Essays on The Doctrine Of Precedent

The Doctrine of Judicial Precedent
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Judicial precedent means the process whereby judges follow previously decided cases where the facts are of sufficient similarity. The doctrine of judicial precedent involves an application of the principle of stare decisis ie, to stand by the decided. In practice, this means that inferior courts are bound to apply the legal principles set down by superior courts in earlier cases. This provides consistency and predictability in the law. It is desirable that similar cases should be decided in a similar…...
GovernmentJudiciaryJusticePolicyPrinciplesThe Doctrine Of Precedent
English Legal System
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1. The Sources of English Law What we are concerned about in this regard is the JUSTIFICATION for the decisions reached by our various courts of law, and the principles of law applied by lawyers in relation to commercial and business practices. Laws are created by lawyers, commercial and business law is created by commercial lawyers, but it is business men and women who must abide by, apply and work within it. There are a number of sources of English…...
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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Doctrine Of Precedent
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Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the doctrine of precedent. The doctrine of precedent means that judges refer back to previous decisions to help them decide similar cases where the law and facts are alike. Top of Form Bottom of Form Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the doctrine of precedent. Judicial precedent concerns itself with the influence and value of past decisions of case law and prior legal experience. The doctrine of precedent means that judges refer back to previous…...
The Doctrine Of Precedent
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Consideration is the essential element
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Introduction 1 According to Lord Pollock’s definition of consideration which is an act or forbearance of one party, or the promise thereof, is the price for which the promise of the other is bought and the promise thus given for value is enforceable.2 Besides that, consideration must be something of value given or promised in exchange for the promise given by the other party in order for a valid contract to be formed.3 The term “something of value” can be…...
The Doctrine Of Precedent
Advantages and Disadvantages of the Doctrine of Precedent
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Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the doctrine of precedent and how judges may make new law. Include 1 case where judges have made new law. The doctrine of precedent is an important feature of judge-made law (common law). This doctrine means that similar disputes should be decided by reference to the same legal principles, and that lower courts are bound to follow the decisions of higher courts within the same court hierarchy. There are both advantages and disadvantages of…...
LawThe Doctrine Of Precedent
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