The functions of internal quality Essay

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The functions of internal quality

1.1 Explain the functions of internal quality assurance in learning and development. The IQA’s role is key for quality in both the National framework and the quality and management systems of approved centres. It is important that that IQA’s ensure the quality of learning, the reliability of assessment decisions, to be fair to all learners and uphold the credibility of the qualification and the organisation. The IQA’s ensure the quality of evidence collected and submitted in all learning, delivery and assessment. Providing feedback and support to Assessors on the evidence. It is checked to make sure it is reliable and robust and variety of assessment methods have been used and match the National Occupational Standards (NOS) as describes in the ‘Internal Verification Procedure document’ (SeeEV1in portfolio)

The IQA also provides support to all involved in the assessment process from start to finish by making sure candidates and employers understand the qualification and the benefits to both upon completion, giving support through service level agreements underpinning knowledge of policies and procedures through visits where discussions and feedback will be given. IQA’s provide support direct to Assessors by monitoring the progress of each learner via a sampling plan, This plan will identify when a candidates work is required by the IQA for interim and end sampling and provide a platform for feedback and discussion between Assessors and IQA’s. Standardisation meetings (also known as benchmarking or monitoring) should also be held regularly to ensure Assessors comply with the assessment strategy and are consistent with their interpretation of the standards and the criteria.

Through standardisation meetings IQA’s can identify issues and monitor Assessor development and needs which in turn helps with support for continuing professional development (CPD). IQA’s also provide support when required to external bodies by complying with SV visits and audits and providing any information the external body requires, Then follow the action plans from EQA’s advising the Assessors of the feedback received from such visits and implementing any recommendations or changes. IQA is a system to monitor and support to reduce risks to accuracy, consistency and fairness of the assessment practice, Ultimately to uphold the credibility and integrity of the qualification and organisations.

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