the reader will be able to quickly read through it. In most scientific writing, the abstract can become divided into very short sections to guide the reader through the summaries. Keep…...
DataEvidence Based PracticeScienceScientific method
Forensic Anthropology in Perspective
Words • 698
Pages • 3
Introduction Forensic Anthropology is a special sub-field of physical anthropology (the study of human remains), Anthropologist’s use the application of techniques and principles to identify the deceased (Smithsonian, n.d.). This study applies statistical methods to study the bones of the deceased to determine the height of an individual, age, and gender (Forensic Anthropology, 2019). Dr, Sara C Bisel (1932-1996) internationally recognized in the field of ancient health and nutrition for establishing scientific and mathematical analysis of the victims in the…...
Data AnalysisForensic AnthropologyForensic ScienceHumanityScientific methodSocial science
Wal-Mart and the Birth of the Data Warehouse
Words • 607
Pages • 3
Walmart is an American multinational business, that takes part in the retail and wholesale business. Wal-Mart operates through the following business areas, Walmart of the U.S., Walmart Internationally, and Sam's Club. Wal-Mart has one of the most unified and successful warehousing systems. Wal-Mart uses warehouse management systems (WMS) also the use of (RFID). Wal-Mart is among one of the largest company’s in profits collections worldwide. U.S. Walmart portion includes retail stores and digital retail operations in the U.S. Wal-Mart offers…...
BusinessDataSupply Chain ManagementWalmartWalmart Pros And Cons
Risk and Protective Factors of Child Delinquency
Words • 1190
Pages • 5
Abstract The Rapid growth of Juvenile delinquency or criminal offense by minor children below 18 years age is widely noticed in India. There are many factors like family & parents, education levels, financial problems, peer groups, mental issues, drugs, media, internet, easy access to online videos etc contributed for the immoral ideas of the teens. In this research paper, we make analysis of two major risk factors, family background & education levels of juveniles involved in crimes. We discover strong…...
ChildDataData MiningJuvenile DelinquencyRisk
The Importance of Education for Everyone
Words • 715
Pages • 3
Education is important for everybody. Education is very important for achievement in life, bereft of education no will lead a decent life. Teaching and learning square measure the necessary components in education. The teacher uses completely different approaches, strategies and techniques to show their students and to assist them to develop possible goals within the future. With the passage of your time, altered strategies and techniques square measure entered within the field of education, and teachers use completely different reasonably…...
DataEducationImportance Of EducationWater
Environmental Education And Awareness Among Secondary Level Students In Assam
Words • 2451
Pages • 10
Abstract Everyone is responsible for the protection of the environment which is a very important part of our day to day lives. Anthropogenic activities play an important role in environmental degradation. Awareness towards the environment is important to all people especially the student community. Environmental education is a key element to create awareness. As an upcoming generation, students play a big role in environmental protection. Therefore it is utmost necessary to aware the student about the environment. The present study…...
Data AnalysisEducationEnvironmentSecondary Education In India
Happiness and Life Satisfaction – Our World in Data
Words • 1052
Pages • 5
For my class project, I used the data from the 2019 7th World Happiness Report. Each year the report focuses on some themes of well being and happiness. This year the report was on happiness and the community and looked at the link between government actions and happiness, happiness and community, and happiness and technology. Their study focused on six explanatory factors: social support, healthy life expectancy, GDP per capita, generosity, freedom to make life choices, and freedom from corruption.…...
Data AnalysisHappinessLifeOur WorldScientific method
Format of the Research Report, the Thesis or Dissertation and Style of Writing
Words • 2787
Pages • 12
Format of the Research Report Title  Abstract Introduction Review of Related Literature and Studies Materials and Methods  Results and Discussion Summary, Conclusion, and Recommendations Bibliography Appendices TITLE The title summarizes the main idea or ideas of your study. A good title contains the fewest possible words needed to adequately describe the content and/or purpose of your research paper. Parameters used to help you formulate a suitable research paper title: The purpose of the research The scope of the research The…...
Small businessmen
Words • 407
Pages • 2
It can always be stated that Qualitative research is a process that includes interpretative paradigm under the measures of theoretical assumptions and the entire approach is based on sustainability that is depended on people’s experience in terms of communication. It can also be mentioned that the total approach is based on the fact that reality is created on the social formulations. It can also be mentioned that the basic target of qualitative research is instrumented towards social context under normal…...
DataGenderScienceScientific methodSmall Business
The objective of quantitative research
Words • 1489
Pages • 6
Research Methodology is a way to find out the result of a given problem on a specific matter or problem that is also referred as research problem. In Methodology, researcher uses different criteria for solving/searching the given research problem. Different sources use different type of methods for solving the problem. If we think about the word "Methodology", it is the way of searching or solving the research problem. Research Methodology, researcher always tries to search the given question systematically in…...
DataPhilosophyResearchScienceScientific method
Physical and mental efforts
Words • 1002
Pages • 5
Apart from these major issues some other reason can be find in the heart of the text. Going through the essay all these points has been discussed in detail sequence vice. Some of the contents have been taken from different resources. All the references and bibliography has been given at the end. Mankind, by nature, has been occurred curious about it's surrounding. Even from very beginning of mankind history, human being started exploring the things around and tried to make…...
DataInformationResearchScienceScientific method
Visualization Of Ebi Spectroscopic Data Computer Science Essay
Words • 3691
Pages • 15
Electrical Bioimpedance is the survey of the resistance offered by biological stuff, such as human tissue, meat or wood, to the flow of electric charges.EBI measurings are utile for several clinical applications, most of them for disease diagnosing, as an illustration, skin malignant neoplastic disease sensing, known as electronic biopsy ( Find mention in my thesis ) , can be mentioned.Into the field of Electrical Bioimpedance Spectroscopy ( EBIS ) measurements the most singular application is Entire Body Composition (…...
Computer Science For ProgressDataEngineeringInformation
Vehicles Using Data Acquisition And Fuzzy Logic Computer Science Essay
Words • 3879
Pages • 16
Automotive industries are working on bettering fuel efficiency, stressing to develop intercrossed vehicles that are better in public presentation every bit good as fuel efficient. Focus on renewable alternate beginnings of energy, is the cardinal characteristic. The research work in this paper is aimed at bettering the fuel efficiency in Hybrid vehicles by capturing the information from the ECU on RPM, Speed, Fuel Pressure, Load, Timing progress, etc, from the CAN port of the vehicles. Rigorous accent on the ECU…...
Computer Science For ProgressDataInformationToyotaVehicles
Vector And Raster Data In Gis Computer Science Essay
Words • 2197
Pages • 9
A Geographical Information System ( GIS ) is a method of spatially hive awaying, analyzing, pull stringsing, managing and exposing geographical informations. GIS information represents existent objects such as roads, rivers, urban countries, topographic point names, railroad, topographic points of involvement, town names etc. with digital informations finding the mix. A geodatabase is a database that is in some manner referenced to locations on Earth. Traditionally, there are two wide methods used to hive away informations in a GIS ;…...
Computer Science For ProgressDataInformationTechnology
The Role Of Memory In Computers Computer Science Essay
Words • 1428
Pages • 6
Memory is one of the most of import things that is incorporated into computing machines, be it laptop computing machines or Personal computers. There are assorted computing machine memory types installed, depending upon the existent demand for working and specifications of the system. The computing machine memory relates to the many devices and constituents that are responsible for hive awaying informations and applications on a impermanent or a lasting footing. It enables a individual to retain the information that is…...
Computer Science For ProgressComputersDataElectronic EngineeringElectronicsMemory
The Real Time Data Security Threats Computer Science Essay
Words • 1274
Pages • 6
AbstractionWeb Real-time Communication ( WebRTC ) is a new HTML5 criterion model which allows sharing of sound, picture and informations between multiple web browsers platform. These functionalities pave a new way in the field of existent clip communicating. The Goal of utilizing WebRTC is to build a strong existent clip communicating platform that works across several browsers and platforms. Scope of this undertaking includes examining the substructure for menaces and hazards and developing a secure substructure. The predecessor of this…...
Computer Science For ProgressComputer securityDataNoiseSoftwareTime
The Lossy Data Compression Computer Science Essay
Words • 1557
Pages • 7
In age of mid 90 's computing machine 's became celebrated for its characteristics and serviceability. Major concerns were raised related to the use of storage devices, like discs and besides related to reassigning informations over the Internet at a faster rate. To turn to this state of affairs `` Claude E. Shannon '' formulated a theory of informations compaction. In 1948 he presented this theory to cut down the ingestion of dearly-won resources, difficult thrust infinites or transmittal bandwidth.In…...
Computer Science For ProgressComputersDataInformationTechnology
The Data Networking Designs Computer Science Essay
Words • 2783
Pages • 12
The followers is a web design study for Optichrome Ltd. , a company supplying computing machine animated particular effects for the movie and telecasting industries. The company presently, has a work force of 43 people, including 2 divisional directors and the CEO.The company is divided into 3 managerial divisions: Selling, Gross saless and Administration ( using 10 people ) , Animation and Modeling ( using 20 people ) , Rendering and Production ( using 10 people ) .The company intends…...
Computer NetworkingComputer Science For ProgressDataDesignWeb DesignWorld Wide Web
The Concept Of Entropy Computer Science Essay
Words • 1670
Pages • 7
We can use the construct of information this to data compaction, to happen the most efficient manner to compact a piece of informations. Data compaction plants by extinguishing or minimising redundancy in a file, doing your files smaller without losing any information. Every character on your computing machine, every missive, figure and punctuation grade, is really made up of several characters that make up computing machine codification. A simple illustration of compaction is: If you have a set of characters…...
Computer Science For ProgressDataInformation
The aim of this task
Words • 1538
Pages • 7
The aim of this task ,is to improve the existing system that southall illustration use, which is paper- based system that use to produce invoices and tracking customer's orders, and all financial information by the introducing a database system . I need to justify the use of a database system by comparing Access with at least one other package such as; Excel. Excel can be used as a database but it has severe limitations. In Access, southall illustration can do…...
Succession events data collection
Words • 640
Pages • 3
Appendixs:Appendix No:2 Complete Succession Events SampleS.NoStock CodeFirm Name callingsSuccessor NamePositionRelationshipDate of sequence100347KRAdam Motors company limitedSyed Ali ShahchiarmanOffspring15/6/2001200897KRRehman Habib adviserArbab Karam KhanchiarmanOffspring12/9/2001398034LRGhani AutomobilesPerzaiz AlichiarmanSon in jurisprudence27/8/2001400612KRAl-Ghazi tractor CompanyAtizaz Ahmad KhanChairman/CMOffspring01/12/20015Beema Pakistan CompanyMirza ShahnawazchiarmanOffspring22/12/2001600567LRSavour FoodMuhammad NaeemchiarmanOffspring01/01/2002700492LRLakson GroupIqbal Ali lakhanichiarmanOffspring03/3/2002800124KRFeroz Sons research labsAkhter KhalidchiarmanOffspring15/4/2002900234KRIGI Insurance limitedSaulat SaidchiarmanOffspring5/5/20021062651KRAl-Noor Sugar MillIsmail H. ZakariyaChairman/PresidentOffspring20/9/20021100564KRAnsari Sugar MillDinshaw HoshangChairmanOffspring15/12/20021200871KRAltern Energy limitedSabech U. FarooquiChairmanSon in jurisprudence12/2/20031300367KRAzgard 9 limitedAhmed H. SheikhChairmanOffspring1/2/20031456431LRAgriauto industriesQazi Ebadullah KhanChairmanOffspring22/4/20031500675LRGeneral Sur & A ; Rubber CompanyAli Kulwi KhanChairman/CMOffspring11/09/20031600123LRSarhad fabric MillSohail FarooqueChairmanOffspring10/11/20031700765KRZahoor Cotton MillsJaved ZahurChairmanOffspring30/12/20031800198KRArooj Garments AccessoriesMaqsood…...
DataScientific method
Study On The Cpu And Memory Hierarchy Computer Science Essay
Words • 1815
Pages • 8
CPU must hold compatibility with the memory in the computing machine system. Memory can non increase the velocity of the processor nevertheless it can assist the processor increase its public presentation. If the CPU does n't acquire the informations it requires, it would sit idle blowing CPU clock rhythms that would diminish the overall throughput and executing of the procedures. If informations demands to be accessed to and from difficult disc which is slower as compared to the chief memory,…...
Computer Science For ProgressComputersDataImportance Of Computer StudiesMemory
Study And Overview Of Object Oriented Database Computer Science Essay
Words • 4906
Pages • 20
With the promotion of informations mold, the development of the object oriented paradigm brought a important alteration in how we look informations and the processs that operate on informations. Previously informations and their dealingss were stored in a database and processs were stored in an application plan. But with the development of the object oriented impression, we began to unite entity 's processs with the informations. As a consequence, entities became self contained units and can be reused and moved…...
Computer Science For ProgressComputersDataImportance Of Computer StudiesInformationSoftware
Student Information System Entity Relationship Computer Science Essay
Words • 1031
Pages • 5
A database is a aggregation of information that is organized so that it can make really easy be accessed, managed, and updated. The metadata provide a description of the information features and the set of relationships that link the information found within the database. All sorts of persons use databases, from instructors entering classs to patrol officers look intoing condemnable histories, montage and universities use databases to maintain records on their pupil, teachers and class. Organization of all type maintains…...
Computer Science For ProgressDataImportance Of Computer StudiesInformationInformation SystemsRelationship
Spring Investigation (Physics Coursework)
Words • 1553
Pages • 7
For this investigation I will explore and examine the behaviour of springs when applied a weight and a force to them. I am aiming to achieve a direct relationship between the period it take to complete 30 oscillations and the weight applied to the spring. Planning: Prediction: Similar to my aim I predict a directly relationship between the period it takes to complete a number of oscillations and the weight or mass applied to the spring. This means that as…...
DataPhysicsScienceScientific methodTime
Sources of Data Input and Output
Words • 625
Pages • 3
Accuracy of data input is important. What method of data input would be best for each of the following situations and why: * Printed Questionnaires: * Keyboard and mouse * User can type data using the keyboard and use the mouse to click/select pieces of data * Telephone Survey: * Voice input device * Surveys may be set up to function using voice recognition for users responding to a fixed set of questions * Bank Checks: * MICR (Magnetic Ink…...
ComputersDataTechnologyWorld Wide Web
Software For 3d Gis Mapping Computer Science Essay
Words • 934
Pages • 4
Maping normally refers to map-making where it representation of an country of land or sea demoing physical characteristics and it frequently used alternatively of mapmaking. Maping term is sometimes used for geospatial informations aggregation like distant feeling. There a many type of mapping for illustration topographic, bathymetric, cadastral, photogrammetric function, distant detection, etc. From all type of the function, photogrammetric is the best function because it obtaining dependable information about physical objects and the environment. It can cover from big…...
Computer Science For ProgressComputer SoftwareDataGeographyInformationScience And Technology
Sociology coursework: family
Words • 1180
Pages • 5
The chosen subject area of my coursework is family. The reason I have chosen this particular area of sociology is because family is known worldwide and exists in everyone, however overtime the family structure and the roles in the family have changed. I am going to investigate why the divorce rate is increasing and to what extent the media has an impact on this choice, and I also would like to find out the effects of divorce on children. These…...
DataFamilyScienceScientific methodSociology
Scada Systems And Data Acquisition Computer Science Essay
Words • 2356
Pages • 10
Abstraction: The fast turning IT engineerings have emerged the demand for higher IT security steps. This paper reviews security concerns in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition ( SCADA ) systems. Different substructures that use the SCADA control systems, and the likely menaces and hazards to these substructure systems are evaluated. Integrating these control systems with immense webs for distant control and remote entree which leads to a huge sum of menaces to these systems. It besides made it easier for…...
Computer NetworkingComputer Science For ProgressComputer securityDataTechnologyWorld Wide Web
Relational Database System SQL Analysis Paper
Words • 540
Pages • 3
In this section I learned that SQL can input a lot of information into Access for you. I have taken some SQL courses before and still have not learned all of these commands. I can see why people take full degrees on just programming. Another thing I saw was SQL could do a lot of damage to Access. All you would have to do is write a script that could change a lot of information. During this assignment I learned…...
Relational Database Management System Computer Science Essay
Words • 2091
Pages • 9
A database is merely a aggregation of one or more dealingss or tabular arraies with columns and rows. The usage of set theory allows for informations to be structured in a series of tabular arraies that has both columns and rows. Each column corresponds to an property of that relation, while each row corresponds to a record that contains informations values for an entity.RDBMS refers to Relational Database Management System. RDBMS information is ordered in database tabular arraies, Fieldss and…...
Computer Science For ProgressComputersDataManagementSoftwareSoftware Engineering
Purpose And Features Of A Relational Database Computer Science Essay
Words • 2176
Pages • 9
In the undermentioned study, I will be speaking about the chief grounds why we use databases, the benefits of utilizing them and a brief history of old database designs to the current database designs we have today. I will explicate some nomenclature about relational databases and the current properties within them. I will associate to Microsoft SQL Management Studio 2005 with some ocular screenshots and sentence structure quotation marks, these will be formatted consequently.For the M1 standards, I will spread…...
Computer Science For ProgressDataSoftware
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What Is Online Privacy and Why Does It Matter?
...Fun fact: Windows 10 is not secure. Seriously, it’s not privacy-free. Microsoft collects your data which includes your contacts, interests, basically your identity. Cortana does the same as well. It collects data mainly on your search and microphon...
How Data Science Can Transform India?
...Long traffic jams are frequent in India. The Niti Aayog team is working to understand the causes of traffic jam and options to deal with them. The government bodies can use big data to analyze some of the significant aspects of traffic jam like choke...

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