Artificial Intelligence as a simulation of human intelligence


Artificial Intelligence(AI) is a simulation of human intelligence in machines to learn , correct themselves, and develop a sense of reasoning similar to that of a human. An example of AI is robots.AIs can do "problem solving,planning,learning and speech recognition" [What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? - Definition from Techopedia. (2018)]AIs are a popular choice in many industries and are viewed as one of the biggest factors in making the world "smarter" but a question that has been rising up is how will it affect us in the future and is there anything to fear about AI becoming more popular?.

"The entire tech world is debating the consequences of artificial intelligence and the part AI is going to play in shaping our future. While we might think that AI is at least a few years away from causing any considerable effects on our lives, the fact remains that it is already having an enormous impact on us."

[10 Examples of Artificial Intelligence You are Using in Daily Life (2018)]In Singapore's healthcare revolution, AI is the key


The two main points that i will be focusing on is the technology that has been made possible by AI that benefits people in singapore and how AI will affect the future job market in singapore.

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Point 1: Singapore is a technology hub that is trying to become a smart nation and AI is one of the technologies that singapore is focusing on AI are being implemented in many industries in singapore ranging from the transportation industry to the medical industries.

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Examples of this are the AI being implemented in the medical field in singapore which is trying to make singapore healthcare system better as Singapore is facing the challenge of having to look after an ageing population that will double by 2030 . "As its population ages, Singapore is putting greater focus on healthcare innovation, and reconsidering how it approaches healthcare management to healthcare management"[In Singapore's healthcare revolution, AI is the key (2018)]. AI is effective in the medical field as it can store and remember lots of data and can look for specific data such as previous medical reports that the doctor needs faster than human beings which will also tackle a sub problem that singaporean's face which is the long waiting time as the doctor will be able to interact with more people faster. Two startups in singapore that are integrating AI to the medical field are "The stethoscope of the future" and another project that can predict the risk of relapse in stroke patients but the second project is currently a work in progress.The stethoscope of the future is equipped with computer vision and the ai will be able to find and provide analysis according to the millions of pictures it has learned form and is even at "the accuracy level of a professional radiologist" [In Singapore's healthcare revolution, AI is the key (2018)]

What makes AI so amazing is its ability to learn by itself. Examples of this include Viola.AI and Aiden. Viola.AI is a dating service which helps to match up couples according to their preferences and can even provide dating advice and many more services by itself.

Aiden is the "first of its kind AI engine" [The Big Read: The rise of artificial intelligence and how lives will forever be changedThe Big Read: The rise of artificial intelligence and how lives will forever be changed (2018)]that enhances dining experiences better by making taste profiles and preferences for the people it is serving and both of these AIs do not require direct assistance from humans to operate.

Point 2:AIs will definitely change the future job market as the are well capable of doing repetitive tasks such as factory jobs that assemble products,jobs that do not require much thinking or decision making to do, and jobs that gives you a clear objective such as being a waiter.This could make it very hard for people with low education levels to find jobs as they will be taken up by AIs.This will also make it harder for teenagers who are looking for a simple job for extra allowances or a feel of a job to find a job to do. This addresses a common fear that people have that AIs would take away their jobs. But you may be thinking how does AI affect people who work in more complex jobs?. To put it simply yes in the near future AI will be able to work in white collar jobs that are in industries such as accountancy and more but doesn't this mean that developing AI will make it harder for people to find jobs?.yes and no as developing AI will also cause new many new jobs to be created. This can also be resolved if the government puts a balance on both AI and humans so that the change will not be so drastic.


AI's are becoming more popular in singapore as they are an impressive technology that helps to solve problems with in singapore in many industries and with the government plan to make singapore a smart nation in the future it is possible that everything will be automated however this could cause loss of jobs that currently exist in the future.Examples of this can be seen from advanced AIs being able to scan a patient's face to obtain their medical records and data easily which could cause personnel helping with patient's registration losing their jobs.This can be resolved if there is a balance created by the government between AI and humans.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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