External and Internal Functions of Management

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The function of management in any organization is to plan, organize, lead and control in order to ensure that all the organizational resources which include financial, human and physical resources are used efficiently and effectively. The management of a business organization is tasked with the process of establishing structures in a business to enable smooth cordination, division and control of the tasks in an organization. The management aims at the achievement of the organization’s goals and objectives through the utilization of human resources, knowledge, technology, finances and inventories.

This paper will evaluate how Boeing Company has utilized globalization, diversity, ethics, technology and innovation to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. In addition the paper shall highlight how the delegation concept has been used by management, to achieve the organizational goals. Boeing has in the recent past been faced with litigations from suppliers and some customers. The company has also had to grapple with unethical cases involving some senior staff members.

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In 2003 Boeing was accused of illegal practices, which the company successfully overcame and was able to move fast to quell negative publicity. The company has also been accused of engaging in unethical competition against other market players. Although such claims were never proved, if proved they would have been in contravention of federal trade laws. Boeing has put in place good corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies. For instance, Boeing gives back to the community through a number of programs it has initiated in different countries. The company has also extended its CSR policies to include employees.

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The policies enable the company to nurture its employees and provide them with an empowering environment whereby they can become the best in terms of utilizing their talents. Boeing Company has embarked on strategic planning aimed at repositioning the company to deal with emerging market trends and remain a market leader in a stiffly competitive business environment. The above has been ensured by adopting technology in its operation. The role of human resources in an organization is central to the job performance of the organization. Boeing appreciates diversity as well as maintenance of cultural tolerance in diversity.

A company like Boeing largely deals with customers and that calls for good communication skills as well as public relations skills on the part of the workers. Honesty is also very important as well as high degree of trustworthiness and accountability. While traditionally managers were seen as the source of wisdom and as knowing every thing, modern practices have tended to involve all staff. In Boeing, there is a wider appreciation of the fact that, even the very junior staffs in terms of rank such as messengers, drivers, and receptionists play a very critical role in organization.

It is common knowledge that, stakeholders such as customers and suppliers are more likely to interact with them than they are with the senior management. To make sure that, the junior employees fully participate in decision making, roles for each level of management are carefully integrated into the company’s plan so as to cater for the ever-changing management scenarios in the industry. Effective utilization of all resources at the company’s disposal is the only way to achieve efficiency; this is exactly what Boeing needs to do.

This is best achieve through knowledge management in Boeing will utilize its human capital to the maximum by empowering the taping from the employees diversity. Technological advances, has facilitated traveling, and communication process for Boeing. Technology advancements in the areas of, ICT, computers and telecommunications, has had several advantages for Boeing, such include: reduced overdependence on supervisor manual best practices, manual labor, improved out put, as well as customer satisfaction arising from world class services enabled by adoption of modern technology.

Technology is very important to Boeing Company given the fact that, customers are constantly on the look out to efficiency and maximum comfort. By embracing technology, Boeing has successfully come out as a technological leader in the industry given the fact that, it introduces new fleets with more advanced features every often. Technological power of the company is also evident in the fact that Boeing gets contracts to build modern fighter jets which are based on the latest technology.

Finally, Boeing has invested in affordable and modern technology in order to maximize output as well as minimizing cost of production. By adopting strategic workload redistribution, Boeing is able to survive in a competitive business environment. Boeing is constantly faced by threats of fraud, dishonesty from employees as well as data theft. This shows the need for the high ethics practice for the company. Boeing Company engages in financial planning programs whose ultimate goals are aimed at cutting expenditure and maximizing profits.

Financial planning is crucial for any company as it is through financial planning that the organization is able to project financial performance, to forecast on future financial performance as well as to identify loopholes which could cost the company if not well catered for. Boeing company has a very comprehensive code of ethics which spells out everything the company expects from the employees concerning how the employees are to carry themselves around the workplace, how the employees are supported to interact with the public and the organization.

The ethics principles also aim at maintaining the reputation of Boeing as a company as well as protecting the company’s businesses partners who can be harmed by the organization’s negative publicity. On joining Boeing every employee is trained on the policies of the company, a measure aimed at stamping out unethical practices and to ensure that, the employees remain accountable for their actions and conduct. Delegation refers to the awarding of duties and responsibilities to workers as well as giving them the relevant authority to go with it.

Nothing inspires workers than changes that are geared towards improvement of business processes, in the organization. Most organizations have turned to delegation of authority as a way of alleviating rigidness, and unnecessary bureaucracy. Delegation ensures that is the process in which the organizational structure is designed to have the administrative roles practiced in the lower divisions in the organization. With decentralization comes delegation of duties and responsibilities. Through delegation authority is transferred to lower levels making subordinates more empowered.

Boeing has excelled in the delegation of authority by adopting a flat organizational structure something which has ensured that, Boeing as an organization promotes the nurturing of talent as subordinates feel appreciated and part of the organization’s decision-making system. The beauty of delegation is that superiors delegate to their juniors only what the subordinates can perform better. Boeing embraces delegation of duties, quick communication, and decentralization of the decision making process.

As a result of decentralization, Boeing has done away with barriers of communication by eliminating many levels of management something which has seen the organization hire less managers therefore minimizing expenditure. The relationship between employees in Boeing is at a personal level as flat structures are based on very few management levels. With less levels of management for instance two or three, all employees at Boeing stand a very high chance of participating in the decision making process, something which makes them to feel empowered and therefore increases their motivation.

With a flat structure Boeing is well suited to face the ever changing and unpredictable business environment as well as counter the competitor activity. Conclusion How an organization utilizes resources such as human resource, technology, and market opportunities determines how the organization will perform. Boeing has to a large extent utilized its resources well in that division of labor, allocation of tasks as well as delegation of authority is done according to the rules and regulations of the organization.

Boeing however needs to improve in some areas such as conflict management. Boeing has excelled well in the area of how it coordinates the four functions of management despite a few challenges. Recent plans by the top management to allocate more budget towards research is the clearest indicator that, Boeing is committed to excellence through; globalization, innovativeness, acknowledging the role of diversity in achieving innovativeness on the part of the employees as well as employee empowerment.

Globalization has enabled Boeing to increase the ability to enter into joint ventures or mergers with like minded business partner. In addition, globalization has led to relocation of some production departments to cheaper locations with the suitable business environment such as cheap labor and raw materials. This has enabled Boeing to save on costs associated with centralization. As a result of embracing globalization, Boeing has turned into outsourcing some non-core functions so as to concentrate on the core functions of management.

This has seen the company register increased profits as well as the improvement of improve service delivery. Globalization has facilitated travel and communication processes for Boeing, therefore breaking down geographical barriers and enabling different branches internationally to operate efficiently. Conclusion Managers are required to apply the relevant managerial skills in order to attain the organizational goals and objectives.

The emerging trends in the global economy, stiff competition, increased level of awareness among communities on the role of the organization to the society, the need to maintain best staff as well to attract the best staff calls for management to embrace globalization, innovativeness, diversity and technology in order to meet the ever increasing demands by an ever changing market. Boeing has been responsive to the challenges mentioned above hence the reason for their success story as a market leader in the air transport industry.

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External and Internal Functions of Management
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