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How to Get Readers to your Blog?
Words • 441
Pages • 2
Once you’ve designed and tweaked your blog to perfection now you have to figure out how to get readers to your blog. How can you promote your blog without simply spamming your Facebook friends with every post you make? Actually the Internet offers a great many promotion methods that you can utilize to gain readers. Some take a great deal of effort while others, like the ones below, are a bit easier. Dedication to the performance of your blog and…...
Ransom Malouf
Words • 978
Pages • 4
David Malouf in Ransom has taken a Greek myth (The Iliad, by Homer) and appropriated it to today’s problems, which have transcended time. The purpose of the first chapter is simple but crucial to understanding the character of Achilles. From the first chapter Achilles dual personality is evident. Also via Achilles in the first chapter Malouf emphasises the notion of fate and destiny. In the opening pages of the first chapter the narrator reveals Achilles dual personality. From the beginning…...
5 Things Your Employees Are Doing That Will Get You Hacked
Words • 719
Pages • 3
Cyber threats have been steadily increasing over the last couple of years. Many businesses are finding themselves held at ransom and recently not being able to conduct their daily activities because they have been locked out of their systems. The threat has grown more sophisticated over the years. With hundreds of millions of banking, email systems, private dating site information and other online portal information being exposed or sold on the dark web. There is no doubt that a great…...
Computer NetworkingComputer securityEmployeeRansomTechnologyWorld Wide Web
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Deloitte’s Analysis of Ransomware
Words • 2622
Pages • 10
Abstract All computer systems are using anti-virus because of threat against virus or malwares. Cyber security normally protect systems against all these viruses but as technology increasing the threat against technology also increasing. One of the new threats is Ransom ware. It is a kind of virus which directly steal user's money or it forces victim to pay some Ransom in order to get the access of victim's original files. These all can be done through Cryptography. Fact is that…...
Computer securityComputer VirusRansomSecuritySoftwareTechnology
John Hawley – a Model for The Canterbury Tales Character
Words • 2127
Pages • 8
Hawley was a prominent figure in Dartmouth and is associated with some of the finest medieval buildings in the town- St Saviour's Church which he helped to consecrate, his home which was used as a Guildhall for 400 years and the first fortalice of the town. Born around 1340 he was a West Country merchant and ship owner. He was major of Dartmouth fourteen times, twice MP, escheator to the King and he paid for the chancel of St Saviour's…...
CharacterEnglandPiracyRansomTaxThe Canterbury Tales
William Henley’s poem Invictus
Words • 2241
Pages • 9
William Henley's poem Invictus is in itself a didactic teaching of what it means to be human. Indeed, no matter "how strait the gate", or "punishments the scroll", the irregular journey of life is full of both adversity and subsequent grief. Yet, such a dark perspective on the innate struggles we face from "pole to pole" is challenged in both Malouf's Ransom and Eastwood's film Invictus as they, rather, celebrate the "triumph" of overcoming obstacles in life and moving on…...
EmotionGriefInvictusNelson MandelaPoemsRansom
(Week 5 Final Project KImberly McCullough) Healthcare
Words • 2109
Pages • 8
Final Assignment Kimberly A. McCullough College of Adult and Graduate Studies HCA-615 Healthcare Law and AccreditationsDr Timothy HudsonColorado Christian UniversityFinal Assignment Root Cause AnalysisAbstractThis report addresses the formation of an ethics committee in the organization. The ethics committee will be in charge of maintaining high ethical standards in the organization through by advising the management and carrying out investigation. This paper covers the composition, functions, process and costs of forming the ethics committee. The information was sourced form variety of…...
EthicsHealth CareHuman NatureRansom
Carl Ransom Rogers
Words • 1803
Pages • 7
Carl Rogers Carl Rogers Carl Ransom Rogers (January 8, 1902 – February 4, 1987) was an influential American psychologist and among the founders of the humanistic approach to psychology. Rogers is widely considered to be one of the founding fathers of psychotherapy research and was honored for his pioneering research with the Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions by the American Psychological Association in 1956. The person-centered approach, his own unique approach to understanding personality and human relationships, found wide application…...
My Favorite Detective Story
Words • 376
Pages • 2
In my free time the most I like to do is reading books. Because with reading, it doesn’t matter is it a short story or a novel in several volumes, you can know something new about life. I enjoy reading different books but the most I like detectives and fantastic stories. My favorite detective story is Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie featuring the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. I first read it when I was 12 and it…...
DetectiveMy FavouriteRansom
Short Story Ip Man
Words • 782
Pages • 3
Ip Man and his family move to Hong Kong in the early 1950s after their escape from Fushun. There, Ip desires to open a school to propagate his art, as well as to make his living, but he has difficulty attracting students due to his lack of reputation in the city. One day, a young man named Leung Sheung appears and promptly challenges Ip to a fight, but is easily defeated. Leung leaves humiliated, only to return with some friends…...
RansomShort Story
Lab Questions Forensic Science
Words • 874
Pages • 4
1. What is the crime that the video focuses on? The crime that the video focuses on is the kidnapping and death of Charles Lindbergh Jr. 2. What evidence did investigators have about the crime in the 1930s? A homemade ladder left by the perpetrator, it was 8-10 at night when the crime occurred, nobody heard the baby crying from his room, and there was a ransom note left at the scene of the crime. 3. What evidence did investigators…...
Forensic ScienceRansom
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Chapters 1 to 4
Words • 481
Pages • 2
1. What does Twain accomplish by using Huck as storyteller? When Mark Twain utilizes Huck as narrator, it permits the reader to gain an insight on Huck Finn's feelings and what his outlook is on a topic. The reader then can find out more about Huckleberry Finn and how he thinks. 2. What is the significance in the encounter with the spider? The significance of the spider is to show the reader that in older times, individuals were much more…...
Huck FinnRansom
The Fall of Man in Christian Context
Words • 1062
Pages • 4
The Fall of Man in the Christian context refers to the transition of the first humans, Adam and Eve, from a state of innocent and complete obedience to God to sinful disobedience to Him. Some Christians believe that the Fall of Man corrupted the natural world on how God originally created the human nature. The fall of Adam and Eve into the temptation of evil causes people to be born into original sin. People became separated to God and into…...
Adam and EveChristianGenesisOriginal SinRansom
Symbols in “Perelandra” by C.S. Lewis
Words • 1939
Pages • 8
British author C.S. Lewis's "Perelandra" is one of the most religiously relevant fantasy novels ever written. Set on the exotic planet of Perelandra (Venus), it contains within its pages the Creation legend of AdNOVELSam and Eve, set in our time but in a different world. "Perelandra" is a story of an unspoiled world, the Garden of Eden denied to the residents of earth but still open to the two inhabitants of Perelandra. C.S. Lewis uses this unspoiled planet to retell…...
“Suffer the Little Children” by Stephen King
Words • 846
Pages • 4
For my midterm narrative review, the 2 stories I selected to read were: 1. O. Henry's, The Ransom of Red Chief (because I was in the play version of the story in high school) and 2. Stephen King's, Suffer the Little Kids (since I actually like Stephen King). The one I chose to blog about however was the second one. The plot starts with a 3rd grade teacher named Miss Sidley. King in the very first paragraph of the story…...
ChildrenRansomStephen King
Summary about The Ransom Of Red Chief
Words • 1265
Pages • 5
“The Ransom of Red Chief” is a short story written by American writer William Sydney Porter, better known as O. Henry. Like many of O. Henry’s works, the story is notable for its plays on words, humor, and plot twist. Written around the turn of the 20th century, the story is a short rendition of what you might get if you crossed “Home Alone” with “O Brother Where Art Thou?” It makes for a diverting 5-10 minutes that will bring at least one smile to your face while reading and perhaps a couple chuckles. Book Summary The story takes place in rural…...
Ransom: What Defines a Man
Words • 744
Pages • 3
‘Ransom’ demonstrates that it is a man’s actions that define him. Discuss. While Priam’s decision to defy kingly conventions and act as ‘an ordinary man’ shows that a man’s actions can indeed make up a significant element of one’s identity, Malouf also makes it clear that a man’s emotional connections with others define him. Priam’s humble request of Achilles, and Achille’s agreement to this, humanize the two men and highlight their compassionate sides as opposed to their societal statuses. However,…...
Geography of Bliss Essay
Words • 1088
Pages • 4
Can Money Buy Happiness For centuries, mankind seeks to answer the question: Can money buy happiness? Therefore psychologists are exploring the relationship between wealth and happiness for decades. They came to the conclusion that money can make people happy if it involves moving from a state of extreme poverty into the middle class, but they do not have a noticeable impact in the future. It means that people feel glad and safe when they have enough of money to satisfy…...
Lindbergh Kidnapping research paper
Words • 1509
Pages • 6
The trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann in 1935 and the Lindbergh kidnapping was known by many as “the crime of the century”. Though many are still doubting whether or not Hauptmann actually committed the crime, there is much evidence pointing toward him that proves he was guilty. In examining the evidence presented, there was a great variety of it. It included handwritten evidence, witnesses, the ladder used to get into the baby’s window, and the ransom money found hidden in…...
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How to Get Readers to your Blog?
...Any and all of these methods of promotion will help you get your blog noticed. Blog promotion is not difficult, but it does take time. If you are a new blogger who is looking to actually earn something from your blog be prepared to put in the time an...
Ransom: What Defines a Man
...Achilles and Priam from acting purely as is appropriate to their roles as leaders of their people. It is therefore their emotional connections that define them as not just King of Troy and ‘Achilles the Brute, ’ but as ordinary human beings who s...

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