Leader Essay Topics

Comparisson of Leadership Styles to Henry V

This week’s lecture dealt with the theories associated to the skills approach to leadership. The skills approach can be thought of as very similar to the trait theory. In it we use some characteristics from a person to determine their leadership strength. The main difference between these two approaches to understanding leadership is that, while… View Article

Leadership Styles and Their Effectiveness

Peer Editor: Faculty: Certification of Authorship:I certify that I am the author of this paper and that any assistance I recieved in its preparation is fully acknowledged and disclosed in this paper.I also have citedd any sources from which I used data,ideas,or words,either quoted directly or parapharased.I certify that this paper was prepared by me… View Article

Benjamin Cardozo Leaders program

The final spot in the University of Buffalo’s graduating class of 2011 should be offered to me because I embody the values of hard work, dedication, determination, and self-discipline that are essential in succeeding as a college student and later as a professional in my field. I have always had plans for a successful future… View Article

Change Agent Skills

In order to be a successful sustainability change agent, an individual must have the following: 1. 2. 3. Knowledge of the environmental, economic, and social issues related to sustainability (understanding); A value system and self-concept to support and under gird the actions of a change agent (motivation); and Change agent abilities (skills). Change Agent Abilities:… View Article

Welsh Olive Grove on Anglesey

Nowadays the problem of climatic changes is affecting the whole world. Therefore, Anglesey decided to plant the first commercial olive grove in Wales to manage those changes. Calon Lan being the official producer of olive trees, have planted about fifty olive tress on the northern coastal line of the Wales. It is interesting to note… View Article

Effective Leadership

Being an effective leader means learning who you are and what you stand for, and having the courage to act on your values. Moral leadership is quite similar to the concept of servant leadership in that the emphasis and the reward are based in doing for others. A leader serves using an ethical foundation which… View Article

What Makes For A Good Politician?

In order to sort out this mess being called as an “election” and “campaigns”, I was doing some more reading about McCain, Palin, Obama and Biden. That’s when I got to thinking: What makes for a good politician? When I began to think about it, it became a much more difficult question to answer. After… View Article

The Leadership Qualities of Oedipus and Kreon

Having leadership qualities means having charisma, resolves and protecting your citizens from any aspects that can come to harm them. The playwright portrays Oedipus as the King who cares for his people above all else and Kreon as a royalty, who attends only to hedonic lifestyle. In the citizen’s eyes, Oedipus is seen as a… View Article

What Are Your Expectations When You Become an Air Force Officer

When I first enlisted, I did not know where my military career would take me. Back at that time, I thought that I may only complete my initial enlistment and move on to other professional pursuits. However, over the past nine years I have come to embrace all that the Philippine Air Force military stands… View Article

Our Obligation as Leaders

The role of leaders anywhere is primary to lead the way. Leaders are supposed to be visionaries, those who chart the course. In any organization or any establishment, there are some abilities or functions that are required of a leader. Primary out of all these is the unique ability to see far, envision the people… View Article

How to Be a Chef

Bodily/Kinesthetic My first intelligence was Bodily/ Kinesthetic. I’m very athletic and I love to play sports a lot. I play basketball after school on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at my local community center. I even play basketball outside when I have spare time on my hands. I play a lot of 2K13 on my PS3… View Article

Invitational Leadership

Introduction Leadership, and the study of it, has its commencement in the early civilizations. Ancient rulers, pharaohs, emperors and biblical patriarchs have one thing in common – leadership. Although scholars have been studying this phenomenon for almost two centuries, numerous definitions and theories abound throughout. However, enough similarities exist so as to define “leadership” as… View Article

Leadership Interview and Analysis

I interviewed the owner of a mid-sized engineering firm from this point forward referred to as Jack. Jack has been in the engineering field over 30 years starting as a project engineer and has worked his way to owning his own company. He has no formal training or degree in management or leadership and is… View Article

Behavior and Leadership

There are many forms of leadership style used among top companies today. Within the given scenario we are given three different leadership styles among three different leaders. Within this scenario we will look at transactional, transformational, and level 5 leadership. We will identify what type of leader each person is, and also how the style… View Article

Management and Leadership Paper

Main Problems One of the problems with this scenario is the on-going conflict between Richard Leeman, Public Relations Chief over the chemical division, and Donna Olson, Public Relations Chief over the mechanical division. Gene Robertson, Public Relations Director for the Western Area Regional Office, has had to review seven cases in the past six months… View Article

Management, Organisations and People Module Report

Introduction: The aim of this report is to provide an explanation to ‘Mimi Vasquez Hair and Beauty’ managers’ approach to leadership and go on to explore his relationship to his work group and how they have developed over time. It will first outline the methodology used to conduct this report and then go on to… View Article

Case Study: P.F. Chang serves its workers well

It is suggested by various text books and management tutors alike, that the mastering of the four functions of management; Planning, controlling, organising and leading along with developing technical, human and conceptual skills, should go some way to allowing a manager some degree of success in the field of management. Of course, having skills is… View Article

Speaking a Bit About My Favorite Career

The administration is important in all organizations that exist worldwide, from the smallest to the largest, and may be governmental or non-governmental organizations. Organizations must not only demand for raw materials but also need manpower to not only take care of the production process but also the leadership role to be assumed by the administrator…. View Article

Characteristics of a Good Boss

Thesis statement: To be a good boss you must have many qualities such as setting priorities; you also have good communication skills, and last treating all employees fair. I. (1st complete topic sentence, including transition) First you have to set your priorities straight A. Setting priorities first requires organization B. A well-organized boss has schedules,… View Article

Leadership Principles

Abstract This paper explores the definition of leadership, and how applying the principles of leadership can yield more success for teams in the workplace. It also serves to further explore personality self-evaluation and how personality traits help to define an individual’s leadership likely traits and strengths. Reference will be made to personality assessments such as… View Article

Leadership Reflection

1. Background Floods of memories flashed through my mind as I recall the problems I faced when I stepped up to lead the team during the second meeting. Problem 1 The objective of the meeting was to come up with the programme outline, so that we can draft the proposal and show our execution plans… View Article

The One Minute Manager

Reflection: The one minute Manager I have found to be a dull, be good book. I believe it will help you run your business. One minute reprimands and one minute praisings are a good strategy to use in your business. I will definitely use them in my business, because I believe in them. When employees… View Article

Two Leaders S. Jobs and R. Branson

This project report is based on comparison made between two leaders knows as CEO of Apple Company Late Steve Jobs and CEO of Virgin Group Sir Richard Branson. In this project report both Leaders have been compared and contrasted according to their leadership qualities, skills, attitudes, personalities and value system owned by each of them…. View Article

My Drum Major Instinct

Stalking is a very serious matter, despite society’s tendency to trivialize the experiences of many female victims. There have been numerous overlooked cases in which female victims have been stalked for various amounts of times and taken action to have the stalker removed, just to have him/her eventually come back up in some sort of… View Article

Fine Tuning Management Education- the Need of the Hour

Getting an education is an important part of success in today’s business world. It’s competitive out there, and the more educated you are, the better your chances of landing a good job are. That’s why getting a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is so important. As of now there are over 2,400 B- Schools in… View Article

Emotional Intelligence: Crucial to an Organization’s Success

“Historically, leaders in most organizations have neglected emotions in the workplace. Today we realize that emotions are very much a part of workplace success. How individuals respond to real situations each and every day and what organizations do to foster productive emotional responses can make the difference between the organization that stumbles and the organization… View Article

Subject Leadership Review of Literature

Type in ‘What makes an effective leader/manager?’ into any search engine, and instantly thousands of definitions appear. The terms are frequently used, but rarely defined consistently. The National College of School Leadership define them separately stating that ‘Leadership is about having vision and articulating, ordering priorities, getting others to go with you, constantly reviewing what… View Article

Nonviolent action takes low risk

Nonviolent action has been widely used in political and economical change that people can use it to fight for their true power of holder. This article is based on Merriman’s article “Agents of Change and Nonviolent”(Merriman, 2008), Yunus’s article “The Role of the Corporation in Supporting Local Development” (Yunus, 2000) and DuVall’s article “Outside View:… View Article

Inc Narrative Report

For our group, the INCredibles, we are assigned to organize an event which has something to do with a group and its cooperation. The two most important thing when we say “LEADERSHIP”. As described, “LEADERSHIP” is the activity of leading a group of people or an organization or the ability to achieve a specific goal…. View Article

Leadership and Qualities

As a company that wants to grow, SPAR s Applied System Group (ASG) faces a few external and internal pressures urging the company to change in order to adapt to the new business environment. SPAR’s Applied Systems’ client base primarily consists of government-based agency, from Canada’s Department of National Defense to U.S’s Navy and Coast… View Article