My Dream Job in The Field Of Artificial Intelligence

Why computer science? Why artificial intelligence? I believe that together computers and artificial intelligence will revolutionize how we live our day to day lives, how we work, how we commute and everything else in between. I have had a keen interest in computer science for many years now and am still amazed by the rapid growth of the industry as a whole. It seems every week there is a new major breakthrough in the field of computing, and is what drives me to want to become an expert in the field of computer science.

My true passion for computer science lays in artificial intelligence. It amazes me how quickly computers can learn to do task that would take humans years or even decades of learning to be able to complete. For example in just 40 days google's deepmind alphago zero AI was able to become arguably the best GO player ever, able to beat the world champion 3 nill and all other artificial intelligence that could play GO.

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Most impressively it was able to do it without any human intervention or any historical data on how to play the game. I also thoroughly enjoy creating my own algorithms using primarily the coding language python. After creating my first program in my year 10 computer science class i haven't looked back and love learning new coding techniques every time I create a new program.

I am currently studying Maths, Physics and computer science which I feel will give me the relevant skills needed for this course.

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Maths gives me great arithmetic skills and data handling skills which be very useful and can be applied to many areas in computer science. Physics give me good understanding on how to apply maths to solutions. It will also be beneficial for modeling in a physics engine or robotics. For my computer science course work i am currently creating my own artificial intelligence for my project that will be able to complete a game that i have made using neuroevolution of augmenting topologies which will give me a deeper understanding of the topic when i start university. I greatly enjoy all the subjects I am studying, they are challenging but give a very satisfying feeling once completing that long string of equations to get to an answer in maths or getting an algorithm to work for the first time in computer science.

During my summer break between year 12 and 13 I had work experience at the Company SITA, working closely with IT and software engineers to keep the baggage system at Heathrow airport working flawlessly. SITA provides IT and telecommunication services to the air transport industry. During my time there I learnt valuable skills and a deeper understanding of IT solutions and how they are used to improve customer satisfaction. I also believe that my time partaking in national citizen service (NCS) has strengthened me as an individual, we ran a day full of activities for clients at a care home giving them a memorable day as well as raising money for charity. Working part time as a customer service representative i believe has also helped my punctuality and time management skills.

When I am not studying i enjoy keeping up to date on the latest technological breakthroughs and achievements. I enjoy watching documentaries, short films or reading books on how the world around us is changing due to technology and what there could be in store for us in the future. I also enjoy playing sports such as football and basketball of which i have been part of clubs outside of school which have improved my teamwork and strategy skills.

I'm looking forward to the challenges that studying a course in computer science will bring and hope that someday it will allow me to acquire my dream job in the field of Artificial intelligence as well as all the other opportunities it will give me.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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