Leadership Essay Topics

The correlation analysis showed that the statement of the thesis problem

that is when Leadership scores are high then the scores for the other categories are also high, holds true only for the Others (or Junior Officers) but not necessarily to the Leaders (or Senior 0fficers). D. Step-wise Regression Analyses: D. 1. For the Combined Data: The stepwise regression for the combined data, using dummy variables… View Article

Leadership Concepts on Motivating People

Leadership power depends on an individual’s perception of the things that motivate people to perform to the best of their best abilities. A leader like me is one who has innate self -motivation and who has honed an effective leadership style by knowing, applying and developing which skill will best achieve and energize others. Good… View Article

Ways to improve leadership training and education

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” as the age old adage goes. It is in line with this that the key to finding ways to improve leadership training and education lie. Leadership Training and Education is more effective when it is instilled and taught early on in a person’s life by the school… View Article

Impact of superior leadership

Introduction Leadership can be defined as “a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. Leaders carry out this process by applying their leadership attributes, such as beliefs, values, ethics, character, knowledge, and skills”. (A good leader offers… View Article

Implication and conclusion week 7

What are the most important concepts you have learned this week? I have learned that leadership is essentially the same among countries. The leadership styles of minorities, men and woman remain consistent. What would you recommend to your management/leadership based on these concepts? Last week, I learned that one must be a leader and a… View Article

Lawrence Joseph Ellison: On Leadership Style

As the article recounts, Lawrence Joseph Ellison, Larry to many, is an adopted child of a Russian emigrate when his unwed mother left him to them. He used to be a mediocre in his class. However, with his self-confidence and goals set in mind, he conquered all the discouragements he got from the people around… View Article

Life-Based Leadership Principles from Jack Welch

During the hundreds of millions of years of natural evolution on this planet, survival has always been a continuous challenge for living creatures. It has recently to come into light that in the past four million years, there have been scores of human species on the earth, besides us homo sapiens. However, all of these… View Article

Transformational Leadership

What are the most important concepts you have learned this week? I have understood that a skillful leader must be an example for his followers. I have realized that the chances to become a leader are not very high and if I don’t become leader I’ll be able to apply my leadership skills to the… View Article

Visionary Leadership

Laurie Beth Jones is one of the best-known writers of several spiritual books. It could be noted that through the different ideas that she presents in her books, she is strongly able to impact the lives of different people around the world in increasing their capabilities in actually understanding and applying spirituality in their lives…. View Article

Subject-Management Process Case Study

This case is about Victor D’Cuhna, young executive who has joined to take charge of data processing cell. The main problems which were there in department are; there is no co-ordination between the employees due to lack of training and there is communication gap. D’Cuhna is keen of making changes immediately in the department and… View Article

The Nature of Leadership

In the book, the authors substantiate on the subject of the state of leadership by providing an in-depth look through a critical review of previous researches made about the subject. Particularly, one can immediately observe the impressive approach done in reviewing the research methods as well as the leadership assessment, ethics, and the strong influence… View Article

The Progressive Era

The Progressive Era began in the mid 1890’s and continued through World War I.  It was a time when individuals were beginning to have concerns with the state of society and how government was going to handle the problems.  It also brought about a belief in human compassion and how new innovations along with scientific… View Article

The Relationship of Leadership to the Politics of the Organization

Effective people management and what particular tools and approaches to use for a particular organization and its existing political structure and atmosphere has been one of the main issues that haunt every top executive that demands the best output all the time. This is one of the defining moments of a person’s leadership quality and… View Article

Organizational Culture of Virgin Group

1. Describe the culture of Virgin group by seven dimension of organization culture. Organizational culture has been described as the shared values, principles, traditions, and ways of doing things that influence the way organizational members act. Actually, it can divided seven dimension of organizational culture which are attention to detail, outcome orientation, people orientation, team… View Article

The role of a school leader during an era of high stakes accountability

No doubt, the definition of the role of a school leader is has over generated debate amongst educationalist in America. This has left principals with the same questions. What is expected of them from the parents, students and their teachers? In this era of result oriented age, visionary leadership is an undisputed ingredient in the… View Article

The Rise Of The Improvised Exposive Devise

Improvised explosive devices, better known as IEDs, are makeshift bombs usually made of materials like nails and ball bearing first used in guerilla warfare during the World War II. (Crystal, 2007)  IEDs have long since evolved and now, IED builders can improvise on the materials used.  As a result, the devices have become more unique… View Article

Plato’s Perspectives on Society, Organization and Leadership

Main views about society Plato wrote in his book called the Republic. The Republic was written around 380 (BC). In this book Plato tries to define justice, right order and character of the just city and the just man. In the Republic different philosophers like Socrates try to argue, what is the meaning of justice…. View Article

Peer review on leadership

The journal article that was selected selected explored the possible influences of situational moderators on the effectiveness of Transformational Leadership. It is one of several articles found to be focused on this type of leadership and its relationship to employee motivation. By definition, transformation leadership involves the practice of altering the thoughts and attitudes of… View Article

Coach Knight vs Coach Krzyszewski

In the contemporary business world, there are many different styles of leaderships. All of them are approaches used by individuals, which are based on their values, preferences and beliefs but also on organizational culture and norms which encourage some styles and discourage others. Leadership styles work most efficiently if they are adapted to the demands… View Article

Describe Your Own Leadership Style

Jim Collins and a group of 22 research associates conducted a five-year research project searching an answer on the question ‘how a company from merely good can be transformed to great one’ and identified that behind this transformation lies a level 5 leader. Level 5 leadership refers to the highest level in a hierarchy of… View Article

Ethical Leadership in Organizations

Ethical leadership is leadership that is involved in leading in a manner that respects the rights and dignity of others. As leaders are by nature in a position of social power, ethical leadership focuses on how leaders use their social power in the decisions they make, actions they engage in and ways they influence others…. View Article

The Characteristics of Effective Groups

According to Johnson & Johnson (2009), groups are defined as two or more people joined together for a common purpose to achieve a goal and influence each other. There are many different types of groups and groups exist for many reasons. Groups are interdependent “in the sense that an event which affects one member is… View Article

Organisational Behaviour: The Personal Nature of Leadership

The title of this paper inspires examination of leadership style within the corporate culture with regard to personal traits in relation to organisational behaviour. The old standard of a leader being born rather than made is under review here as many concepts come into play when discussing modern corporate leadership. Many would argue and research… View Article

School Leadership

The Superintendent of Schools is the principle leader for school districts across the United States. Principles and teachers of individual schools look to the Superintendent to provide inspiration to be the best educators possible regardless of external influences such as low teacher pay. The Superintendent should have transformational leadership and exhibit traits of integrity, intelligence,… View Article

Leadership Qualities

Charisma and personality are two important traits of successful leaders. Many brilliant men and women have risen to positions of power based on technical skill and knowledge base; yet, these same people typically do not fully succeed in leadership positions unless charisma and strong personality traits shine. Without charisma and likable personalities, leaders cannot survive,… View Article

Leadership of Stalin and Hitler

Stalin and Hitler were influential leaders in history. Although Stalin and Hitler grew to have immense leadership powers, can these individuals be considered great leaders? Based on the grave crimes against humanity both leaders committed under power; Stalin and Hitler should not be considered great leaders, but rather leaders that were excellent at widely influencing… View Article

Leadership Behavior and Conflict Management in Small Groups

Small groups of people with common interests often come together to exchange information, collaborate and cooperate in the pursuit of a shared goal. These members have the time and space to meet and share ideas through interaction and participation. When such groups face tough and insurmountable problems it helps to have a visionary leader to… View Article

Experiential Leadership Project Progress Report

This paper is an experiential leadership project whose subject is, Sandra Ussery, my direct supervisor at work. Sandra’s title is Pricing Systems Supervisor, under FedEx National LTL. At present she oversees nine direct employees. Sandra’s boss is Diane Lia, the Pricing Systems Manager for FedEx National LTL. Diane has two direct employees and nine indirect… View Article

Charismatic Leader

This type of leadership holds a lot of power. In both productive and counterproductive respects. The rhetoric employed to effectively carry out charismatic leadership acts as a double edged sword. While it is true that a message delivered in a charismatic manner inspires the followers to implement it with a lot of fervor, but in… View Article

Concrete Experience

As an engineer of a pharmaceutical company, I directly report to my supervisor on a daily basis. I am very diligent with my work and I see to it that I perform at my best. I followed the orders of my supervisor and I work hard to meet deadlines. However, there is always a point… View Article