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Law Essay Examples

Does EU Enlargement make any sense

European Union enlargement is the process of expanding the Union through incorporation and allowing accession of new members states and sovereign countries. This process took off with the first six members who were the founding powers of the European coal along with the steel community which was the European Union precursor in 1952. Since then,…

European EN and International ISO standards

The abbreviations “EN” refers to European Norm while “ISO” refer to International Standards Organization. Endoscopy literally means “looking inside” and it is usually refers to look inside the body usually in relation to medical reasons using an instrument called an endoscope. It is used to examine the interior parts of a hollow organ or cavity…

European Union Relations with the Russian Federations

The EU (European Union) is an economic and political union form by 28 member states and the countries are primarily located in Europe. The union has developed differently and varying relations with its different members. Russia is one of the countries that make the union. Russia-European affairs are the intercontinental relationships between the Russian federation…



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Fascism like a system of action and a system of thought

According to Mussolini, Fascism is a system of action and a system of thought. It is of action in that; the doctrine is inherent. It sees the world’s generations and individuals brought together by moral law and common traditions and life not limited by space and time. It wants individuals to be aware of the…

Covert intervention as a moral problem

The CIA has been greatly involved in the collection of intelligence as well as being engaged in covert action for the benefit of the United States. According to the 1991 Intelligence Authorization Act covert action is simply described as a particular “activity of the government of the United states that is meant to influence, economical,…

Consent searches in the Fourth Amendment

The Fourth Amendment provides provisions that protect citizens from searches and seizures that are unreasonable. However, the individuals may waive their rights by consenting to searches. This essay is aimed at listing (Zalman, 2010), describing and explaining the rules regarding consent searches and providing a case study to illustrate the rules. When the court is…

Environmental protection and the social responsibility of firms: perspectives from law, economics, and business

Responsible businessIntroductionResponsible business concerns itself with allowing and ensuring the application of social and moral principles in business decision making. Through the definitions, the following principles of responsible business can be drawn: Business for profit: When people engage in business, they are expecting to receive profit. The first principle of responsible business lies in the…

An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations

Absolute monarchy Introduction             The belief in an understandable world, under a methodical Christian God, offered much of the motion for philosophical investigation. Beside that, religious philosophy paid attention on the significance of godliness, and the splendor and secrecy of God’s definitive nature; aside from that, thoughts such as Deism strained that the planet was…

Argument. Men and particularly princes

Argument Introduction             Men and particularly princes should be very careful when making their decisions and they should not be concerned by the making decisions that always favors their subjects and friends but they should be concerned more on the outcomes of their decisions and whether those decisions will benefit their state. I strongly believe…

Contemporary politics with a focus on Europe

Contemporary politics with a focus on Europe Introduction             Contemporary comparative politics can only be well understood through a critical analysis of the European politics right from the ancient time to the current world. European politics brings a clear picture of different elements and features of politics because it is the origin of all forms…

Critical Thinking in Homeland Security

Critical Thinking in Homeland Security Introduction             Homeland Security is an essential part of the security organs that are very crucial in ensuring the protection of the country’s sovereignty. Just as other nations in the world, United States faces significant threats from the external and internal factors. The US established Homeland Security Department in 2003,…

Essay on Democracy

Democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time Introduction             Even though the concept of democracy form of governance has long been in existence for centuries, it was the emergence of country state government system which gave birth to the rise and flourish…

Effects of lobbying and its effectiveness in America

Effects of lobbying and its effectiveness in America Introduction             A lobbyist is anyone with a clear understanding of working of the federal government and the legislative actions taken each day as well as their impacts. He might represent an individual, a party, company or a group of people (Hrebanar, 2009). Yearly, many dollars are…

European External Action Service Introduction

European External Action Service Introduction Introduction             To strengthen the European Union, make it more efficiency, make its projects more interesting and give it more profile, there was the need for the establishment of External European Action Service (EEAS). According to treaty of Lisbon signed in 2007, the establishment of EEAS was to be carried…

Lawmaking by executive order: an analysis of a movement tending to destroy American constitutional government and to set up an executive autocracy

Executive Order Introduction             Executive Order is a lawfully mandatory order given by the acting President since he is the head of the Executive Branch ordering (FAA) Federal Administrative Agencies. An Executive Order is generally applied to control officials and federal agencies in their implementation of congressionally recognized policies or laws. However, in many occurrences…


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