The Servant Leadership Style: Personal Strengths, Weaknesses And Goals

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“The servant-leader is servant first. It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead. The best test is: do those served grow as persons: do they, while being served, become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become servants?” (Greenleaf, 1977/2002, p. 27) I trust this theory applies to me most on the grounds that I stick to its standards both inside and outside the workplace. I trust the person's needs preceded the need of the organization, and a cheerful, sound individual makes for a solid, effective group.


After evaluating my seven habits profile seek first to understand, be proactive, think win-win and sharpen the saw were my highest categories. One quality I have would be seek first to understand, it is a habit incorporated into the interdependence posting. Stephen Covey states "Reliance is the worldview of we – we can do it: we can participate, we can consolidate our gifts and capacities and make something more prominent together” (Covey, 1989, p.

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23). I pride myself on the capacity to make solid bonds with my employees. I consider them as a person not just a worker or asset, and I commend their independence. I show this quality by becoming more acquainted with every one of my employees and influencing them to feel welcome and comfortable to become acquainted with me also. Being an open ear for my employees makes them develop trust for me.

My second quality has been distinguished as the ability to enable subordinates to develop and create inside their profession.

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I have exhibited this by coaching employees. This has included helping them develop inside their present position and also supporting them in climbing from their present level inside the organization. This is shown frequently through teaching, listening, and giving them my insight to what I have observed within the organization. "Listening is diligent work requiring a noteworthy venture of individual time and exertion – and it is justified regardless of each ounce of vitality consumed" (Boone and Makhani, 2012).

Be Proactive was one of my strengths, which is an accurate description of my ability to take control of my condition as opposed to having it control me. I take responsibility for activities and concentrate my energies on the things that I can change while tolerating that there are a few circumstances outside my ability to control. I begin by not putting off assignments and adhering to a timetable.

I do value the concerns and needs of others. I assume responsibility for my moods and actions rather than pointing the finger at others for the conditions. I care about the success of my employees as well as my own. In struggle circumstances I attempt to discover an answer that benefits all and not an individual in order to make a win-win situation.


I learned that I have a few areas of weaknesses that I view as opportunities for development and improvement. My lowest categories were emotional bank account, life balance, first things first, synergize, and begin with the end in mind. Life balance was really no surprise to me. I misjudge the measure of time and effort it takes to finish assignments, and I frequently spread myself too thin. I generally achieve my objectives and assignments and that winds up leading to relinquishing time with family and friends. Achieving a higher position at work pushes me to work harder so I can attain my goal. I feel that in the event that I make forfeits now, later on I will have more opportunity to dedicate to my family life.

Another of my lower categories is put first things first and that goes hand in hand with life balance. God and family should be first. My free time is wasted watching television and exploring social media apps such as Twitter and Instagram. Important time could be spent with my family or working out and maintaining my health. I shouldn’t allow such unimportant activities to get in the way.

Emotional bank account was another one of my lower categories. This is an account of trust rather than money. Just like a financial bank account, an emotional bank account is the amount of trust created in a relationship. Acts of kindness are deposits. An act of disrespect are potential withdrawals. Every action I make is either a potential deposit or a potential withdrawal.

Theory-Based Changes

My morning routine sets me up for workday achievement, and the continued employment of the "first things first" principle guarantees that the workday is profitable. Once my morning schedule is finished, and I'm feeling both focused and stimulated, it's time for work. Within my workday, I need to utilize the same principle of first things first. I should tackle my most important tasks at the start of the day, knowing that if I do so, I’ll not only have ensured that the most valued things get done, but that I’ll be able to fit the “urgent” tasks in later.

A second change is to effectively look for contribution from my employees and to give them a feeling of self-governance. If I truly care about taking the time to coach and mentor them, I should be able to trust them to make the right decisions. I need to be willing to take risks of letting them call their own particular shots without micromanaging every aspect. If I really show others how it's done and mentor them adequately, I realize that they will have the capacity to make tough decisions and succeed.

A third significant change is that I need to make my own life a priority, I need to show others how it’s done, and I would prefer not to adversely affect my employees who seek me for direction. I need my employees to be happy and effective, and I know this starts with a happy and successful personal life. My priority as a servant leader is to put the necessities of the individual first, and I am not absolved. Making my own life a priority demonstrates to my employees that I am personable and balanced, which encourages trust amongst my employees and me.


My first goal is to gain upward feedback from team members before the end of the quarter to establish further what can be improved upon. Getting honest, valuable criticism shouldn't simply be a top down process, particularly with such awesome instruments accessible to encourage this nowadays. Gaining insight to my employee’s point of view is a great method to see how my behaviors and practices affect people around me, and can give incredible knowledge with regards to what works and what doesn't. When things get busy, it’s easy to forget to check in with my team and gain their feedback on how things are going. Having a goal set up implies things won't get neglected in place of other tasks.

A second goal I have put forward is to set aside the opportunity to talk with my employees to make short term and long-term goals and to examine methods of accomplishing them. I will begin by planning time with every employee separately, and I will enable them to assess their goals, their abilities, and any shortcomings they figure they may have that are impeding them from accomplishing their goals. I will then assign every employee to new tasks that polish their qualities, challenge their shortcomings, and give them an open door for initiative. At the end of the task, I will meet with the workers again for feedback and to talk about their thoughts on how the experience has affected their career goals. I am confident that these two SMART goals won't just enable my workers to feel important and vital to the business, however it will enable me to sharpen my authority abilities and enhance key weaknesses.

Updated: Feb 26, 2024
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