Law Essay Topics

Newton Weights

As it is known, different materials have different properties. They act differently under different circumstances. There are a number of properties of matter which can be explained in terms of molecular behaviour. Among these properties is elasticity. Intermolecular forces: these are electromagnetic forces between molecules. The strength and direction of these forces differ in accordance… View Article

The ethical theories of natural law and situation ethics

There are two main approaches to ethics which are held by Christians today. Over the years it has proved to be a very controversial and widely debated issue. Catholics and certain other ‘strict’ denominations of the Christian church hold the view that natural law should be the means of making ethical decisions, whereas more liberal… View Article

February Action

So, after my great holidays, back to reality. In this case, it meant moving flats. I moved out of my friends’ flat and in with two Mexican siblings, girl (spoilt acting student) and boy (pain in the ass lawyer student). (The statements in this part are highly influenced by later experiences with the two people,… View Article

Proving Establish Liability For Each Offence

Archie is employed to protect the pheasants on Lord Melchett’s estate from poachers. On day, from a distance he sees Liam and Craig on the estate and, knowing them to be poachers, he decides to ‘rid himself of the problem for all time’ and fires his shotgun at them. Both Liam and Craig are only… View Article

The Offence Explaining

Vincent and Kay live together. Kay becomes pregnant by another man, and Vincent cannot come to terms with this. The relationship becomes more and more strained until eventually, when Kay is 28 weeks pregnant, they have a violent argument and Vincent stabs Kay in the abdomen. She survives long enough to give birth to the… View Article

Importance of fault-based liability in English law

Fault is regarded as blame, or responsibility for doing something wrong. The concept of fault is integral to the English legal system when it comes to deciding guilt of liability. In fact, in many areas of law if fault could not be assigned, the system would fall apart as liability can only be found if… View Article

Do Things Have to Be Scientifically Proven to Be True?

Usually things do have to be scientifically proven to become true. For instance in a law suit in which the court is trying to determine if a certain man is a father of a baby, just as an example, a scientific process must take place in which the DNA of the father and the baby… View Article

The force you exert

The target of this investigation is to find out how the force you exert on pulling back a rubber band, which will in turn catapult an empty margarine tub, affect the distance which the margarine tub will travel. We will not be changing any of the other factors of the experiment, only the force and… View Article

Tort law assignment

Advise John as to claims that he may have against Brian in tort. For John to make a claim against Brian in tort the following three elements must be proved: whether Brian owes a duty of care to John, if that duty was breached and if the breach caused the damage. Liability for negligent misstatements… View Article

How does the viscousity

Viscosity is a measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow when acted upon by an external force such as a pressure differential or gravity. Viscosity is a general property of all fluids, which includes both liquids and gases. It describes the internal friction of a moving fluid. A fluid with large viscosity resists motion because… View Article

Helicopter investigation

Easily established, the sycamore tree produces sycamore seeds. These seeds are of an extremely strange looking seed, I say this because the seeds when in the air they spin like tiny helicopters. Due to the spinning they are kept in the air for a longer amount of time. Aim In this investigation I have been… View Article

Minor capacity judgement

Mohori Bibee and another Vs. Dharmodas Ghose Mohori Bibee and another Vs. Dharmodas Ghose Options Dock Print PDF Court : Kolkata Reported in : (1903)30IndianAppeals114 Judge : Lord Macnaghten; Lord Davey; Lord Lindley; Sir Ford North; Sir Andrew Scoble; Sir Andrew Wilson, JJ. Decided On : Mar-04-1903 Acts : Indian Evidence Act, 1877 – Section 115; Indian Contract Act –… View Article

Abolitionist movement

With the enlightenment and awareness of people regarding human rights came the abolitionist movement. Slavery was something that violated the basic tenet of human rights and dignity, and so it had to be abolished. Northern states have begun to pass acts which declared that all men were born free and equal. Several movements that involved… View Article

The Views of Adam Smith

The views of Adam Smith, the Declaration of the Rights of Women, Declaration of Independence, and the Declaration of the Rights of Men have a few similarities and some differences. The similarities were difficult to find based on most of what Smith thinking was centered on economics. However, the works of Adam Smith and these… View Article

Torture and Ethics Paper

There are many views or definition of the word “torture”, which is often debated by many individuals. According to “International Rehabilitation Council For Torture Victims” (2005-2012), “torture is an act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining information or a confession,… View Article