Law Essay Topics

Exclusionary Rule

Constitutional Law pertains to the account of fundamental laws of nation-states and other political associations. Thus, constitutions refer to the foundation and structure for government and could limit or characterize the power and system of political institutions to carry out new laws and policies (Chemerinsky, 2003). The constitution sets the boundaries of new laws, thus,… View Article

Posse Comitatus Act (1878)

The Posse Comitatus Act is a United States federal law which had been passed on June 16, 1878 as an outcome of two sources, the first being the end of the Reconstruction Period. From the establishment of the Republic till the passing of the act in question it had been standard practice to position federal… View Article

Mock Trial Closings

The closing argument is the last piece of a mock trial, essentially the last time you get to sell your case to the jury. During the closing argument, you are summarizing and putting together everything the jury has already heard during the trial. You are basically clarifying everything presented in the trial from showing the… View Article

Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law: A Book Review

There are a number of laws in any given society. These laws seek to manage the nature of relationships and transactions in the society. The intent is for society to be orderly, stable and based on justice (Black, 1979). In an ideal world where every human being is just and acts for the benefit of… View Article

Intellectual and technological property

In the United States, the stakes of identifying the best laws and policies for the use of intellectual and technological property are very high (U. S. Congress, 1986). As a general rule, developers of computer software seek legal protection for intellectual property by using traditional legal mechanisms found in copyright, trade secret, patent, trademark and… View Article

Plain View Doctrine

Plain View Doctrine is in essence a weapon for the law enforcement officers to prove the legality of their search and seizure. (“Plain View Doctrine”) As a rule, law enforcement officers are bound by the 4th Amendment which requires that before they could conduct a search or arrest they must first secure a valid search… View Article

Espionage Act and the First Amendment

The Espionage Act of 1917 is a US federal law which was passed after the First World War under the administration of President Woodrow Wilson. The law puts it a crime against the state to leak information to outsiders under the intention of creating hindrances to the operation of the US armed forces. This was… View Article

Land Law

Some of the essential requirements of easements are the presence of a dominant and a servient tenement. In general, dominant tenements are estates that are either fee simple or leasehold; moreover, easements cannot exist in gross or in the absence of a dominant tenement. Further, it is essential for an easement to bestow on the… View Article

Enforcement of Anti-trust Laws and Regulations in the US

Monopoly has been defined as a progressive situation in the market wherein only one service or product provider exists. Sole ownership and management of this production ensures no competition in the industry in which the firm is involved. The powers are being concentrated in a single individual or groups of people managing the single existing… View Article

The Pros And Cons Of Becoming A District Attorney

What are the pros and cons of becoming a district attorney? A district attorney is an officer who is appointed by an authority be it a state, a country, municipality and so forth, to deal with issues and matters relating to prosecution of those persons who are convicted of committing any crime. The name district… View Article

The Animal Welfare Act of 1998

Republic Act No. 8485, also known as The Animal Welfare Act of 1998 (full text), is an act to promote animal welfare in the Philippines. It is a consolidation of Senate Bill No. 2120 and House Bill No. 9274, and signed into law on 11 February 1998 by President Fidel V. Ramos. WHAT IS SECTION… View Article

Elements Of Property Offences In UK

INTRODUCTION In most societies today, property offences have become prevalent in most courts of law. There have been cases of property offences here and there in most countries of the world. United Kingdom is not exceptional when it comes to the issue of property offences; therefore, in this seminar presentation a succinct or close examination… View Article

Project On NCO

INTRODUCTION I have worked for the army as an NCO for the last 13 years and I have always tried to be accountable as much as I can, to live up to the standards of this base and carry out all my responsibilities abiding in the set out rules and regulations. As an Non Commissioned… View Article

Process of law

According to the law, no person is to be deprived of life or liberty without the due process of the law.  Due process in this sense does not only refer to the adherence to certain procedural rules such as the Miranda Rights or the presentation of a warrant of arrest.  Due process is basically a… View Article

Employment Law

Early this year, there are reports that the number of employees calling in sick has risen to staggering levels. According to an absence management company, there are about 3. 6 million employees who called in sick the first week of January (Pitcher, 2008). The United Kingdom ranked as second as having the most number of… View Article

Habeas Corpus and the War on Terror

In this paper I will be diving in to the history of Habeas Corpus and how it has evolved over the years. I will briefly explain the origination of the habeas corpus, the role it plays in U. S. A and what current action is being taken about it. I will be also looking in… View Article

Judicial Law-Making

The independence of the judiciary was ensured by the act of settlement 1700, which transferred the power to sack judges from the crown to the parliament. Consequently, judges should theoretically make their decisions based purely on the logical deductions of precedent, uninfluenced by political or career considerations. The eighteenth century legal commentator, William Blackstone, introduced… View Article

Legal Defenses

Introduction This paper will give brief description on three types of legal defenses and the elements of a crime, how the crime applies to the overall criminal procedure. It also will give a definition to what each element means. Legal Defenses and Their Definition A legal defense is one that satisfies all legal requirements of… View Article

Simulation: Environmental Nuisance Lawsuit

Factual Summary: Provide a succinct and accurate description of the scenario at hand. Summarize the scenario to include all relevant facts. A neighborhood group called Nice is utilizing the principles of common law-private and public nuisance and trespass- to bring attention to the problem of air, ground, and water pollution which is occurring on adjoining land… View Article

The Importance of Confidentiality and Data Protection for Home Based Childcare

When working in a childcare setting it is often inevitable to come across confidential information about children and families you are working with. Confidential information is personal information, which should not be shared with unauthorised person or organisations. It also means a childminder should never discuss a child with a friend or other parents. Most… View Article

Color of Law

As a Legal Management Student who will soon be proceeding to Law, I have learn and realized so many things about being a lawyer when I finished reading the Color of Law by Mark Gimenez. When I was still a little child my dream was to become best lawyer so I can help those unfortunate… View Article

Declaration of Principles and Policies

Some of us here in Congress may have heard of the cancellation of CLOAs in Hacienda Looc, Batangas, Sumilao, Bukidnon and Hacienda Maria, Agusan del Sur. These are only some of the 2,555 cases involving cancellation of EPs and CLOAs which covers 29,682 hectares of land. To be specific, the case of Hacienda Maria in… View Article

Designing an Office Space

Designing a new office space for a law firm requires careful consideration and planning. Not only must the space be esthetically pleasing, but must function well for those who work within it. In addition, there are many other considerations that must be addressed. Among them are what type of space to choose, budgetary constraints, room… View Article

Proprietary Estoppel

“In Thorner –v- Major, the House of Lords confirmed that a claimant seeking to establish a proprietary estoppel must prove three things: (1) that the defendant’s assurances or conduct in relation to identified property were sufficiently clear and unambiguous in all the circumstances, (2) to lead the claimant reasonably to rely on those assurances or… View Article

The Element of Alternative Liability

The alternative liability theory is most often used when two or more tortfeasors simultaneously commit independent acts of negligence, but only one act causes the injury, the plaintiff is then relieved from the burden of proof with respect to causation, and may sue both tortfeasors without direct proof of causation. However, the burden thus shifts… View Article

Information Technology Acts

The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) was brought before legislation in December of 2000 and signed off by President Clinton. The law was brought about to protect children from certain internet usage that could be accessed at public and school libraries. Although there were officials that tried to overturn this bill, stating that the bill… View Article

Promise vs. Duty in Nursing

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary (1997), the definition of a promise is “a pledge to do or not to do something specified.” For the sake of not sounding like a bunch of politicians who seldom keep their rhetorical promises, I think we should change the word to something more honorable such as to duty. Duty, according… View Article

Sport Law

1. What are the benefits of using a worst case scenario approach in drafting contracts? The benefits of using a worst case scenario include protecting the interests of the organizations in case of a breach of contract. 2. Explain the concepts of agreements, consideration, capacity, and legality in formation of contracts. A) An agreement consists… View Article

The Roman Empire and Han Dynasty

The Roman Empire and Han Dynasty had very similar cultures, but had different attitudes toward the importance of individuals and their obligations. Both empires had the same political structures that were based on bureaucratic systems. The Roman Empire was a republic, where the aristocrats had the opportunity to vote for their leader, and Han china… View Article