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Great Leader Essay Examples

Essay on Great Leader

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Persona of Rizal and La Liga Filipina

In 1896, a revolution was planned by Katipuneros. Dr. Pio Valenzuela was sent to Dapitan to inform Rizal. But Rizal was opposes to the plan because people was not ready for a revolution. Dr. Blumentritt suggested to Rizal to volunteer his services to Spanish Government and join their forces as a doctor in Cuba because of the situation of Cuban Revolution. In this way, Rizal exile can be ended. He ...

Cesar Chavez A Great Leader

This however did not stop him. He was willing to give his own life so that the union could continue and that violence was not used. Cesar made the struggles of the farmers known to the country. The terrible sufferings of the farm workers and their children, the crushing of farm workers dignity, the dangers of pesticides, and the denial of election for the workers is what kept Chavez going. One of ...

Trials And Execution Of Great Leader Rizal

He requested the commander of firing squad that he be shot facing them. He was denied. The death ruffles of the drums filled the air. The command “Fire” was heard, and the guns of the firing squad barked. And even at the moment of his fall, Rizal turns his body to the right with supreme effort with face upward facing the morning sun. His last words were those of Jesus Christ: “Consummatum Es...

Sir Richard Branson and Haruka Nishimatsu

Branson’s strong instincts, and his quick, reactive management style, is well suited to the UK’s high tolerance for uncertainty. His focus on using the media for PR stunts, his relentless drive for results are well accepted in the UK’s low LTO culture, where short term tangible success trumps other virtues. This exercise in contrasting the different executive styles, shows that these two exe...

Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad

A leader is a role model. One who sets positive examples for others. A leader who doesn't have the motivation, respect, and the right mind-set will not and can not do well in office. it's the ones who see the world as an optimist who will make great leaders.A leader must also have the determination to achieve and put together a better government. A leader can not be a slacker. He/she must be a per...

Plunkitt of Tammany Hall

As a business and political man, Plunkitt knew the political game inside and out. With corruption, he managed to continue to remain in office for countless years. Even though Plunkitt’s grammar was inferior to a professors’ or college graduate, it had nothing to do with being a political powerhouse. A politician had to have common sense and know how to gain ones trust, even if it meant dishone...

Choosing a Great Leader: Ungku Abdul Aziz

We have the great honour to choose a man like him. A true leader there is. One of the kind, per say. We couldn’t write for such a great man without turning him into a hero. In our analysis within this paper, we truly are eager to get to know himself as a leader and how he manage to bring out his best for his career. We would make an analysis on his leadership ability, and perhaps once we finish ...

Walt Disney was as great leader

"As a leader, you must also never stop innovating and dreaming about new possibilities. Truly the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. If you want to build something worthwhile, constantly think about more creative ways you can achieve it." Walt Disney inspired people to achieve more than they thought they were able to. And to become like him I must follow my dreams and do all I can...

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