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Department of Planning

Prescribed Text There is no prescribed text for this course. Course materials will be provided electronically via Cecil. Lecturers will provide additional reading lists for their particular sections of the course. Preparation Approximately 1 hour preparation is expected for every one hour of class time. You will be required to complete readings allocated in class,… View Article

Academy Award for Best Actor and Legal Issues

At the end of these instructions is a list of just a few of the hundreds of law-related movies that are available on the market. You are free to use any law-related movie you like (with TWO EXCEPTIONS – Double Jeopardy is NOT acceptable, because Hollywood got the legal issue completely wrong; and A Few… View Article

Doctrine of Judicial Precedent

Introduction Statutes and case law are two significant sources of the UK law. In the convention of common law, the law applied to a case is decided through judicial precedent and statutory interpretation. There can be effectiveness of judicial precedent and statutory interpretation in separation as well as when they are combined in the development… View Article

The balance between human rights and sovereignty:

A complex dynamic The concept of human rights has come a long way since the earliest theoreticians introduced it. The United States has been the greatest promoter of individual rights around the world since the revolution. In response, many nations have tilted their focus toward promoting and ensuring these rights. In recent years, however, disputes… View Article

The duty to disclosure in insurance law

A pre – contractual duty of disclosure is imposed by the Insurance law upon the assured, which requires the assured to disclose to the insurer all material facts and breach of this duty allows the insurer to avoid the policy. Section 18(2) of the Marine Insurance Act 1906 states that “Every circumstance is material which… View Article

Should gambling be legalized

Gambling is the risking of money or other possessions that’s mostly depends on chance and luck, even tough some forms of gambling may be influenced by skills. Some stereotypical forms of gambling are found in casinos they include: roulette, blackjack, craps, poker, slots and many others. Nevertheless, there are other forms of gambling that people… View Article

Legalizing gambling

Gambling is legal in many places, it’s not either a criminal or dangerous activity provided it is done responsibly, and in accordance with the law. Have you ever wagered on a game? If so you were gambling and should have been fined. Lawmakers have decided that it is evil to gamble, they have justified it… View Article

The impact of the inspector general Act of 1978

The words of this text (law) were changed by inspector General Act Amendments of 1988 (Public law 100 – 504, ) and Homeland Security Act of 2002 (public law 107 – 296). The office of Inspector General; departments and agencies had the responsibility to organize and be in charge of audits and examinations of programs… View Article

Week 5 –Finances

Debate on profit maximization ethics and corporate social responsibility: Traditionally, the duty of company’s management is to improve the financial welfare of the shareholders of the company by maximum of profits provided it is under the law. This is the canonical law and economics account (Elhauge: 2004) Companies are therefore liable for any act(s) that… View Article

Human motivation

Introduction: A person is a complex creature who goes through a variety of developmental changes in his life. Each of these changes, a particular learning occurs. When we learn, we organize, shape, and strengthen our brain. Humans are like machines who never get tired of learning. From the day we are born, our brain works… View Article

The EC Competition Law

Introduction. The five principal institutions entrusted with carrying out the tasks of the Community are, the Council, the Commission, the European Parliament, the Court of Auditors and the Court of Justice[1]. The Commission holds two kinds of judicial powers, which are based on the first indent to Article 211 (ex Article 155). First, the Commission… View Article

EC Law

Part A Sonja is a temporary farm labourer of 16 years old. In the summer of 2005 she was hospitalized with sunburn got from working in the field without adequate UV protection according to the “Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) Protection at Work” Directive adopted by the EC. The Directive provides that the Member States should ensure… View Article

Model Law on International Contracting

Introduction E-commerce in commodity goods has existed for decades. Electronic contracts provided a new mechanism to form a relationship via Internet and now we see many commodity products being exchanged daily on the Web. The contract can respond not only to the parties but to changing conditions of some kind and then inform the parties… View Article

Speaker’s notes

Slide 1 Information on the slide: As the first slide it should be in front of the audience while I present myself and my project. The slide is a comparison between students and wards. It is meant to kick start the attention of the audience, implying the students as future wards. The picture is taken… View Article

Statutes of Limitations in Florida and Massachusetts

The statute of limitations is a decree in a certain law legal system limiting the amount of time for which one can file for a lawsuit. A lawsuit filed after the set deadline will not be processed in the judicial courts.1 Every state has a different set of guidelines regarding this deadline. Other states have… View Article

How Does the Constitution Guard Form Tyranny?

Imagine being in world where you are forced to wear certain things. Forced to practice the only religion allowed. Imagine not being able to know what you want, when you wanted! The Constitution was made on September 17, 1787 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was made to provide the framework for the U.S. government. It creates… View Article

Injustice in the Adversarial System

Donald Black discussed in his book The Behavior of Law, when a society begins to grow and become more complex so does its legal system. The United States uses a system that may no longer be fit for handling all the complex problems it is faced with. Society has come to learn through the justice… View Article

The Justness of Breaking Unjust Laws

The issue of just and unjust laws has been one frequently debated throughout history. Yet, in regard to African-Americans and the treatment they endured in the United States, the issue is one that takes on a whole new aspect. From the days of slavery up to the present day, African-Americans have faced a great challenge… View Article

The International Civil Servant in Law and in Fact

Summary             The article presents an issue that is of great significance to all nations. It notes a statement made by Chairman Krushchev, which states, “while there are neutral countries, there are no neutral men.” This statement seems to challenge the stability of international permanent organs, such as the League of Nations and the United… View Article

The law of demand

The law of demand states that the higher the price the lower the demand and the lower the price the higher the demand. This law has a lot of influence in our daily lives, for example, sugar is one of the commodities, that is commonly used by majority of the people living in the world… View Article

The Law of Connection

It can be said that in order to make other individuals follow a certain person, that person must first be able to touch the hearts of these individuals. By stating that a person must first touch the heart of the individuals, it is assumed that the person must primarily be able to communicate with the… View Article

International Law

An international legal order is not just a matter of prudence; it is a requirement that derives from a rather essential moral obligation, the (limited) obligation to help ensure that all persons have admittance to institutions that protect their most essential human rights (DJ Harris, 1991). Though, offered international legal order gives a prominent role… View Article

The Relevance of the Supreme Court Case: Kelo v. City of New London

Introduction       Judicial activism is defined as a behavior of the judges who in the performance of their constitutionally granted and mandated duties, exceed beyond the limits of their authority by “legislating” or creating and amending existing laws for the purpose of imposing their personal ideas of the needs of the society (Hausknecht, n.d.). The… View Article

Oversea Study Agent in China

1.0 Introduction As China’s refrom and opening up, foreign exchange increasing day by day. Studying abroad craze after another. More and more people chose to accept foreign advanced education. This report is small scale survey on experiences with the services of oversea study agencies, which in order to inform readers some informations about oversea study… View Article

The Theory Behind The No Child Left Behind Law

In 2001, President George Bush signed into law the No Child left Behind Law, which consolidated the US Department of Education’s bilingual and immigrant education programs. The plan focuses on teaching English to student as quickly and effectively as possible. Senators from Utah and Illinois Orrin Hatch, a republican and Richard Durbin, a democrat, proposed… View Article

The Use of Polygraph Tests by Law Enforcement

Research Question:             How Reliable are Lie Detectors? Thesis Statement:             Lie detectors are not completely reliable. 1st Source: White Jr., R. D. (2001). Ask me no questions, tell me no lies: examining the uses and misuses of the polygraph. Public Personnel Management, 30(4), 483+. This article discusses the different ways by which the polygraph… View Article

International Law In Business Dispute

With the diversity in the exchange of business portfolio continues to grow, a rational legal device should help to solve the various conflicts that arise in various international business conflicts developing from such business transactions. The international business and trade are basic pillars for the growth and economic sovereignty of the global states. The compliment… View Article

The Unique Of American System

Separation of power, one of the four features under the American system of government policymaking, refers to the division of labor given to the three branches of the government in America. The power of separation doctrine is divided in three section of the government organization namely legislative, executive and judicial. The work of the legislature… View Article

The Unabomber

Executive Summary             The Unabomber, named for his initial attacks on universities and airlines, (“un” in his FBI code name was short for university, and “a” referred to airlines), was responsible for placing or mailing sixteen package bombs and letter bombs that resulted in three deaths and nearly two dozen injuries in the United States…. View Article

Role and Function of Law Paper

Former President Theodore Roosevelt was quoted as once saying,” No man is above the law and no man is below it: nor do we ask any man’s permission when we ask him to obey it.” This quote sums up the importance and vastness of our legal system. Laws serve many purposes in both business as… View Article