Artificial Intelligence and Physicians


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AI and Society Battles

What are the potential upheavals society may face as AI replaces more and more jobs?

"Artificial intelligence will transform us in several ways. Automation will displace between 400 and 800 million jobs by 2030, requiring as many as 375 million people to switch job categories entirely." (Manyika) Society will become better overall with artificial intelligence being implemented in daily life, but there will be battles that we will go through. Job displacement in many categories

AI and Job Security

There are numerous jobs that are safe from the takeover of artificial intelligence.

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We are fearful of job displacement; however, we must look at this positively because this will help us adapt and learn more than we thought would ever be possible.

According to research, "special education teachers require skills and ability to build strong relationships with students and co-workers." (Gonser) Teachers are trained to work with students who suffer from learning disabilities. Robots are not able to explain the information necessary to students that can't comprehend in a normal manner.

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Special needs students require more mentoring than a traditional student, and this can only be done through human interaction. Artificial intelligence can help with lesson plans and gathering research and information, but special needs students need human interaction to learn correctly.

Marriage counselors, and therapists are secure from the uprising in artificial intelligence. These professions are needed to communicate effectively and gain trust from their patients while showing empathy toward the concerns they are being given. Therapists must console in times of need and provide support during the process. Machines are unable to look at someone and see that they are sad or give any type of emotional comfort.

Physicians are safe from artificial intelligence because technology is unable to fulfill proper emotional intelligence that humans provide. Patient care is what people look for while seeking medical treatment. You choose your doctor because they are knowledgeable and can relate and care for you emotionally, unlike a robot. Artificial intelligence will be applied in the medical field to help diagnose diseases, but they will never take the place of a person to hold your hand or listen to your concerns.

Skills needed to be safe from AI

Artificial intelligence will transform what we know today and set a new standard of skills needed for individuals to stay employed. Some jobs will be lost along the way, but there will be new ones created with skills needed for artificial intelligence to keep moving forward. Research states that - social and emotional skills will grow rapidly along with technological skills and some advanced cognitive skills." (Bughin)

Social and emotional skills are significant because humans want to feel important. We have feelings want to know that people care. We thrive off relationships and having connections with others. If we become lonely or have poor relationships, we become stressed which leads to health issues and/or depression.

Technological skills are important as we transition into the world of artificial intelligence, because technology is the foundation of it. We need individuals who possess basic to advanced technical skills so they can transfer into the most remunerative jobs as we proceed in the future. With artificial intelligence growing, we need to learn and adapt to technology more than we do today.

Cognitive skills are primary in everything that we do. We must use our cognitive skills to think or learn. High cognitive skills will be needed since we are transitioning into a world where technology is so important, we must be able to grow with the job market. These skills allow us to think critically and take in complex information, leading to the ability to keep or create jobs in the future of artificial intelligence.

The Impact AI will have on ME and Physicians.

Artificial Intelligence is evolving rapidly, especially in the health care field. Researchers at Stanford Medicine announced, "they had developed an algorithm that was trained to interpret chest x-ray images to diagnose more than a dozen medical conditions. In a little over a month, the algorithm could diagnose pneumonia faster and with greater accuracy than radiologists working alone." (Minor) We are developing diagnostic measures in medicine that will help catch diseases that could be missed by human error, or you show symptoms of the illness. As a student that is pursuing a career in medicine, I am not scared that it will make my career go extinct. The three technology changes in my career path include: data tools, imaging, and wearable devices. These tools will help pursue medical breakthroughs we never thought were possible.

Data Tools

Technology is worth embracing in medicine. People are concerned that artificial intelligence will take over the world, but don't realize how it will impact medicine positively. Physicians spend so much of their time doing clerical tasks, they are unable to practice and enhance their bedside skills. If computers do the administrative and clerical work that physicians are required to do, we could save time and error. A positive change would be implementing data tools.

This would be a talk to text while going over patient information with the patient. Research shows that, "automating some of the routine tasks that take up a physician's time, such as electronic health records documentation, or administrative reporting would free up physicians to focus on the complicated challenges of patients with rare or serious conditions."(Bresnick)

If we could use this, it would speed up the amount of time it takes that is spent doing paperwork after the patient has been seen. With anything, there could be a potential downside. Inaccurate information could be stored if it doesn't transcribe the information accurately. However, if this is successful it could be life changing. Adapting to this change positively, will give more time for physicians to develop relationships with patients, which would lead to increasing improved health.


Symptoms and physical exams are a huge part in obtaining the information needed to properly diagnose any medical concern. However, imaging is continuously improving in healthcare. X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs are used to help improve diagnosing patients for many health concerns. They require extreme amounts of high-quality data. The human eye sometimes may not be able to see a pattern in images that an algorithm is taught to do. For example, advanced breast cancer imaging would show changes in the tissue that we could not see in mammograms over routine appointments.

Artificial intelligence would have the technology necessary show the differences that the human eye could be blind to. This would impact health care in a positive way and help catch diseases before it is too late and adapting to it could lead to more medical breakthroughs and help with the cancer epidemic that is here now. A possible downside would be improper diagnosis from the imaging result, but that just shows physicians will never be replaced due to the level of understanding that is necessary that computers are unable to duplicate.

Wearable Devices

In health care, patients come in for routine or follow up visits to make sure that their health is stable or improving. With implementing wearable devices, physicians could review the activity levels, breathing, and heart rates with sensors and would transfer to their medical record. This could be a useful tool for individuals who are at risk for cardiac issues. Adapting to this change, physicians would be able to monitor the patients instead of having them come in every few months, which saves time and money for both parties. The only problem with this would be making sure you are able to monitor all patients and be readily available if there are any problems.


Add a small conclusion. This section should remind the reader of important points you raised in the paper.

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Updated: May 19, 2021
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