importance of quality database design


This papers demonstrates the importance of quality database design and provides guidelines to measure database design. In the treatment it uses illustration from system scenario which helps commission to understand design constructs and rating standards.

Why Quality of an Application so Important?

Main intend of a package is to carry through clients demands and demands in concern intent. To carry through every demand, Application must be choice application. To accomplish a better quality application there are figure of parts which must be considered including interfaces, database and the quality of programming.

In this papers, its farther discusses importance of good quality database and how to measure given database design.

What is Choice database design?

In a simple words quality database design must be avoid information anomalousnesss. Main aim of good database is set uping an electronic informations storage which provides accurate informations entree to applications. So choice database must be facilitate,

  • Avoid duplicate of informations
  • Provide security to data
  • Share informations as necessary
  • Data handiness and concurrence
  • Data recovery and backup maps

Back to the scenario,

In the Stanwell Parish Plan, proposed design must be address every demands of the Theatre place booking system.

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Database should be easing to avoid dual place engagement and information of the place engagement must be stored for future usage. And besides database should be let to recover informations client wise and place wise and each gross revenues of place must be stored harmonizing to the client. To supply impressive work it must besides ease to hive away information about dumb show and the information about them.

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Other than that database should be faced positively for some few issues such as,

  • Retrieve most popular place of place
  • Shop popular clients
  • Retrieve each clients favorite seats

To supply better installation for clients, Good quality database is necessary to the proposed system.

What is Database design?

As Wikipedia define, “ Database designis the procedure of bring forthing a detaileddata modelof adatabase ” . Database design can be stand foring in many signifiers of positions utilizing different sort of tools. They represent the construction of the database.

Tool such as usage instance diagrams represent graphical position of functionalities on system and demoing which histrion can execute certain maps of the system. In other manus an entity-relationship ( ER ) diagrams illustrate the interrelatedness ship between the entities in a database. Entity is a piece of informations of a existent universe object or construct and Relationship represents the manner of informations sharing between entities. EER diagram is more specified than ER diagram and stand for more information than ER diagram. Other than those diagrams, Relational function shows the construction of the tabular arraies and standardization makes certain truth of the tabular arraies.

Solution for proposed System

Use instance diagrams:

As reference earlier usage instance diagram represent the graphical position of functionalities of the system. Use instance shows dealing between the each map and between maps and the histrion of the system. Actor can be human or an external application which uses the proposed system. Before semen to the concluding solution it is better to place all demands clearly and make usage instance phase by phase.

To proposed system, at the beginning come up with a footing usage instance such as shown in holla.

This is non a solution usage instance for the system. Above usage instance represent four chief maps of the proposed system but it does non stand for the relationship between the each map. In a existent universe state of affairs, Availability of place must be checked before purchase a tickets. Since usage instance provides dealing through system there must be efficient manner to stand for relationship between cabals such as cheque place handiness and purchase tickets. It can be represent as fallows,

& lt ;& gt ; relationship demonstrate relationship between maps called check place handiness and purchase tickets. In here it province that handiness of ticket must be checked before purchase a ticket. Much more attending should be giving when utilizing relationship like & lt ;& gt ; and & lt ;& gt ; . Make non utilize & lt ;& gt ; relationship to divide large usage instance in to little usage instances.

Why usage instance diagrams are of import?

  • Use instance gaining control the functional demands of system
  • Use instance demo the range of an application so it can be used to gauging, scheduling and formalizing attempt.
  • Use instances provide traceability
  • Use instances are reclaimable

Entity-Relationship ( ER ) diagrams

ER diagrams are conceptual theoretical account which is used to stand for relationship between entities. ER diagrams are extremely discretionary conceptual theoretical accounts.

Entity: represent existent universe object and usage to hive away informations

Properties: the informations which describe the entity

Relationship: demonstrate relationship between entities

Cardinality: province the numeral relation between two entity

There are two notations that can be used to pull ER diagrams. Those are SSADM which widely use at United Kingdom and Unified Modeling Language ( UML ) which used in widely. Since company locates on UK this papers carry on with SSADM notation.

To get down ER diagram, every entity and properties of those must be identified and draw with them utilizing one of above notation. Then relationship between those entities must be sate and so add cardinality to the relation.

Using above method, it can be avoid the above arise job. In here it is provide relationship to happen out how many times one client had book the same place. Even though it solves the job, still there is another job and that is how to utilize cardinality between three categories. By utilizing another entity alternatively of relationship, it can be overcome from the job of cardinality. Proposed solution demonstrate the concluding solution for state of affairs where three entities should be combined to recover quires

Cardinality job can be solved Using entity alternatively of relationship. Even though this is good manner to work out jobs, every state of affairs does non suit for similar type of solutions. So state of affairs must be carefully study earlier come to the solution.

Why ER diagrams are of import?

  • ER diagrams depict the relationship between entities
  • ER diagrams place the primary key of each entity and property of the entity
  • ER diagrams depict the cardinality of relationship

EER diagrams ( Enhanced Entity Relationship )

EER diagrams demonstrate the elaborate position of ER diagrams including heritage and some specific relationship types such as composing, collection and association.

In above diagram it shows relationship between the two entities called sells and client inside informations. As requirement describe in proposed system every sells inside informations must be record for farther usage. As It mentions each sells has its ain unique record of inside informations and there must be a more inside informations manner to stand for the relationship between two entities. Composition is sort of relationship which can be substitute to a association as fallows,

Above diagram describe more inside informations relationship between sells and client inside informations. It indicates that every sells has its ain client inside informations. Collection and heritage is another sort of relationships which can be use in EER diagrams to supply more item about a relationship. Since proposed system does non hold state of affairs to utilize collection or heritage it is non necessary to discourse farther.

Relational Function

Relational function is a procedure which converts conceptual informations theoretical accounts in to tabular arraies, which can be implemented utilizing DBMS tool. Relational database is a aggregation of shared informations and each tabular array of database has a alone name.

Table must be consist of,

  • Unique name
  • Primary key
  • Properties

The ground for holding more than one tabular array in a database is to avoid anomalousnesss such as insert, delete and update. Relation mapping make by sing cardinality of an ER or EER diagrams. There are three type of relationship between dealingss,

  • One-to-one relationship
  • One-to-many relationship
  • Many-to -many relationship

Advantage of utilizing relational database is, it is simple to understand and relational database depend on mathematical logical thinking.

Standardization is process which guarantee database consist with best set of tabular array with right properties and it make certain insert, delete and update anomalousnesss are avoided and maintain informations unity. There are series of guideline to guarantee database is normalized.

First normal signifier:

  • First normal signifier ( 1NF )
  • Remove duplicative columns from the same tabular array and separate tabular arraies for each related informations and discover alone columns.

  • Second normal signifier ( 2NF )
  • Remove subset of informations that apply to multiple rows and set them in separate tabular arraies and make relationship between them.

  • Third normal signifier ( 3NF )
  • Get rid from columns that does non depend on primary key

  • Fourth normal signifier ( 4NF )
  • Get rid from multi value dependences

    Evaluation cardinal factors

    It is of import to measure database design to guarantee the quality of database design. Evaluation can be done against some constituent including,

  • Consistency
  • Seasonableness
  • Value in footings of cost
  • Accuracy/error rate
  • Handiness
  • System performance/ease of usage
  • Integration with other databases
  • Coverage/scope
  • End product
  • Documentation
  • Customer support
  • Is a right database design needfully a quality design?

    Correct database design demonstrate the construction of the database and it must be,

  • Avoid informations duplicate
  • Supply better security for informations
  • Provide informations handiness
  • Facilitate concurrent entree to data
  • Provide informations stability
  • The job is whether right database design can supply them in practically. There can be many type of right solution for a given job and those are different from each other. Every solution does non hold any job theory wise. But in instance of Quality, every right solution can non be applied for the same state of affairs. To supply better service to clients it is of import to utilize Best quality solution to work out the job. In existent life state of affairs correct and quality database must be allow to put to death any sort of right questions and database must be respond for those questions in mistake free mode.

    What are the Advantages of holding right quality database?

  • By holding Quality database, it can be maintain informations unity because of informations duplicate non allowed in right quality database.
  • By holding quality database informations can be firmly distributed among the users and the application.
  • Correct quality database provide 24/7 informations handiness and it besides facilitate coincident entree to the informations.
  • Quality database avoid informations separation across multiple tabular array and helps to better control of informations use.
  • Correct database design provide information stability
  • Importance of holding quality database for proposed system

  • Since proposed application facilitate booking seat online, the database must guarantee that same place does non book more than one time
  • Since proposed system allow client to net entree to system, informations must be available 24/7
  • Since proposed system allow client to net entree to system, informations must be secure and it must non let to modify informations to unauthorised parties.
  • Since proposed system allow client to net entree to system, database must be provide coincident entree to the clients.
  • Since Proposed system facilitate shop merchandising inside informations and direct information about future public presentation, database must be provide easy entree to the informations must be stored in structured mode.
  • Decision

    The thought of implementing database application is to supply better service to people who live in Stanwell small town. There for our responsible is to give maximal services to villagers as we can.

    Above discussed information and standard will be aid to take best suit design for proposed system and it will take to derive good quality application which meets our demands.


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