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Part Time Jobs for Students

Most part-time jobs ask for little to no experience, are easy to obtain and add to your future résumé, for when you do apply for jobs that require previous experience, later on in your career. Part-time employment teaches you skills and experience which you could learn nowhere else, such as: how to fill out an application, how to interview well, how to work responsibly, and how to get along wit...

Pilot as a job

Pilot - that's a dream job for every child and pilots are treated like demigods. Everyone aspires to fly high in the sky like birds. Though we have the commercial airlines as an attractive and lucrative career, to fly for the Air force is what everyone desire. Not only is it a matter of pride to serve the nation, but also fly these mean machines revving out thousands of horse power is a different ...

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Job Design and Work Diversity

Both of job design and workforce diversity have equal impact in attempt of HRM. Job design helps managers to developing and maintaining a competitive advantage in organisation. Beside that, managers need to know and understand clearly the entire workflow process in their unit. The other advantages of job design can identify employee’s knowledge and skills. It will help managers to determine empl...

Being a Nurse Is More Than a Job, It's a Treasure

Like it said in the documentary, a nurse takes advantage of opportunities, faces daily challenges, and most importantly in my eyes, is a powerful advocate for the patient. Watching this video enlightened me to the most significant responsibilities of a nurse. I’ve realized that a nurse is the liaison between the doctor and the patient. They ensure that the patient fully understands what is happe...

The causes and effects of job satisfaction

Though there is a large quantity of research findings available on this topic, there are still some limitations that should be acknowledged. Scheid (2011) critically argued that the majority of the qualitative research has not been verified by qualitative data. In addition, different facets correlating with job satisfaction possess varying degrees of importance for employees. Therefore, the relati...

Leadership Case Study: Steve Jobs

6. Since the passing of Steve Jobs, this seems to be a question that is on everyone’s mind, from employee to shareholder to customer. While it is a scary thought, something tells me that the passion and vision that Jobs was able to give to the organization in the last decade he worked their contributed to the current mentality of a lot of the current top level managers still working there. It ha...

Job Evaluation at Whole Foods Market

As this is my first attempt at assigning job titles and job structure, I found it to be a difficult process. When you do not have the best job descriptions available to you, or the opportunity to job shadow a person in the position, the realization that a lot of work needs to be done on the front end. It starts by collecting and summarizing all the job information for each position at a company. B...

Steve Jobs Case Study

> This theory is talking about how the old autocratic management style is no longer enough for the new environment; we have to integrate both the management and leadership skills. Jobs of course did very good in the leadership part. In addition to the big roles described above, he also got involved with all parts of Apple — and no detail was too small not to matter to him. He personally picke...

Importance of On the Job Training

Your superior in the company that you are working for as an OJT may recommend your skills to the company affiliates or to other company that he/she knows. OJT will be your training ground. If you still have no idea on what is meant to be a worker, OJT will give you at least 10% of career realities. The company that you are currently applying in often makes a background check to successful applican...

My Dream Job

colleges but I had to find the ones that fit my financial budget which meant my choices were limited. I concluded that Bishop State Community College was the perfect choice. It was time for orientation and registration. I was in an auditorium filled with new students for the upcoming school year. There were BSCC staff members, instructors and motivational speakers. I listened to everyone that spok...

My First Job and First Salary

In college we wont have much tensions or pressure or deadline and you are totally independent of your ways. But professional life was very different. It was more or work, meeting deadlines and continuous learning and implementing those. There was lot to learn in professional life. Though it took few weeks for me to get adjusted with company culture and learning the work i need to do and mingling w...

Steve Job’s Leadership Style

Bass, B. & Avolio, B. (1993). Transformational leadership and organizational culture. Public Administration Quarterly, 17, 112–121. Buckley, J. (26th August, 2011). Steve Jobs: One of the greatest business leaders?. Christian Science Monitor. Retrieved from http://www.csmonitor.com/Business/2011/0826/Steve-Jobs-One-of-the-greatest-business-leaders/Henry-Ford-vision. Chaudhuri, A. (26th April...

Hundreds of emails and no sleep: does this sound like a satisfying job

John Bishop: good stable job, irregular long hours (90 to 100- hour work week), no complaints, willing to take things to the extreme Irene Tse :good stable job, long hours (80 - hour work week), no complaints, willing to take things to the extreme and highly motivated Tony Kurz : good stable job, long irregular hours, constant travels, highly satisfied with job, prefers job more to personal relati...

On the Job Training: Conclusion and Recommendation

5. To eliminate the lag time between the submissions of grades. The purpose of this system is intended to reduce the delay time of computation and submission of grades. This Computerized Grading System has several advantages unlike the manual computation. All the tasks can be done efficiently, faster and error free. The proponents attempt to develop a Grading System that may eliminate the word “...

Job Enrichment

This article was excerpted from the Building Service Management Program Volume Three – Motivation And Training. The program is a multi-volume training course that covers the technical aspects of cleaning and maintaining buildings as well as the management skills required in an increasingly complex and demanding industry. For more information on the program, contact BSCAI’s Information Central ...

Job Order and Process Costing Systems - Quiz

Honeysuckle Corporation Schedule of Cost of Goods Manufactured Month of January Direct Materials: Raw Materials Inventory Begining $40,000 Add: Purchases of raw materials: $68,000 Raw Materials Available for use $108,000 Less Raw Materials Ending $(23,000) Raw Materials Used in Production $85,000 Direct Labor Cost $90,000 Manufacturing overhead Manufacturing overhead cost incurred $44,000 Indirect...

Reflection Paper: On The Job

I just suddenly thought, am I not enjoying the benefit of safety under Mayor Duterte, having the DDS, which is sort of connected to contract killings? Having the topic on Davao Death Squad reaching the United Nations proves that it is a pressing issue against human rights. I cannot make up my mind yet regarding my sudden realization. I mean who doesn’t want to live in a safe city right? All I kn...

Job dissatisfaction

Reconstruct the reward system to promote reward effectiveness. The rates of pay do not increase productivity, but employee engagement does. The executives should come out a better incentive scheme to motivate their employees. For example, reward is given to employee who receives good comment from their customer or annual bonus is given to the team when the complaints rate is lower than the benchma...

Advantages and disadvantages of job security

A small fraction of this amount would achieve many times the good on an international rather than a national scale by distributing teaching aids so necessary for improving standards of orthopaedic care. The amount actxa~ly available is often negligible. There appears to be a universal reluctance throughout the world to help direct6v in the dissemination of knowledge. As a result of this, the lack ...

Dream Job

The display of About.com is very nice and unique but it has so many features that list on the main page, which might cause the confusion for users. For Google, it’s very simple in their page display and it also has its own ways of setting for their features, where users able to explores and tweak things around to find the most closest search results for their dream career. But at the end of this...

The Effects of Job Rotation on Employees on Organizations in the UAE

An introduction is indicated for the readers who may not know the importance of Chapter will be able to identify the objectives and purpose of this topic. The reasons why the researcher employs cross sectional method from descriptive research and the significance of this method to further investigate a common topic with uncommon participants are not stated. The chapter three clearly explains how t...

Factors That Influence Job Design

Supervisors should be reminded that this process exists, how it works, and where to get assistance if it is needed. Periodic training of performance appraisals may be needed. Evaluation results will provide general information about the performance level of the employees (Chron, n.d.) Supervisors and employees should use this performance appraisal as a tool that will help increase performance. Mem...

Job hunting after graduation

Despite the downturn, there are still areas where there are skills shortages and unfilled vacancies. If you have the aptitude, consider upskilling, perhaps through a conversion course in IT, or by learning a language. ‘Lifelong learning’ is now considered essential even for those already in work, so if you have spare time use it to read and learn about the area of work you want to get into....

The job narrative report sample

During the training, the trainee is more exposed to office work than in field and production work. He recommends to add more available computers for the interns to master more the applications they are using and to add extra help to the artists. The trainee highly recommends ABS-CBN Creative Department for those incoming interns who wants to know more about multimedia design. The trainee is now r...

Steve Jobs Leadership at Apple

He can be defined as a New Transformational Superleader, who is an inspirational person with the anility to motivate followers to higher levels of achievement and at the same time lead others to lead themselves. His ability to know what customers want before they know it themselves has transformed Apple from a minor computer company to a worldwide brand. His role in the creation of unique products...

My Dream Job

After all the options I looked over I decided that being a family lawyer would be the best decision for me because I think it would be a great thing if I helped families get over the pain that they’ve been through and also help the kids that are in the middle of it to be with the best parent that is best suitable for them and to have them in a safe environment and home. I hope to work in a succe...

PESO Online Job Posting System

Web browser- displays a web page on a monitor or mobile device. On a network, a web browser can retrieve a web page from a remote web server. On a higher level, the web server may restrict access to only a private network such as a corporate intranet or it provide access to the World Wide Web. On a lower level, the web browser uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to make such requests. (htt...

Rhetorical Analysis Stev Jobs Commencemnent Speech

His methodology as an orator throughout the time he sets up his ethos, logos, and pathos of his advice are subtle. Jobs’ pathos adds to this heart-wrenching rhetoric. In addition, he also uses his three emotionally charged stories to show his high character and qualified eligibility to be giving the graduates advice about their lives and how they should never second guess anything that they do. ...

Is There a Price for Being too Nice?

There are some women, just like men, that have that extra edge and aggressive approach and at the end of the day, could save the company in earnings and there are men who have that sensitive and soothing approach. Like previously mentioned, it all depends on the person. On average, yes, men have the advantage over women because they have that aggressive approach and can work themselves out of any ...

Dream Job Speech (physicist)

Which is located in europe But he reason why i want to be an particle physicist is i always found it very interesting since when i watch that documentary about the partial accelerator in cern which was on discovery channel. and maybe a little bit because the big bang theory as well .but ever since then i always wanted to be an particle physicist i know it takes lot of years in college because you ...

Challenges of the Job Analysis Process

Whereas information visualization requires the use of computer-supported tools to analyze large amounts of data, knowledge visualization involves the transfer of knowledge among persons. Both methods rely on competency based job analysis and web based surveys. In summary, it has been proven that visualization of job analysis information is an effective and efficient method for collecting and prese...

Inside Job Documentary Film

The new players pulled from the documentary film are economists, credit agencies and top banking executives. Economists were apparently paid handsomely to produce favorable reports of which most did not disclose their connected conflict of interest. Credit rating agencies also provided falsified rating to dying institutions and as a result investors were misinformed and consequently realized losse...

Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Motivation in Islam among IIUM Employees Introduction

Technically, Ryan and Deci (2000) states that motivation means someone needs at least desire to inspire him or her to do some action. This person who is energized toward an end is considered motivated while if this person has no inspiration to act is considered as unmotivated. They also distinguish general types of motivation based on different goal and reasons which are intrinsic and extrinsic. I...

Job Design at Pepperdine University

The planning of this study was quite thorough and widely encompassing. There was a great deal of assesment and also use of diagnostic models which were associated with individuals and groups. All the models that were used were carefully structured and diagnostic in nature. They included the issues to do with design components, inputs, and output of both individual and group job specifications. The...

Job Fair Brochure

I choose the company structure, business model and culture based on the on-going need of these services for every individual and new small businesses that are starting almost daily. The tax laws are changing all the time and it is important to know the changes that affect every person and business. I have been to and have seen many businesses like this one that I have created where the employees h...

Dream jobs

Gross has both a master’s degree and Ph.D. in educational psychology from USC, as well as a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of California at Davis. From 1982 to 1985 he was on the UC Davis football coaching staff, and even coached tennis for a year. Gross worked hard and put himself in a great position with little chance of failure. Researching about these dream jobs is inf...

Job Analysis vs. Job Evaluation

The problem with unemployment benefits is that due to a decline in revenue there are budget deficits. Other factors affecting the business and/or society that might affect the relevance or viability of benefits are things like companies closing, off shoring work, as well as layoffs. Anything that’s causes people to lose their jobs to pay for coverage’s and out of pocket expense or just loosing...

A job interview

Furthermore, you should sleep well in the night before the interview and dress formally in the interview day. Finally, good attitudes are very important. Greet your interviewers with friendly smile and firm handshake at the beginning. Those are simple things you can do, but it will make a very good impression. In addition, listen questions carefully and fully before you respond. After the intervie...

Job Application Letter

I have gained my international working experience in both Malaysia and the United States. My two years experience as a Marketing analyst assistant in Survey Research Malaysia has taught me to be more practical and mature when making decisions. When I studied at the University of South Alabama, I worked as a part time sales representative in Varsity Company for a year. These experiences should cle...

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